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March 26, 2012 - What is your idea of success? Is this truly what you believe or has your definition of success been influenced by others and their beliefs? Do you feel you have reached success or that you still have a long way to go? Do you fear that once you achieve success, it may change you in a way that you don't desire because of how you have seen success affect and influence others? No matter where you believe you are on your scale of success, the true measure of your success lies within you, and only you.

Take an MM&I Moment to differentiate between what you truly believe in your heart makes you a success in your life and work and what has been imposed upon you in some way, potentially skewing your idea of success. Define what success feels like for you.  Define what success looks like for you. Define what success will enable you to do. Define how you can reward yourself and others. Don't allow success to be a measure against everyone else. Allow it to be a measure of your own internal satisfaction, appreciation and knowing that you have lived life to its fullest, not only for yourself, but for others.


Synergized Quote of the Week 

"I don't know how to measure success, but I do know how to measure contribution. It is how we contribute to grow forward, not about how we grow bigger or higher." - Ping Fu


SPECIAL QUOTE NOTE: I had the pleasure of hearing this quote from Ping Fu, Founder and CEO of GeoMagic, Inc., in person at the Women Executive's annual meeting in Charlotte, last week. Ping, her compelling life story and her approach to living and working is not only inspirational, incredible, and a true testimony of unstoppable tenacity and curiosity, she is at the forefront of bringing technology that has and will continue to change our lives forever. Stay tuned ... her story will on store book shelves soon through Penguin Press! And a special note of thanks to Ping for giving me permission to share this powerful quote. 


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

Want to be viewed as an expert in your field or on a particular topic of interest? An ideal way to present your expertise is to be a guest speaker for groups and organizations. When asked to speak as an expert, it is important to be one and leave your sales hat at the door. You are being invited to share insights, information and knowledge, not to peddle your wares. We all have been to speaker presentations where we felt jilted because we were being "pitched" to instead of being given nuggets of wisdom. The key is to leave them wanting more rather than heading for the door. If you show what you know, the business opportunities will come in droves. To learn more about other ways to be an Expert Resource, read Secret #39 in my book, 50 Marketing Secrets. To order the book, CLICK HERE!


SUCCESS YOUR WAY - CHAPTER 17: In my book, Me, Myself & Inc., Success is among the six fearful thinking limitations that can hold back aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to excel in all that they can be.  Are you feeling stuck in taking your dreams to the next level? Do you feel as if you cannot get yourself out of this rut? Perhaps fearful or wishful thinking are the culprits. Chapters 10 through 20 in Me, Myself & Inc. could be just what you need to read to transform from feeling limited to feeling unstoppable. Buy the book today!  CLICK HERE to order.

DIAMONDS & DENIM - MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN: I will be in attendance at the private reception welcoming Mecklenburg Time's newest 50 Most Influential Women honorees on April 4th at the Charlotte City Club.  As an inaugural honoree, I am always in awe of the women in the Charlotte, NC, region who are making a difference locally, nationally and globally. Special CONGRATS goes to 2012 honoree, LeeAnn Shattuck of Women's Automotive Solutions, who was also featured in my book 50 Marketing Secrets as an example in Secret # 49 (C + R + I + S = Virtual Sales Force). Want to put this secret to work in your business? Then buy 50 Marketing Secrets today! CLICK HERE to order.

MAKE A WISH COME TRUE THROUGH MARCH! GreenCastle Publishing has extended its commitment to donate $5 per book purchase to the Make A Wish Foundation in partnership with Send Out Cards (mentioned in Secret #18, The Personal Touch). The fundraising effort has now been extended through March 31st. If you buy both the Me, Myself & Inc. and 50 Marketing Secrets books, $10 will be donated. Help make wishes come true for terminally ill children by placing your order today! To order, CLICK HERE! And chances are, reading the insights and how-to's in the books will help YOU make your wishes come true too!

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