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November 2009
"Exchange Traded Funds-The Fastest Growing Asset Class You've Never Heard Of"

by Brian Bush
 Brian Bush  
  During meetings with prospective clients, I am often surprised by how many people have little or no knowledge about Exchange Traded Funds.  Exchange Traded Funds or (ETFs) are one of the fastest growing asset classes in the securities industry.  Today, in the United States there are 845 ETFs with assets of $542 billion. (Source: Investment Company Institute) 

"Fixed Income Commentary"

by Bill Tedford and Alan Tedford
                                                 Bill Tedford                                                 Alan Tedford 
 Ten-year Treasury interest rates fell a modest 23 basis points during the third quarter despite an
intensive effort by the Federal Reserve to drive rates down. (The Fed purchased over $140 billion in
government paper plus another $230 billion in mortgage-backed bonds during the quarter.) However
the net result for the calendar year is that ten-year rates have increased 94 basis points. Corporate bond
rates have continued to narrow against Treasuries but still have not reached normal levels.
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"Exchange Traded Funds-The Fastest Growing Asset Class You've Never Heard Of" by Brian Bush
"Fixed Income Commentary" by Bill Tedford and Alan Tedford

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