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November 2010

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Research Project
Yoga for Swimmers
Different Perspectives
Rotator Cuff Tear - What Now?
Thanksgiving Workout
Neoprene Swim Caps
Davis Aquatic Masters
We've Got Spirit!
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Anthony Thompson

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of the Month
'Blacks Don't Swim"
by Naji Ali
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Research Project: Chronic Illness and Exercise
Researcher Needs Your Help!

PillsSteven R. Erickson, Pharm.D. University of Michigan, is conducting important research into the links between exercise, chronic illnesses and medications. This study is funded in part by the USMS Endowment Fund and was approved by our Sports Medicine and Science Committee. The results could have long-term educational benefits for our members.

Please click on the link below -- the survey takes less than five minutes to complete and is anonymous.

Online Survey

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Yoga For Swimmers
by Barbara Won

Barbara WonHunched shoulders and tight pecs anyone? As a swimmer you probably know that these anatomical pitfalls tend to come with regular swimming when you don't stretch and counter pose from the repetitive use of certain muscles. What you might not know is that yoga is the perfect antidote for your case of tight muscles, and might just spare you from injury in the future as well. This sequence of yoga poses, when done mindfully, before or after a workout will enhance your swim workouts, increase flexibility, and by opening the heart area, even improve your mood. Read more

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Different Perspectives

HistoryWe received two great articles recently from members with very different backgrounds. Both accomplished swimmers and both with unique perspectives on what swimming has meant to them. Both also provide interesting historical information about our sport.

'Blacks Don't Swim'
by Naji Ali

To be honest, I just sat there staring out at the water. I couldn't believe what I had just heard from the woman sitting next to me. Read more...

An Aquatics Restrospective
by Dr. Jane Katz

Was it pre-ordained that I would be a swimmer? I did not know my life would center on a swimming pool, but the training I received shaped my interests, lifestyle, livelihood, and visions of possibilities from childhood to adulthood.Read more...

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The MRI Shows a Rotator Cuff Tear ... What Now?
by Ross Hauser, M.D.

Dr. Ross Hauser Competitive swimming takes a tremendous amount of discipline. For some swimmers, this can include multiple swim workouts in one day. It is no surprise that some swimmers make thousands of revolutions per week with their shoulders. This predisposes swimmers to microtrauma, the mechanical wear-and-tear of the shoulder joint and the structures that move it. The most common injury is to the rotator cuff tendons. What is the swimmer to do when the MRI shows a torn rotator cuff? Read more.

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Thanksgiving Workout
by Kerry O'Brien

Kerry O'BrienThe Holidays are coming, and what better way to work off that holiday cheer than with a great workout. Kerry O'Brien dug out an old favorite for us and we posted it to the Forums:

A Thanksgiving Practice to FEAST on!

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Neoprene Swim Caps
by the Professionals at blueseventy

Neoprene CapOpen water swimming is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. What was once a small group of fanatics swimming in the early hours of the morning has transformed into an Olympic event with a global following.

Whether you are new to swimming or have been in the sport for years, open water is a great way to mix up your day-to-day swim routine. However, few of us are fortunate enough to have warm waters to swim in year round so gear to keep body temperatures up is key. Read more

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Davis Aquatic Masters "DAM" Video

Head Coach of Davis Aquatic Masters Stu Kahn talks about his team. Stu happens to be married to his assistant coach Mary Kahn who also enlightens us about the great things DAM has to offer in this video.

   Davis Masters

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We've Got Spirit!
by Colonials 1776 Masters

Swimmers from the Colonials 1776 Masters club put on a fundraiser to help their Berwyn, Pa. Upper Main Line YMCA Y-Cares Scholarship Fund. On 10/10/10 they swam an inspiring 100x100, or a 10,000 meter workout. 40 swimmers participated and all for a great cause.

Colonials 1776

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