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SGV Market Overview

Mortgage Rates

U.S. averages as of

April 29, 2012:


30 yr. fixed:   3.88%

15 yr. fixed:   3.12%
1 yr. adj:        2.74%

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It's Buying Time Again, Big Time 


Wooden Sign-Buying Time AgainIf you've got the income. If you've got plenty of tenure on the job. If your credit is solid. If you can otherwise pass muster at the mortgage loan desk. If it's cheaper for you to buy than it is to rent.



Saving For a Home


MoneyMan_Saving For a Home

With home affordability at the highest rate seen in decades, now is prime time to make a purchase.


Many renters are wanting to turn over a new leaf by investing in a starter home.  Current homeowners are wanting to take advantage of low prices and buy the home of their dreams.



Economy Sparks Remodeling: How To Ensure A Successful Project


Tools_Economy Sparks Remodeling

Springtime generates a lot of home improvement activity.  Many buyers are out shopping for their new home.  With the purchase of their home, the desire to remodel often comes next.  For others, the drastically fluctuating housing prices are causing homeowners to stay put and that's causing them to want to remodel their existing footprint. 


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