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Quarter 4 - 2010

It's time to reset our calendars and get ready for the next year. Our goal is to have all our clubs and members registered before the end of the calendar year.

We need your help! Membership registration starts November 1st, but members cannot register if their clubs are not registered first. Several LMSC "All-Stars" have already registered all their clubs-- see below. Keep up the good work!

Important: Next year you will see six issues of STREAMLINES for Volunteers, rather than four. Adding two issues will allow us to keep our hardworking volunteers updated on important matters like Convention and Registration more efficiently. Look to STREAMLINES for Volunteers to be your main source of information from the national office. If you have any suggestions for content that should to be included in specific issues, please email

Thank you for all that you do,

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Club Registration
The registration year begins November 1st.  Please note that in order for a member to register for a club, the club MUST be registered. If a member registers online, Clubs that are not registered for 2011 will not be listed on the drop-down list and they will not be able to register for that club. As you can imagine, this will cause quite a bit of confusion for members (and stress for registrars, Club Assistant and the Membership Office). PLEASE get the word out to those clubs in your LMSC that have not registered -- ask them to send their 2011 club registrations in!
LMSC All-Star List
All Star USMS
A big "thank you" to the LMSCs that have renewed all of their clubs for 2011. Below is a list of LMSC All Stars. Not on the list? You have until November 1st to get your clubs registered. Thank you for all of your hard work.


Missouri Valley
New England
New Mexico
North Carolina
Pacific Northwest
South Dakota
Sponsor Gift Codes With Member Registration
Asphalt Green Masters Swimmers
The 2011 registration year opens November 1st. We are excited to announce that this year, for the first time ever, our sponsors are offering incentives to encourage our members to renew on time.

Members who renew before December 31, 2010 will receive personalized discount codes, totaling more than $30.00 in savings, from these sponsors:

Barracuda: 10% off total purchase
blueseventy: $15.00 off purchase of $30.00 or more
Finis: $10.00 off total purchase
Fitness Nutrition: 20% off total purchase
Hammer Nutrition: $5.00 off total purchase 10% discount on Sporti and ClubSwim products
TRISWIM: 30% off total purchase
TYR: 20% off total purchase
Convention 2010
USMS Logo 100X100The 2010 United States Aquatic Sports Convention was held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas September 15-19. There was a great turnout and we had a very successful and productive event. Below are some highlights as well as a link to the Convention page.

At-Large Directors:
Breadbasket Zone: Anthony Thompson
Colonies Zone: Chris McGiffin
Dixie Zone: Maria Elias-Williams
Great Lakes Zone: Phil Dodson
Northwest Zone: Hugh Moore
Oceana Zone: Jim Clemmons
South Central Zone: Don Mehl
Southwest Zone: Phil Whitten

2012 Pool Championships Locations

  • Spring Nationals (SCY): Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC April 26-29, 2012
  • Summer Nationals (LCM): Qwest Center, Omaha, NB July 5-8, 2012 (immediately following the 2012 USA Swimming Olympic Trials)
For full convention results and coverage visit our Convention page at
Working Calendar
The 2011 USMS Working Calendar has just been published. Please review the entries for those that pertain to you. If there are any corrections or updates, please send to membership coordinator Tracy Grilli.

Tips & Tricks
rabbit in hat
You can view of all of your LMSC's registered members anytime you like. Go to your LMSC's information page,  Select your LMSC and you will see links to a list of all of your current members. You can filter the list by club or workout group.

Can't remember the link? From the main page, select "Local Programs" then "LMSC Information.".

Rule Book and Marketing Resources
Rulebook Each LMSC will now receive two complimentary rule books (registrar and officials chair). If your LMSC would like to order more rule books ($10) or mini rule books ($6), please send your order to Kyle Deery before December 15. Orders received by the deadline will have their books shipped from the printer.

USMS is also offering free banners to facilities across the country. Please view the banner information sheet on our website for more information Send in any requests or questions to Kyle Deery as well.
Guide to Operations
Guide BookThe USMS Guide to Operations (formerly known as the LMSC Handbook) contains useful information covering all operational aspects of running your LMSC, including:
  • Insurance coverage information
  • Sanction applications and forms
  • Sample LMSC financial reports
  • Membership statistics (history) for all LMSCs
  • Sample bylaws
Find all of this and more at
Clarifications For Officials
Cathy Kasey

Rules Questions and Clarifications for Officials November 2010


1. Minimum number of officials
Am I correct that the minimal officiating crew for official times at a meet is three officials on deck at all times?

Answer: No, the minimum number of officials can be two (103.1); one referee (who must be certified, 103.2), one starter, and two stroke and turn judges, but the referee and starter can both also serve as stroke and turn judges (hence the four positions can be covered by two people). The referee cannot also serve as a starter (103.1.1).

Read more


For any questions about rules contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair.

Volunteer Profile: Susan Kirk
Susan Kirk

by Laura Jones, Staff Writer

Susan Kirk has been a member of New Jersey Masters since 1989 and an active USMS volunteer since 2005, although she was involved much earlier than that in informally arranging events and sharing information with her fellow New Jersey swimmers. For the past 20 years, Kirk, 50, has also trained with - and substitute coached - the Berkeley Aquatic Masters workout group. "The camaraderie and spirit of this diverse group of swimmers is amazing!"

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