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May 23, 2011 - Is there something you consider priceless and meaningful, yet believe it is worthless when it comes to bringing money through the door?  If you feel that something is priceless, then it has value beyond measurement. So, chances are you are viewing it in the wrong way. It is just a matter of shifting from a measurement perspective to a "pleasurement" perspective. Instead of measuring everything according to the money being made, acknowledge that what you consider precious is contributing to a more rich and fulfilled life.

Take an MM&I Moment to write down anything and everything that brings you great joy and that you believe would cause a void in your life if it was not a part of you. Is it your children? Is it time you spend in a certain way or with a particular group of people? Is it a certain activity or hobby?  Is it a particular aspect of your work? Taking pleasure in all that you are doing is a proven critical success factor to many who have accomplished a satisfying life. You will find that making money is easier and more rewarding when you enjoy what you are doing on all fronts.  You will also stop measuring and comparing based solely on financial gain and be more focused on sharing, growing and simply enjoying the fruits of your labor in the richness that is life when fully appreciated and embraced. What is the most amazing thing of all is that countless people, once they have freed themselves from a focus on measuring, were able to incorporate the very things that give them the greatest pleasure into a financially rewarding adventure!


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Success, happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment - the most priceless of human treasures - are available among all of us, without exception ..." - Joe Klock


Savvy Secret Tip of the Week

One of the most popular internships you can offer in your business is a social media internship. Who better than the computer-savvy and socially-networked generation?  To get started, I recommend the book, 30 Days to Social Media Success, by Gail Z. Martin. This is the only book currently that I have endorsed on its back cover. Make this required reading for your intern, develop a strategy that is in alignment with your business, and then let your intern get things rolling. Both communications and marketing majors are good bets. Two things to be sure to do: 1) Have the intern document all aspects of the process as it relates to your business for the next intern to take over; 2) Set clear guidelines on activity and postings. The book is available at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. To learn more about the book and order online through Amazon, CLICK HERE! Fall internships are just around the corner, so now is the time to plan and prepare!

TOURING SYNERGY STREET BEGINNING JUNE 3rd: I will be the featured speaker at a series of Synergy Street Forum meetings in June. The Southpark forum is the first forum I will be speaking on Friday, June 3rd beginning at 8:00 a.m.  For more information on Synergy Street, the weekly forums and their locations check out their facebook page, CLICK HERE!


SHE, INC. TO WOW, INC. ON JUNE 8TH: I will be speaking in association with the CVCC Small Business Center in Hickory, NC, on Wednesday June 8th from 9 a.m. - noon presenting "She, Inc. to WOW, Inc. - Women-owned Wisdom for Next Level Growth."  For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

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