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Bad Weather Policy
Essential Martial Arts closes when Guilford County Schools close for inclement weather.  We follow this policy for up to two consecutive days. After that we will take it on a day by day basis depending on the severity of the conditions.  To check if we are closed, call the office voice mail at 282-3000.


Master Hendrix


I just returned from a wonder World HapKiDo Winter Camp in Glenwood Springs, Colorado which was organized by the WHA Secretary General - Master Dan Piller. The camp was outstanding! There were a lot of excellent HapKiDo players in attendance and I learned so much from Grand Master Tae Jung. 
I was also honored to teach two sessions at the camp. One on Staff and one on the fundamentals of clinching and trapping.
While in Colorado I also taught a Defensive Knife course at Pro TKD of Carbondale.  The students were awesome!  
Next stop? I'll be teaching another defensive knife course in Austin Texas, later this month.
-Master Hendrix
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Interested in booking a birthday party at EMA?  You need to reserve your date one month in advance.  Email for costs and date availability.
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Tai Chi & QiGong tip of the Month 

EMA Tai Chi
Remember, there is little to no pausing between tai chi movements. However, the movement must still be completed before the next begins.


Great Article. Click Here

-M. Hendrix

Taekwon-Do tip of the Month

Hendrix and GM Hwang
When sparring, make sure that you are not relying to heavily on blocking for defense.  If so y ou will fall victim to your partners combination attacks.  Instead use movement for your defense and blocking when there is not time to simply move. 
Train Hard.

-Master Hendrix

HapKiDo Tip of the Month

When working knife defense, rememer that distractions and stunning blows can be added at any time.  Also remember that you may not be able to grab or trap on your attackers first motion, therefore, shielding is what will save your life.   

-Master Hendrix

Jeet Kune Do and Philippine MA tip of the Month

In a real world fight, always look for an equalizer: Ink Pen, Fork, frying pan, salt shake, anything that can become a weapon!

-Sifu/Guru Hendrix

Friends of EMA
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EMA Calendar

 Pre-Li'l Dragonz "Mommy and Me"   Program (ages 2 to 3.5 yrs old)

PreDragons Pic

EH test

 If you or someone you know is interested in Pre-Dragons, our next session starts February 18 and runs through April 8, 2011. Don't miss this opportunity!!!
Pre-registering is highly recommended as space is extremely limited. 

 Email for details.

 Oak Ridge Schedule Change

 Beginning Wednesday, 2/09/11, the SWAT class will be consolidated with the earlier upper belt class to make room for the NEW BLACK BELT ONLY class from 7:00 to 7:40. Not only will Master Lewis be teaching the Black Belts at this time, there will periodically be guest instructors from other EMA locations as well.  

Click here to see the Oak Ridge EMA schedule.

 Attention HapKiDo Students!
Master Hendrix' Greensboro HapKiDo
Work-Shop Schedule as well as Grand Master Jung's June 2011 trip to Essential Martial Arts : Click here: 
Next HKD Seminar:
Saturday, Feb 26th from 12:00-2:00pm
Focus: Knife Defense. Only $35.00
For more info and additional work-shops
  To follow the exciting news in the world of HapKiDo, look no further than the WHA newsletter! Click on the link below to stay informed!

EMA JKD           
Evaluation, Review & Grappling Flow Seminar


The first in a series of JKD evaluation/review seminars:

February 26, 2011    2:00-3:30 pm


For the EMA's 2011 schedule of JKD seminars:

click here   



Juniors, sign up now for our exciting summer camps!!!


June 13th- 17th                       July 25th - 29th

Click for more info.  

  EMA Tai Chi
See below for a coupon link!


These movements are fluid and fun to learn. We stress proper posture, proper breathing and staying within yourself.


Try Tai Chi to help loosen joints, increase circulation, improve digestion


Come check out Essential Martial Arts simple and easy approach to this ancient art.


Just 5 minutes of Tai Chi in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening can do wonders toward reducing your stress level while helping keep you centered and focused.

and reduce stress.


Click Here to see our Tai Chi coupon to help you get started !  



Email with additional questions.



 Super HUGE Congrats to Miss Makayla Cross and Mr. Dylan Cockcroft for earning their junior black belt this month!


OR Feb belt test 2011 

 OAK RIDGE Belt Test February 3rd, 2011  

Big Congratulations to Makayla Cross for earning her 1st Dan Black Belt at the Oak Ridge test Thursday! 

Ridge Belt Test February 3, 2011


GSO test Feb 2011  


Belt Test February 4, 2011


 Big Congratulations to Dylan Cockcroft

for earning his 1st Dan Black Belt at the Greensboro test Friday!

 GSO Lil Dragons Feb 2011

 GREENSBORO Lil' Dragons test

February 4th, 2011 


  sc feb 2011 test

                                Stoney Creek Belt Test

                              Monday, February 7, 2011


 Report Card time is here!
Please remember to bring in your report card for extra stars and special patches!
Stars are awarded for Straight "A" and "A/B" honor rolls, excellent behavior and perfect attendance. Once 9 stars have been achieved you will be awarded a special patch! 

Bring in your report card to an instructor and REAP YOUR REWARDS! 

Demonstration/Competition Team
Let us know about your group's upcoming event.  Our Demo and Competition Teams may be available to perform. 

Interested in joining the Demo Team?  Demo team meets the first Saturday of each month in Greensboro and Oak Ridge!  You must be at least 6 years old.

Board Breaking, Synchronized Forms, Weapons, Competition Strategies!!!

See either Master McKillican for info on the team meetings in Greensboro or Master Lewis for info on the team meetings in Greensboro.


Email us for details.

Events NOT at EMA.



Korean Martial Arts Festival in Crestview, Florida:

Dates for 2011 are:  Apr 15 - Apr 17. 

Details at www.GordonMartialArts.Com






 Cost Effective Training

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