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Issue 5                                                                              Summer/Fall 2012
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Realistic Job Preview Videos Now Available Online!

Realistic Job Preview (RJP) videos are designed to accurately portray the realities of child welfare work to potential job applicants.  These videos are developed to present a balanced view of both the rewards and the demands of child welfare positions, in order to encourage a better fit between the goals and expectations of applicants and the requirements of the workplace and child welfare positions.  States and counties develop their own RJPs to present the unique aspects of their child welfare agency, available positions, geography, and client populations. 


RJP videos can be used at a number of different points in the hiring process, including prior to applying for a job and during the screening and interviewing process, as well as for training or in social work education settings to provide more information to child welfare traineeship students.


Over the last year, the NCWWI conducted a national scan, and the resulting collection of RJP videos and materials is now available online thanks to our ongoing partnership with the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Click the link below:




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