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July 16, 2012 -  How much time do you spend thinking about things versus actually doing them? What is the amount of time you spend saying you are going to take action, and then you don't?  Thoughtful contemplation is an important part of calculated risk when making strategic moves or decisions. However, when your thoughts are actually prohibiting you from taking action versus empowering you into action, then it is time to ask yourself, "Why?" By bringing clarity to your thinking, you will bring action to your thoughts.

Take an MM&I Moment to answer some of these questions. What are you afraid may happen? What do you think you don't know enough about to take action? What do you believe you aren't capable of or not knowledgeable enough about to make the decision? Could you be caught in analysis paralysis and are actually over-thinking the issue? Then make a list of actions you can take to counter these concerns. Make a list of all the reasons why you have been thinking of these "things" in the first place and why they are so important to you. Then take leadership of your thoughts by taking action on your most exciting thoughts and you will see how what you think can become a reality for you actually does.


Synergized Quote of the Week 

"Leadership in business lies in an individual's ability to bring into full play all the resources of his mind." - Clarence B. Randall


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

Have you invested significant time and resources into your company brand image and messaging, yet not seeing the sales as a result? The good news is that you know the importance of branding and its impact on your company from a perception and credibility standpoint. The bad news depends on how you answer these questions. Are you consistently exposing your target and existing customers to your message and distinctions in relevant, value-added ways? If you recently enhanced your image, have you officially reconnected with your customers and market in targeted ways to re-introduce and remind them of what you have to offer? Do you have a strategy that identifies action and initiatives to further engage in your marketplace on an ongoing basis? Have you thoroughly identified your ideal target market so your message is being exposed to those most likely to need and want your offerings? In our CRISP Study, 60% of the companies cited having a brand image, positioning and messaging, and were still stuck in stagnant or negative growth. The key differentials between no-growth companies and growth companies were that the growth companies understood the importance of the four aspects of branding in combination with having ongoing initiatives that kept their image in front of who they most wanted to do business with. To learn more, read Secrets #1 (Brand Image), #7 (Strategy into the Plan), #12 (Systemized Marketing), and #50 (Next Level Growth) in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!



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ARE YOU PURSUING SUCCESS OR SIGNIFICANCE?  This is the question I ask in my July Me, Myself & Inc. column in Sophie Woman's Magazine. A special thanks to Joan O. Wright, whose book, UP - Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life, inspired my topic for this month. CLICK HERE to access the magazine and go to page 27 to read the column. For more information on the book, go to


ARE YOU INNOVATING DISTINCTION IN YOUR COMPANY? My July BizGrowth 5.0 column in Business Today discusses five areas to look at in the way you are branding and distinguishing your business for greater competitive advantage and differentiation. CLICK HERE to read the column.

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