The AEI Note: February 7, 2012

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Today in Harrisburg, Governor Tom Corbett delivered his state budget address to a joint session of the state Legislature.  Developing a clear picture of how the Governor intends to fiscally support quality arts learning opportunities for all citizens requires examination of a variety of line items in his budget.  Dollars that support the arts and arts education come from state investments in a variety of agencies and programs. 


Below, please find specific information about the major line items in the Governor's 2012-2013 budget pertaining to the arts and education.  Don't hesitate to be in touch via email if you have questions:


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2012-2013 Governor's Budget 

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

PCA's administrative budget and grants to arts organizations would be held level at $886,000 and $8,179,000, respectively.   


Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Funding to PHMC would face a 5% reduction, decreasing from $17,525,000 to $16,649,000. 



Library funding--including the public library subsidy, services for the visually impaired and disabled, and the library access line item--would be reduced by 5%.  Total state dollars will decrease from $59,179,000 to $56,220,000. 


PK-12 Public Education

Because state funding for the 500 school districts depends on several budgetary line items--some of which the Governor is proposing to combine--please stay tuned for continued analysis in the days ahead.  Districts would not be confronted with additional major cuts in the proposed budget, but the Governor would eliminate the Accountability Block Grant ($100,000,000), reduce early education funding, and hold level basic subsidy and special-ed funds.  These proposals may mean increased financial burden for local taxpayers and continued pressure for school districts to cut services and academic programs.


Higher Education

The PHEAA student grant program would experience a 5% reduction in funding this year.  The four state-related universities would see a 30% budgetary reduction.  The fourteen universities of the State System of Higher Education would be cut by 20%.