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Mirabeau Restoration Continues

Last week, 21 volunteers took the Mirabeau restoration to the next level. Restoration started last fall with a grant from REI. This spring, the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club (SCKC)took the lead by organizing volunteers and donating funds to hydro-seed the hillside with native grasses. Read more.

Play it safe on the river 

High river flows are providing breathtaking views. Being on the river at this time of year, however, should only be the province of whitewater experts. The combination of high flows and cold water is a particularly dangerous and potentially deadly combination.  Read more.
ES certifiedWash your car at a certified EnviroStars location
Spring cleaning often includes putting a nice new shine on your car. Few people realize, however, that washing your car in your driveway, street or parking lot is usually not eco-friendly. Runoff from your car may be going into the Spokane River via storm drains or the aquifer. That's a big deal because water rinsing off your car is loaded with a witch's brew of gasoline, oil and other residues. Read more.
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