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August 2010

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ASCA World Clinic
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Masters Level I and II Coaches Certification Offered
ASCA ASCAMasters Level I and II Coaches Certification is offered Monday, August 30th and Tuesday August 31st from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis, Ind. Coaches can register for the Masters School apart from the regular ASCA clinic registration. The registration for the class is $70. Contact your LMSC for the possibility of reimbursing the cost.

Topics include: stroke construction and correction; dry land training, risk management, coaching special needs swimmers, coaching open water swimmers and triathletes, workout development and management, and "Build Your Coaching Tool Box."
Do You Have Fitness Swimmers on Your Team?
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Ali Hall
Training Fitness Swimmers
Ali Hall HeadshotRecently I attended the Walnut Creek Intensive Swim Camp, a fun-filled three days of instruction and long workouts with tons of individualized feedback. Swimmers couldn't approach the wall without hearing something about their streamline (or lack of it), distance per stroke, cross-over, or maybe even some praise for not breathing the first stroke out of a turn. And the program was created and coordinated by Kerry O'Brien, swimmer extraordinaire, who is also head coach for Walnut Creek Masters, an incredible group of fitness and competitive swimmers a few hundred members strong. [Read more]
XIII Worlds Masters Update
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Craig Keller
Team USA in Sweden
Craig KellerI am incredibly honored to have been a part of the XIII FINA World Championships; it was an experience I'll never forget. The level of competition was extremely high - making it a great spectator's event - and the sense of national pride was inspiring. Furthermore, it was a remarkable opportunity being surrounded by internationally accomplished athletes who competed with a pure love for the sport of swimming.

U.S. Masters Swimming brought a team of over 200 athletes from all across the country to compete in the 2010 World Championships in Goteborg, Sweden. At the conclusion of the meet, U.S. Swimmers had amassed 287 medals: 34 Gold, 31 Silver, 26 Bronze and 196 4-10th place honors. The team also set 8 World Records and 16 World Championship Records while in Sweden.

Despite coming from various Masters programs across the U.S., the athletes quickly unified themselves and cultivated a strong team atmosphere. The camaraderie and a support system they developed was undoubtedly an integral component of our team's success. I am proud to have represented the United States, as well as participated in Masters swimming on the international stage.

What Rule is THAT?!
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Kathy Casey
Breaststroke Kick
Cathy KaseyThe Coach Asks: I'm asking for some clarification on 101.2.3. The last sentence says, "Breaking the surface of the water with the feet is allowed unless followed by a downward butterfly (dolphin) kick." This applies to the dolphin kick permitted after the start and turn, correct ? It seems obvious, but I just wanted to check since dolphin kick at any other time is not allowed.

Answer: No, it refers to the breaststroke kick during the entire race. A swimmer's feet can break the surface of the water during the breaststroke kick, and it is not a DQ, unless it is followed by a downward dolphin kick (or unless there is a scissors, flutter, non-simultaneous movement of the legs, or the movement of the legs is not in the same horizontal plane). The dolphin kick after the start and the turn of course includes the downward portion of the butterfly (dolphin) kick, and that is permitted ONLY after the start and the turn and must be followed by a breaststroke kick. If the swimmer happens to be on the surface when taking that single, butterfly (dolphin) kick and happens to break the surface of the water with the feet, that is also not a DQ.

For any questions about rules contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair.
Is Your Pool in Danger?
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by Rob Butcher
North County Aquatic Complex Was Targeted for Shutdown
Empty Pool
Palm Beach County Commissioners were set to close the North County Aquatic Complex in Jupiter, Fla. The local Masters group rallied to save it. At a county commission meeting, they decided not to close the pool. Resources and assistance are available if your facility is targeted for shutdown or cut back. We provided this letter of support to assist the local Masters team's efforts to keep the North County Aquatic Complex up and running:

According to statistics published by the USA Swimming Foundation, drowning is the leading cause of childhood death. The crisis is even more magnified in Florida where water is so prevalent and more access to pools for learn to swim lessons is needed.

According to the Center for Disease Control, adult obesity is a national crisis. One of the most effective and safest ways to fight adult obesity is water-based exercise. Thus it would be in the public interest that the Palm Beach County leaders do everything in their power to keep open the North County Aquatic Complex.

U.S. Masters Swimming mission is to promote health, fitness and competition for adults through swimming. We offer to you free support. Our team has expertise in providing programming solutions that can help facilities maximize revenue and decrease expenses. I encourage you to call Mel Goldstein at 317-313-1378.

USA Swimming too has a dedicated team to assist facilities best program for revenue maximization. Sue Nelson is the key contact and can be reached at 719-866-3522.

I'm hopeful the Palm Beach County officials will take full advantage of these resources before making this life changing decision.
Another Masters Club Finds Sponsorship
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FINIS Inc. Signs Two-Year Sponsorship Deal with Curl Burke Masters
Curl Burke FinisFINIS Inc. announces the exclusive sponsorship of Curl Burke Masters. "Finis is very proud and excited to be partnered with such a large and prestigious team," says Tim Elson, Finis Vice President. Curl Burke Masters includes over 500 swimmers in the Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, and DC area.

For Curl Burke Masters, "The decision to partner with FINIS was easy.  FINIS shares our philosophy that stroke technique and efficiency are most important. We want the best for our athletes and coaches and FINIS' unique, stroke-efficiency equipment fits the bill. From teaching body position to a beginning triathlete with the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel to challenging a world class Masters swimmer with the FINIS Tempo Trainer, FINIS makes some of the best swim training products in the world. We are looking forward to a long term, strategic relationship with FINIS."

As a FINIS-sponsored Team, Curl Burke Masters will benefit from the entire range of FINIS technical training products including the center-mount Swimmer's Snorkel, Z2 ZoomersŪ fins, Tempo Trainer, and SwiMP3 that uses bone conduction technology instead of ear buds to play music. Curl-Burke Masters will also have priority to the new Hydrospeed Flux and Velo championship suits and gain access to FINIS' exclusive beta testing program for products in development.
Coaching Opportunities
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Looking for a Coach? Looking for a Team?
Coaching from Deck
USMS maintains a discussion forum on to match up coaches and teams. The Coaching Forum has several current threads posted; check back for frequently for updates. And remember, if you are hired in a position or you hire a coach, please update your posting to save time for others who follow you to this helpful forum.
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