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SGV Market Overview

Mortgage Rates

U.S. averages as of

August 30, 2012:


30 yr. fixed:   3.49%

15 yr. fixed:   2.80%
1 yr. adj:        2.71%

Sept 12 Mortgage Chart

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Considerations Regarding Passing Real Estate Assets to the Next Generation

sept 2012 couple  

You have worked your whole adult life to establish a real estate legacy. These real estate investments have paid for your kids' college and your retirement. You put your blood, sweat and tears into them and now you have to make key decisions regarding passing the assets on to your spouse and kids.



Five Areas That Can Hurt Your Appraisal 


inspect sept 2012

When you're listing your home for sale, one of the things that is very vital is the appraisal. Yet, this is an area that can be significantly positively or negatively influenced by what you do or don't do to your home before it is appraised.



Outdoor Design Reigns Supreme outdoor kitchen sept 2012


During his 25 years in the field, landscaping expert Dean Bjorkstrand has learned to identify both enduring outdoor characteristics as well as trends that will pass with the season.