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Meet Me at the River 2010 shoots the rapids
Two new river access points expected to open this summer
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.
May 23 Raft
Meet Me at the River 2010 shoots the rapids 
55 people got Meet Me at the River 2010 off to a great start. Participants rafted from Corbin Park to Harvard Road on May 22nd, then Water Street to Plese Flats on May 23rd.
"Great job," "Fantastic," "Learned a lot" were the phrases most often repeated. Said Andy Dunau, the Forum's Executive Director, "We needed to do the rafting early this year because there wasn't a lot of snow pack."
Kayak trips begin July 17th with a paddle from Harvard Road to Plante's Ferry. According to Toni Lee Hanson, program coordinator for Meet Me at the River, "We've got great Eco-Tours lined up and people are signing up quickly. People like 'stamping' their on-line passport as they learn about different stretches of the river."
To learn more and sign up for a trip, go to www.spokaneriver.net/meetmeattheriver.
Since the River Forum started this program in 2008, over 300 people have floated or paddled one or more legs of the river. The combination of making trips available to beginners and providing eco-tours to learn about the river has proven a remarkable success.
Tree Planting
Two new river access points expected to open this summer
The Spokane River Forum continues to work with diverse partners to improve river access and develop a Spokane River water trail. These are key aspects to the Forum's commitment to provide public outreach and education by introducing people directly to the wonders of the Spokane River.
This summer two new points of river access are expected to open.
The Forum is working with the City of Spokane Water Department to open an access point just below Upriver Dam. The water department has created an access lane and installed a gate that will enable day time access. The River Forum provided volunteers to vegetate the area beside the access lane with native vegetation. The volunteer crew included students from Lewis and Clark high school completing their senior culmination project. These students have been working on various projects under the guidance of the Lands Council.
As part of completing the new Barker Road Bridge, the City of Spokane Valley is restoring the previous access point this summer. The width of the bridge allows for parking and a pedestrian walkway. 
The Forum will send out a notice when each access point becomes officially available.
At both sites, the Forum is hoping to raise funds to provide interpretive signage. Further, the Forum will be working with both cities to provide volunteers to assist with maintaining these sites. This includes cleaning up litter, restoring native vegetation, etc.
Over 30 individuals, non-profit groups, businesses and agencies are working with the Forum on this effort. To become involved, please contact the Forum at info@spokaneriver.net.