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Guys, July and August (so far) was outstanding.   July was a wild month for me personally.  I was grateful to spend some time on Edisto Island , S.C. with my family.  Where Master  Ellen Hendrix helped me film some of the Tai Chi Curriculum.  The kids had a great time  throwing sand at each other and tormenting their aunt Susan.

However, as you know, I never make anything simple.  Mid week of the vacation, I flew out of Charleston and headed to Las Vegas to the'Martial Arts Super Show ' where myself and several other Jeet Kune Do Instructors were assistants to Sigung Paul Vunak who was a guest speaker. Sigung Vunak was also hired to teach a seminar at a Krav Maga school and we also assisted him there. Vunak is world famous for his work with the Navy Seal teams and is the premier Jeet Kune Do instructor on Earth. 

I came home and we had an incredible round of belt tests at all three schools with some brand new black belts! (see to the right for details).

...Fast Forward...

Last week I took off to Dana Point (Doheny, California) to train with Paul Vunak while camping at the beach.  

I arrived last Friday after flying all day, and we trained from 4pm until dark on weapons under the guidance of Sifu Thomas Cruse.  We also spent time getting acquainted with each other and studying grappling footage. 

Saturday was a long day. I got up a little before 6am and did a run just for myself and then helped set up for the morning workout which started around 7am and consisted of Indian body weight exercises and Mace bell (Ghada) swings with Sifu Harrinder Singh!  We progressed through the day to Classical Jeet Kune Do training, involving a lot of trapping!

We had free practice which I spent on grappling and that night former Shooto (no holds barred) fighting champion, Mr. Erik Paulson came in and we worked on take downs and leg locks.  He was assisted by James Wilks - UFC fighter and former winner of the Ultimate Fighter show. 

Sunday morning we were back at working out with the Ghada at 7 am.  Then we had a special guest - 3 times world Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion -  Marcel Louzado helped us with our ground game.

Later , on Sunday Sigung Vunak took us through Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Curriculum - both standing and in the ground fighting phase. 

We wrapped up Sunday with a Law Enforcement Discussion.  The camp was INCREDIBLE !

After 2 days of sleeping on the ground, Sunday night I headed to a hotel.  A shower was long past due and I don't "gel" with bath houses.

Monday morning I was back up early and heading over to Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, California.

Here I would find Mr. Tim Cartmell, who is the authority in the U.S.A. on Sun family style Tai-Ji (tai chi).  He is also a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu !   

So, Monday morning I grappled with his class for an hour and a half. Then I sat in on a Bag-ua class (an internal Chinese system similar to Tai Chi).  Then I moved into a block of private lessons with Mr. Cartmell concerning Sun Tai Chi. It was outstanding!

We finished up around 4 pm and I didn't know what to do with all my free time!  :)  So I took off to my find my kids a little present for their daddy taking nearly a week away from home.  I got back to the hotel and made several notes on the trip.

Tuesday morning, I was back up early and off to Sifu Singh's house for a semi-private workout on Contemporary Jeet Kune Do principles and techniques! 

After a couple hours, I got straight in the car and headed back to Ace Jiu Jitsu where I met up with Mr. Cartmell for more private Sun Tai Ji training.

After we finished, I grabbed a bite to eat and looked my biggest battle of the trip square in the eyes - prepared for the most dastardly of full contact combat.... The L.A. traffic !

I made my way back to the LAX airport. My flight left at Midnight and I finally got back to Greensboro on Wednesday morning around 11am. I grabbed a nap and headed on to Essential Martial Arts.   Ahhhhhhh, it was like I was never gone.  

Special thanks to my wife and kids for supporting me as I continue travelling to teach and train.  I am very lucky to have that unselfish support system.  

-Master H.

bash tents
Not as comfortable as it looks !

bash, Singh, Hendrix, Cruse
Sifu Singh, Sifu Hendrix, Sifu Cruse
James Wilks
James Wilks and Monty Hendrix

Sigung Vunak and M. Hendrix
Sigung Vunak and Sifu Hendrix

Bash group 2011
Training Group at the Camp.

Tim Cartmell

Tim Cartmell and Monty Hendrix




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-Master Hendrix
RIP.  Doezee. 
EMA School Mascot
August 2000 - June 2011

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Safety Tip

General fitness can go a long way in helping you be able to protect yourself !  Even with basic defensive skills a fit person can be extremely successful in protecting themselves.  


On the other side of the coin I can't tell you how many extremely knowledgeable "Masters" I've seen that were so out of shape they would get tooled by any fit green belt in a straight up encounter.  


Your knowledge is only accessible to a fit body and balanced mind. 


-Master Hendrix


Tai Chi & QiGong tip of the Month 

EMA Tai Chi

Check out this video of the Infinite 9 that I shot while at Edisto Island.


Click Here.


-M. Hendrix


Taekwon-Do tip of the Month  

Hendrix and GM Hwang  

Want to have the best kicks in the class?  Try this everyday for one month:

10 slow side kicks

10 slow round kicks

10 slow front kicks 

on each leg.


-Master Hendrix


HapKiDo Tip of the Month  


Check out this video on how to use a reverse turning break to defeat a front head lock. 

View our videos on YouTube 


-Master Hendrix


Jeet Kune Do and Philippine MA tip of the Month 

 JKD       Check out this short video where I'm going over basic stick warm ups and also a quick drill on upping your hand speed.

View our videos on YouTube 

-Sifu/Guru Hendrix

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The HapKiDo and Jeet Kune Do seminars scheduled for August 20th are being rescheduled. We will keep you posted. 


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EMA Calendar

Greensboro EMA Schedule Closings and Adjustments:

Seminar with Mrs. Jade Hwang-Monroe in Jacksonville,NC

Jade Hwang 

Taekwon-Do students, on September, 24th, Grand Master Hwang's Daughter will be in Jacksonville, NC teaching a seminar. I will be going and want anyone who is interested to follow me down for this event.  Junior's under age, 18, your parents must go accompany you. More details will be coming soon!

-Master Hendrix





As most of you know, EMA hosts an annual
Fall Picnic every year.
This year the date has been set for October 22, 2011. Please make your plans NOW to join us for a ton of good food and great fun!  Lots of games and prizes too! Bring yourselves, loved ones and a covered dish to share





 A GREAT BIG THANK YOU  to all of our Summer Camp assistants without whom Summer Camp would not be such a ROCKIN' time!  

Julie Ossey, Tyler Williams,

Daniel McLaughlin and Gabby Hobson! 

Summer Camp 2011 


Check this out !


 Junior students, find out about our summer attendance contest.


Click Here. 


  The more you come to class the more tickets you will get into our special drawing !

 gift certificate

The winning ticket in the drawing will receive a Friendly Center Gift Certificate and the drawing will be held at our annual fall picnic! 


Note: If you attended EMA's summer camp weeks # 1 or 2, then see an instructor for your bonus tickets.  



 August 1st, 2011 SC August 2011 Test






August 3rd, 2011

August 2011 OR 



August 4th, 2011 


Little Dragons

August 2011 Li'l Dragons 


Juniors and Adults

August 2011 GSO





August 2011 BB GSO

Left to Right- Zoe Slane (1st Dan), 

Palmer VanEaton (1st Poome)

 Hayden Lawrence (2nd Poome), 

Brianna Oliver (1st Poome) and

 Chris Duong (1st Dan)


 Report Card time is here!
Please remember to bring in your FINAL
 report card for extra stars and special patches! Stars are awarded for Straight "A" and "A/B" honor rolls, excellent behavior and perfect attendance. For every 9 stars you achieve you will be awarded a special patch!  

Bring in your report card to an instructor and REAP YOUR REWARDS! 
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Demonstration/Competition Team

 Let us know about your group's upcoming event.  Our Demo  Team may be available to perform. 

Interested in joining the Demo Team?  Demo team meets the second Saturday of each month in Greensboro and Oak Ridge!  You must be at least 6 years old.

Board Breaking, Synchronized Forms, Weapons, Competition Strategies!!!

See either Master McKillican for info on the team meetings in Greensboro or Master Lewis for info on the team meetings in Oak Ridge.

demo team uniform
Email us for details.

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