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 The Speedo One-Hour Postal National Championships is only in the month of January, sign up now!


The objective is to swim as far as possible in one hour, submit your results, and be ranked with everyone in your age group across the country.

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It's that time of year again, "check" it out. Make a commitment to swim all 18 pool events in a single year, and check them off on the T-shirt. This years T-shirt theme is from hammerhead aquatics/gold coast masters.
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Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy this first 2012 issue of STREAMLINES. If you have not yet registered for 2012, this will be your last issue. Also, we've just released two inspiring stories on our home page at



Swimming for Life!
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Three Critical Technique Differences When Swimming in a Wetsuit
By Coach Michael Collins,
Nova Masters Swimming and Multisports Orange County

Wetsuit PoseI ask every triathlete I coach, "How do you change your stroke when you swim in a wetsuit?" Few ever get the answer right. The say things like "Uh, well I float better so I don't kick at all." I rarely get much beyond the mention of the increased buoyancy and using the legs less or not at all.


I believe there are three critical technique changes required to maximize the speed and efficiency of using a wetsuit in triathlon competition.

  1. Use a lighter kick - but still kick!
  2. Use a straighter arm recovery (when swimming in a long sleeve suit)
  3. Use a slower stroke rate than when not swimming in a suit

Let's go through each of these in more detail. Read more... 

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2012 USMS Online Coaches

CoachingDo you train alone? Do you swim with a small group and no one in your group really likes to write workouts? Are you wondering where to get your next workout?

USMS is proud to announce its newest benefit: handpicked coaches who will be writing workouts in seven different specialties and posting them in the members-only area of the USMS Discussion Forums at

Are you new to swimming? Training specifically for a triathlon? Are you a distance swimmer who loves being in the Animal Lane or are you working on your explosive sprinting and need some speed sets? Even expectant mothers will have workouts designed just for them.

These coaches will be writing in the following specialties:
  • Laura Schuster: Basic Training
  • Eric Mitchell: Stroke and IM
  • Mallory Mead: Open Water
  • Leslie Livingston: High Intensity
  • Patrick Brundage: High Volume
  • Sara McLarty: Triathlon Training
  • Danielle Newton: Expectant Mothers
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'Just Do' It With Nike Go The Distance in 2012

USMS Go The Distance EventDo you know which USMS program is most popular? It's not a meet, although Spring Nationals will often get close to 2,000 participants. It is the Nike Go the Distance program. The year-long event has seen tremendous growth since GTD was conceived by the Fitness Committee in 2007. Nike began sponsoring the event in 2009 and offering free prizes for different milestone achievements. Nike wanted to connect with fitness swimmers and encourage them to set milestone goals to keep them motivated. Of course, many competitive swimmers started to take advantage of this great program as well. Read more...
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Starting the New Year Right!

By Katie Irwin

Katy IrwinThis may come to a shock to some and a reality to others, but according to Marti Hope Gonzales, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, research has shown that about 80 percent of people who set a New Year's Resolution on January 1 will fail by Valentine's Day. January is a great time to look at what you want to improve upon over the course of the New Year. It's a new year, a new you. I am sure we have all set a New Year's Resolution at one time or another. Think back to some of the resolutions you have set in the past. What were they? Why did you set that specific resolution? Did you accomplish them? Read more...
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Open Water Triathlon Wetsuits

by the Professionals at TYR Sport, Inc.


Open Water PicAs the sport of open water swimming grows, more and more swimmers have experimented with open water swimming gear. One piece of gear that open water swimmers can use to their advantage is the neoprene wetsuit.


As many of us live in climates where the season for warm open water swimming is short. The development of the neoprene wetsuit for open water swimming aids the swimmer in conserving body heat while providing added buoyancy. Read more...

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As Seen on the USMS Facebook Page

Facebook 100"What did you resolve to do in the pool or open water in 2012?" See what they said here.

Become a Fan! We are over 17,000+ fans strong at the official USMS Facebook Fan Page. Join the party and suggest our page to all of your friends.
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Really Cool Website of the Month

This Rhode Island based workout group is part of the New England Masters. Triton Swimming keeps all of there members up to date with this months Really Cool Website.
Triton Swimming Team  

To be considered for RCWOM, please make sure that your team's website includes the current USMS logo and Join/Renew membership button. You may submit your team name and web address to the USMS for consideration at  

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We've Got Spirit!
Swimmers around the country gathered for the annual New Year's tradition of 100 x 100s AKA: 10,000 yards! A great way to kick off the New Year. Photo by Colonials 1776 Masters
100X100 Swimmers
Dive in at USMS.ORG

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