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Recipe of
the Month 
Carrot Raisin Cookies
1 1/2 c. spelt flour plus 1 c. oat flour
3 tsp aluminum-free baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
6 TBL canola oil
1 1/2 c. grated carrots
1/4 c. honey
1/4 c.brown rice syrup
dash o' salt
2/3 c.raisins
You can also add coconut,carob chips, seeds...be creative!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix all dry ingredients together.
In a large bowl mix all wet ingresients and gradually add the dry ingredients, making sure the raisins and carrots do not clump together.
For easier mixing, gently heat the honey and brown rice syrup before adding to mixture.
Drop spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet and bake for about 8 min.Makes 35-40 yummy cookies.
Adapted from
Eating Your Way Back To Health
by Jessica K. Black, N.D. 
Issue: # 5 April 2010
Take Action!
GREETINGS! and thank you for your membership and interest in Naturopathic Medicine in the Sunshine State.  Your participation is helping the FNPA to educate the public as well as our State Representatives about the benefits and options Naturopathic Medicine can offer.
Please stop by the FNPA tent at EcoFest, Saturday, April 17.  We will be helping to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day from 8am until 4pm downtown on Main Street.  Hope to see you there!
Saturday, May 8, 2010, 9 am - 12 pm. The Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association will have their annual meeting at The Red Tent, 20 South Swinton Avenue in Delray Beach. There will be booths, tables and opportunities to speak with Naturopathic Physicians from around the state. Discover how Naturopathic Medicine can improve your health. Refreshments will be served. Closed session for ND members 12-6 pm, includes CE. For information please call: 561-865-5791.
There is a very quick and convenient way to share the newsletter with your loved ones. Please scroll down and use the "Forward" button we have provided. Help spread the word!
Autism Awareness Month
Take Action!April is Autism Awareness Month. This year the Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention revised the prevalence rate to 1 in 110 children which begs the need for improved awareness of the autism spectrum. Prior to the 2009 update, the autism prevalence was 1 in 150 children. This represents a significant jump in autism spectrum disorders diagnoses between a 2002 study and study results for 2006. 
Ten communities participated in both 2002 and 2006 studies.  The average increase of autism spectrum disorder diagnoses was 57% with one community reporting a 95% jump.  Part of the reason for the larger numbers has been attributed to healthcare professionals' knowledge of the autism spectrum and how it manifests in children.  But this isn't the sole reason.  The questions remains; What causes autism?. Many theories and causes are being researched.
The facts are 1 in 70 boys are diagnosed versus 1 in every 315 girls.  Despite the myth that autism is an intellectual disability only 41% of children on the autism spectrum present with cognitive defects.
To make a difference, get involved in one of many events planned for Autism Awareness Month 2010.  Check out the Autism Society of America (ASA) database for a list of functions.  "Defeat Autism Now (DAN) is hosting a conference in Baltimore, MD April 8-11.  More awareness means more funding which translates to more research. Reach out to the autism community.
- Dr. Deirdre D. Keeler
History of Early American Medicine-Part II
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In 1822, while Dr. Benjamin Rush's followers promoted purging, puking and blood-sucking leeches as medicinal treatments, Samuel Thomson published his New Guide to Health.  The book outlined Thomson's views of medical history and detailed American Indian herbal and botanical lore.  The publication advocated Thomson's belief that disease had one primary cause -"cold" influences on the human body- and the obvious remedy was "heat." 
Popular at the time, Dr. Rush's "heroic" tradition included the use of purgatives such as antimony and mercury.  Dr. Rush's Bilious Pills, a laxative, contained over 50% mercury! It was this type of treatment that almost killed Samuel Thomson's wife. After witnessing an herbal cure for his spouse, Thomson shunned the minerals because of their affiliation with the earth and he labeled them "cold."  Plants and herbs that reached for the sun represented "heat" and therefore were healing.  He especially promoted the plant Lobelia and called it the "Emetic Herb."  Lobelia was incorporated into so many of his protocols, Thomson referred to it as "old No. 1."  Other go-to remedies were steam baths and heat-producing Capsicum (red pepper).
A physician named French accused Thomson of killing a patient, Ezra Lovett, and Thomson was brought to trial in 1809. The prosecution claimed the death was caused by excessive vomiting due to Thomson's administration of Lobelia.  Eventually Thomson was acquitted but many states passed "Black Laws" banning Lobelia and other "patent" medicines.  By 1820, however, most of these laws were repealed.
In 1813, and again in 1823, he patented his Thomsonian medical system which sold for twenty dollars per family.  By 1839, Thomson claimed to have sold more then 100,000 of the family franchises he marketed as "friendly botanic societies".  He believed in the Jacksonian Democratic spirit of the time where every man could be his own doctor, lawyer, farmer, etc., and wanted to return medicine to the common people.  Publicly attacking the "mineral practices" of allopathy in America, Thomson tirelessly defended his methods claiming they were necessary options to orthodox medicine.  Much of his time was spent fighting legal battles with the government, allopathic practitioners, other medical sectarians and those who sought to profit from his system by pirating his publications and copying his medications. 
Because of his arrogance and abrasive personality many doctors refused to work with Thomson.  Even Thomson's followers, called "botanics," separated themselves from him and founded a school ten years after his death.  Their break and subsequent medical movement became known as the "Eclectic School."  Herbalist Michael Moore penned these words about Samuel Thomson, "The tribulations of this former pig farmer rocked the young republic for over a decade and were headlines everywhere.  Because of the success of Thomson and his followers states began, for the first time, regulating medical practice along party and class lines.  Messy and fascinating stuff".
-Dr. Deirdre D. Keeler
Legislative Update
Check out Naturopathic Medicine in Florida on YouTube to view the new video on Naturopathic Medicine. FNPA video on YouTube - feel free to share!  
We are asking for your testimonials and letters.  How have you been touched by naturopathic medicine?  Do you have a story on how you could have been better served by a licensed ND with a full scope of practice in Florida?  Are you an MD, DO, DC, PA or RN that would like to support the mission of the FNPA and understands the importance of having NDs as licensed primary care physicians in Florida?  If you have a story you would like to share, we are collecting letters that will be given to legislators. We will also be using some of your letters on our FNPA website under our new testimonial section (with your permission only).
Please send your letters to jessicapatella@gmail.com
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