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National Expert, Ecology and IDWR Directors Talk Water 


"Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over" goes the old saying. In our area, where's our water future headed? An H2O breakfast hosted by the Forum will help folks find out.
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Help Protect our River and Aquifer: Choose EnviroStars Businesses


As consumers, the choices you make today can help protect our river and aquifer. How? By shopping at businesses certified for properly managing and disposing of hazardous waste that could otherwise end up contaminating the river and/or aquifer. Read more.


Fools Float 2012 Bill & Pam
Floating the Bowl & Pitcher
Fool's Float Helps Ring in the New Year

Happy New Year!!

The Northwest Whitewater Association helped ring the New Year with their 19th annual Fool's Float.


At a balmy 32 degrees, 12 intrepid people floated from Water Street to Plese Flats. The rapids at both Bowl and Pitcher and Devil's Toe Nail proved appropriately chilling. Said Paul Delaney, the club president, "If it's whitewater, it's good water. That's the fool's creed."


To find out how to be a fool in any season, visit www.northwestwhitewater.org.

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