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Fecal Testing
Whats in the POO?
Preventing Parasites
  Fecal Container
Fecal Testing

Fecal testing is an important part of veterinary medicine that is often overlooked.  Feces can contain parasites and microbes that can greatly affect your pet's health and maybe even yours.  At Lakewood Animal Hospital we recommend submitting at least a yearly fecal sample for testing, possibly more frequently if your pets live a more susceptible lifestyle, such as being outside more often or having increased contact with other animals both wild and domestic.  For more information on the parasites that can be found in feces please see the feature article, What's in the Poo?.

BulldogWhat's in the POO?

You've collected the fecal sample from your furry friend, now what?  When you drop off the sample at Lakewood Animal Hospital we send it out over night to a laboratory located in Arizona that will run numerous tests on it to look for different parasites and protozoa.  We usually have results back in 24-48 hours and will contact you as soon as we can with the results and instructions if the fecal came back positive for anything.

So what can the lab find in that sample? 
Preventing and Controlling Parasites 

Here are some simple steps to preventing and controlling parasites:

1.  Submit a sample for testing 1-4 times per year, especially with puppies

2.  Pick up feces as quickly as possible

3.  Bathe your pet often

4.  Prevent scavenging

5.  Keep sandboxes covered when not in use

6.  Wash your hands

7.  Avoid areas that have animal stool present

8.  Talk to your veterinarian about your pets risks and ways to manage them

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