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SGV Market Overview

Mortgage Rates

U.S. averages as of

July 26, 2012:


30 yr. fixed:   3.49%

15 yr. fixed:   2.80%
1 yr. adj:        2.71%

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Credit Agencies Under Scrutiny  


It's usually the other way around-the credit reporting agencies scrutinize consumers' creditworthiness, but now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), announced this month that it will take a closer look at these agencies. 



July Round Up: 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Averages Another Record 


In Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey®, fixed mortgages rates continued their streak of record-breaking lows. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 3.49 percent, more than a full percentage point lower than a year ago when it averaged 4.55 percent. Meanwhile, the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, a popular choice for those looking to refinance, also set another record low at 2.80 percent.



Hot Home Trends: What You Will And Won't See In New And Existing Homes  


Even in difficult economic markets, homebuilders are still striving to deliver amenities that offer comfort, style, and functionality. But which amenities are popular these days has changed.


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