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November 2010


Registration is in full swing! In this issue Membership Coordinator Anna Lea Matysek gives us an update. Also, head Coach Cokie Lepinski of the Marin Pirates Masters offers a series of workouts using the Finis Tempo Trainer. See below for these articles, along with technique tips, information for meet directors, and more great video.

We wish you a safe and warm Thanksgiving holiday in the company of loved ones.

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Club and Coach Services
Help Button Northwest - Lisa Dahl
Ariz., N.M., South Central & Dixie - Susan Ingraham
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California & Hawaii - Kerry O'Brien

Marketing materials are available for USMS programs.

Basic Intro to the Tempo Trainer
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Cokie Lepinski, Head Coach, Marin Pirates Masters

Tempo Trainer Workout #1 (2400-2700 yards)
Cokie LepinskiWarm Up
Be sure and do a thorough warm up of 400-700 yards.

Mode 1


The following sets use Mode 1 of the Tempo Trainer (TT)

  • 4 x 25 Flutter Kick, no board, no fins
  • Tempo Trainer @ .20 (5 beats per second)
  • Push off on your back, arms held tight at your side. Try to match one kick with one beep of the TT. Don't cut this short, go the full length! Rest :20. Read more
Has Your Club Renewed?
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Anna Lea Matysek, Membership Coordinator

Club and Member Renewal is Underway
Anna Lea Matysek We have had an amazing effort from our clubs in promptly renewing their 2011 club registrations. As of November 16th, we have 580 clubs registered for the next year, including 42 new clubs. (We had 692 clubs registered for 2010, so we expect that number to climb). Remember, clubs begin registering during the month of October, so that individual members can begin registering for specific clubs November 1. If your club is not yet registered-- your swimmers cannot register for your club!

If you need help or more information, please email or call and we will be happy to assist.
It's All About Timing
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Bob Hopkins, New Jersey Masters Swimming

Body Rotation

Bob HopkinsOne of the most common stroke defects I see in the long axis strokes is incorrect timing of the body rotation. The body rotation should be done during the pull/push phase of the armstroke right after the forearm and hand have a good hold on the water with the early vertical forearm (EVF) movement. Once the pull/push part of the arm stroke begins, the body should rotate to the opposite side so that the core body can be involved in the power generation movement in addition to the arm.  

hip Fin
Finis HydroHip

One way to learn this movement is to use hip fins, which will accentuate the feel of the body rotation movement so that you can execute it at the correct time. Hip fins are especially useful for backstroke since you can see the fins and also hear them as they

make a "thump" sound when rotate from above the water back into the water. Hip fins are available online at Kastaway and SwimOutlet.

Another way is to use the "catch up" drill for freestyle that most are familiar with, that is wait for your recovering hand to meet your outstreched hand before starting the next stroke. For the purposes of learning the correct timing of the body rotation, you should breathe every stroke as soon as you see your stroking arm in the EVF position. The breathing movement will help insure that you rotate your body at the correct time since you naturally rotate your body as you breathe. This drill will allow you to feel the body rotation early in the arm cycle so that you will be able to incorporate into your whole stroke swimming.

What Rule is THAT?!
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Kathy Casey
Event Names on Entry Forms
Cathy Kasey

The Meet Director Asks: Can we have "Open" or "Choice" events at a meet? We have limited pool time for our next meet, so we want to limit each swimmer to one 200 event by offering an event called "200 Open" or "200 Choice" and let the swimmers in that event chose which stroke to swim.

Answer: No. You can limit each swimmer to one 200 event, but you cannot call the event "200 Open" or "200 Choice," since neither of those terms are listed in Article 102.5. Only recognized distances and strokes, as listed in Article 102.5, are considered for USMS Top 10 and records. In this case, 200 free, back, breast, fly, or IM.

An official time can only be achieved in that event or stroke entered, and freestyle events only count for freestyle regardless of which stroke is used (103.13.2), so you can't call it "200 free" either.


But 102.10.1B allows combining events of the same distance 200 yards or longer. So you can consecutively list the events to be combined in your meet information and on the entry form (sample below), instruct each swimmer to enter only one of those events, and have enough officials to cover the different events that might be combined in a heat. In the meet information you might say something about how you will seed the stroke choices, so it's easier for officials to judge. A sample for an entry form follows:

Event #4-8 200 yards (choose only one)

            4 free ____________

            5 back ___________

            6 breast __________

            7 fly __________

            8 IM ____________


For any questions about rules contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair,

ASCA & USMS Coach Certification Classes
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Level I and Level II
ASCAAfter a successful coaches' certification program at the 2010 ASCA World Clinic in Indianapolis, Ind. we are now accepting applications to host the next USMS/ASCA certification Levels I & II courses. Please contact Craig Keller for more information.
Why Are You a Masters Swimmer?
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VIDEO: San Francisco Bay Area Teams Sound Off
USMS Editor-in-Chief Laura Hamel recently traveled through the San Francisco Bay area visting USMS clubs and collecting feedback from swimmers and coaches. 
Bay area video
Coaching Opportunities
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Looking for a Coach? Looking for a Team?
Coaching from Deck
USMS maintains a discussion forum on to match up coaches and teams. The Coaching Forum has several current threads posted; check back for frequently for updates. And remember, if you are hired in a position or you hire a coach, please update your posting to save time for others who follow you to this helpful forum.
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