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New Dental Technology Means Better Dental Care for Your Pet!

We are all pleased to announce that the recent installation of our Progeny Digital Dental X-Ray System is now complete.  This is our second generation of digital x-ray since we opened six years ago.  The Progeny System is considered to be the top of the line veterinary dental x-ray system available.  This purchase was part of a major technology/equipment upgrade that the hospital completed during 2009.  Patients will benefit from shorter procedure times and higher quality diagnostic images.       
Along with the higher quality images, the system software allows for  much easier image storage and portability than with our previous equipment.  During 2010, we plan to have an afforable and quick turn around option in place for the submission of dental x-rays to a veterinary dental specialist.  This will improve the overall diagnostic value of the radiographs and give your pet the best care.  The great news is that with all of these enhancements, the average cost of a dentistry procedure will be no higher in 2010 than in 2009.  We are all very excited to be able to provide this valuable service to you and your pet.
The value of daily tooth brushing cannot be underestimated.  Brushing keeps teeth healthy between dental cleaning visits.  We keep pet tooth paste, tarter control rawhide chews and oral rinses to help you care for your pet's teeth.  If you have not brushed your pet's teeth before, we are happy to show you good brushing technique.  People are often surprised at how fast and easy it is to brush a pet's teeth!
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         (Lakewood's Dental Operatory)                  (X-Ray Image from New Progeny System)
Pheromones to the Rescue! Dap Collar Picture
Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) mimics the pheromone that a mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies in the den. Dogs continue to recognize these pheromones throughout life. DAP is a synthetically produced analog of this natural pheromone.  It is an effective and natural way to help dogs cope with new and fearful situations.  Situations where DAP products may be helpful include traveling in a car or airplane, introducing a new dog into the home where there is risk of anxiety / territorial behavior or for bringing new puppies recently separated from their siblings.  Some pets show a profound (and very desireable response to the product within minutes of use) while others may be minimally affected by the pheromone.  One only knows how effective it will be after it is tried for the first time.  DAP comes in three forms: a spray that can be used for a sudden onset of anxious behavior (e.g. thunderstorms), a disposable collar that lasts for 30 days and a plug-in room diffusor. 
A similar product that is specifically made for cats, called Feliway accomplishes the same goals for our feline friends.  It comes in a spray or a room diffusor. 
Both of these pheromone products are considered very safe around humans (including small children), have a rapid onset of action (within minutes) and are economical to use.  Not all pheromone products are created equally as far as potency and safety.  We recommend and sell all of these products without a prescription.  Generally, we keep these products in stock at all times.  If you would like to try one of these for an anxious pet stop by to see us.
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Dog with paper in mouth
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Giardia Infections
Giardia Infections
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Giardial infection (also known as "beaver fever") occurs when a human or animal ingests the bug in contaminated food or water and it takes up residence in the intestines.  In humans, the typical route infection occurs when one drinks untreated surface water while trekking in the outdoors.  Pets acquire this same infection from ingesting water or fecal material infested with the organism.
Symptoms can range from no symptoms to vomiting, diarrhea and poor appetite.  Many pets quietly carry the organism until they are under periods of stress when they may develop symptoms.  Since pets harboring the organism may not show symptoms but can still transfer the bug to humans, it is important to identify and treat infected pets. Giardia is microscopic so a special fecal test is needed to make the diagnosis or verify that your pet is not carrying the bug.  There is effective treatment available for infected pets.
We recommend an annual fecal test for your pet to screen for both roundworms and giardia.  If it has been a year since a fecal was last performed on your pet, stop by and we will provide you with a sample collection tube.  Only a thumb-sized portion of sample is needed.  Results are available from the lab by the next business day.  The test for roundworms and giardia is $35.
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