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October 8, 2012 - Have you recently seen someone fail at something you would like to do, and as a result of their failure, you question your own ability and confidence to be successful? Your compassion and concern for what the other person may be dealing with is commendable. However, it also may be perceived as a failure on your part because of your own expectations of yourself. Instead of allowing the other person's result to make you hesitant to attempt out of fear of realizing the same result, understand why you are feeling this way in the first place.

Take an MM&I Moment to note how and what makes you think that the other person failed. Is this your perception? Is it also others' perceptions? Does the person also believe he or she failed or could have done better? If it is your perception, note what, in your opinion, were the key reasons the person did not succeed. This confirms you have learned from someone else so that you can have a different result. If it is others' perceptions, what do they claim to be the reason for this person's failure? Do you agree, and if not, then why is it affecting you in this manner? Reach back into your own core beliefs of who you are and how you are, versus comparing yourself to someone else or to others' perceptions. Finally, if the person did believe they failed and this has affected you because you respect and relate to this person, reset your focus on what can be learned versus what appears to have been lost. Nothing is lost and everything is gained when you embrace your fears and move beyond them.  And you may just prove to this person that it can be done with a more positive end result, so they will try again as well.


Synergized Quote of the Week 

"Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their willpower to overcome apathy, doubt or fear." - Dan Millman


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

When someone asks you what makes your company different than any other company, do you have the answer? I mean a real, "Wow, you really are doing something different." answer. Differentiation is the key to preference in a marketplace and critical to gaining loyalty because your customers believe they cannot get what you offer anywhere else in quite the same way. From your company mission and value proposition to your approach, you can embrace your uniqueness for powerful bottom-line results. To learn more about how to define and effectively leverage differentiations, read Secrets #3 (Beyond Capabilities), #7 (Strategy into the Plan), and #10 (Repackaged & Delivered) in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!


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