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February 2012
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2012 USMS Spring Nationals
Oh The Places You'll Go!
So You Want to Be a Masters Swimmer?
Overcoming the Inevitable Roadblocks to Success
Swimsuits: A Short Walk Down Memory Lane
USMS Sports Medicine and Science
Ransom Arthur M.D. Award
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As Seen on the USMS Facebook
We've Got Spirit!
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If you're training hard for Spring Nationals right now, you'll be glad to know that online registration is up. 


For those of you joining USMS for the first time, be sure to read "Oh the Places You'll Go!" And for those of you returning to the sport of your childhood, don't miss "So You Want to Be A Masters Swimmer?"


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2012 USMS Spring Nationals

Greensboro 2012 Online entry for the 2012 USMS Spring National Championship is now open. Online entries received by March 9 will receive a $10 discount on their entry fee, so be sure to enter early. The final entry deadline is March 23. Spring Nationals will be held in Greensboro, N.C. from April 26-29.

They will be held in the country's newest major aquatic center, the Greensboro Aquatic Center. The 80,000 square-foot, 2500-seat state-of-the art Greensboro Aquatic Center features three pools including a 50-meter double-bulkhead competition pool, full diving well and tower, and instructional pool. Spring Nationals are expected to be run in two adjacent 10-lane courses in the competition pool. The competition pool is very fast, more than 9' deep throughout. The diving well and instructional pool provide an additional 12 lanes of warmup and warmdown space.
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Oh The Places You'll Go! 
By Maria Elias-Williams

Maria Elias-Williams"Oh, The Places You'll Go!" is one of my favorite books from long ago. Someone gave it to me when I was embarking on (one of) my career(s)! If you haven't read it, you must. Yes, it is by Dr. Seuss. And although I consider myself an avid reader, this is a very deep book.


I think I may need to write a sequel for new or potential members, called "Oh, The Masters Swimmers You'll Meet!" Read more... 

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So You Want to Be a Masters Swimmer?
by Lisa Wolf, ANCM/DCAC Masters

USMS CapHazy recollections of predawn workouts, monster sets and two-a-days, sometimes flit across my memory like a vague dream. I know it happened years ago but as a parent of two teens, a swim coach and someone with a day job, I find it difficult to find pool time for myself. Life is complicated with work, family obligations and an aging body conspiring to make daily practices a thing of the past. Read more... 

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Overcoming the Inevitable Roadblocks to Success

by Katie Irwin

Katy Irwin

In the last issue of STREAMLINES, I wrote about starting the New Year off right with some SMART goals. As a reminder, SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic and Time-based. By following this acronym when setting goals, you are setting yourself up for success. Many people tend to stop working on their resolutions after just a few months of hard work. This year, however, is going to be different. We are going to set effective goals that will be achieved! Read more... 

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Swimsuits: A Short Walk Down Memory Lane
by Stacey Kiefer, Adolph Kiefer & Associates

SuitsAs swim seasons come and go, and what we use at the pool changes with fads and new rules, we often narrow our focus to the latest and greatest and forget about awesome (and maybe less awesome) products from the past. With technology at its peak, perhaps it's time to blast to the past and revisit some of our favorite old swimsuits. Read more...
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Sports Medicine and Science Committee

PillsThe Sports Medicine and Science Committee serves to educate US Masters Swimming members and the public on topics of sports medicine and science. The committee maintains a Health Network of professionals willing to serve as resources to Masters swimmers. Members of the Health Network respond to questions sent to US Masters Swimming. Questions are first screened by the Sports Medicine and Science Committee chair then sent to an appropriate member of the Health Network. Questions from members are not frequent, so participation in the network will not require a large amount of time.


We would like to continue to expand the network. If you or someone you know is a health care, medical or science professional and would like to join the network please contact Sports Medicine and Science Committee Chair Jane Moore for further information.

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The Capt. Ransom Arthur M.D. Award

Ransom J AthurThis award is given in honor of Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States. The award is given annually to the person who has done the most to further the objectives of Masters swimming.

If you have someone you would like to nominate, please download information and nomination form and submit to Sally Dillon by March 15.
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Really Cool Website of the Month

This Months Cool website comes to us from Talbot Masters. A small team in Easton, Maryland with big team spirit.
                           Talbot Masters

To be considered for RCWOM, please make sure that your team's website includes the current USMS logo and Join/Renew membership button. You may submit your team name and web address to the USMS for consideration at  

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As Seen on the USMS Facebook Page

Facebook 100Finish this sentence: "You're probably a masters swimmer if..." See what they said!

Become a Fan! We have almost 18,000 fans strong at the official USMS Facebook Fan Page! Join the party and suggest our page to all of your friends.
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We've Got Spirit!

Spanning the swimming generations, 90-year-old Ole Larsen and 24-year-old Nelson Westby at the SunBelt Championships in Charlotte, N.C. Westby is an Olympic Trials qualifier.
Ole Larson


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