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August 2010

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Red Tide Training Trips
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Shoulder Problems?
Pre-Race Nutrition
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Greetings from beautiful San Juan! This issue of STREAMLINES will help you stay up to date with what's going on at Summer Nationals.

Additionally, read about one team's efforts to bring a little summer to their winters. Dr Ross Hauser shares another informative article about shoulder problems, and Hammer Nutrition follows up their article from last month with more about pre-race fueling.

Our USMS volunteers contribute to this issue: the Records and Tabulations Committee has written a "how to" on how to make sure your Top 10 swims make it to the record books. And we get up close and personal with USMS President, Jeff Moxie.

Swimming for Life!
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People At The Office Think We're On Vacation
by Libby Garland

Red Tide BusWhen the two swimmers left their shaded hammocks on the beach at Pie de la Cuesta, a village just north of Acapulco, Mexico, the mid-afternoon sun was intense. They decided to avoid the thirty-minute uphill trek to the house where they were staying with their teammates during Red Tide's annual weeklong training trip. Instead, they hailed one of the Volkswagen Beetle taxis that ply the narrow highway from Pie de la Cuesta to Acapulco.  The driver, on hearing their destination-given in rudimentary Spanish-nodded. "Ah!" he said. "The group on that bus!" [Read more]
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For the Record
Making Sure Your Top 10 Time Sticks
by the Records and Tabulations Committee

Top 10So you're going to a Masters meet that is not run by USMS. How can you get your times to count for USMS Top 10 and Records?

"They asked me for my USMS number, so that must mean it's ok, right?"

Not necessarily! First of all, the meet must be "Recognized" by USMS... [Read more]
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President's Profile: Jeff Moxie

We were able to sit down with USMS President Jeff Moxie and talk about his swimming life and his vision for the future.

    Jeff Moxie Video
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We're At Summer Nationals!

San Juan LCNAugust 9th - 13th in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. This exciting event will include over 630 competitive swimmers ranging from 18 to 87 years of age.

Held at the Natatorium of San Juan, this world-class facility was modeled after the 1996 Olympics Natatorium at Georgia Tech. The Natatorium will host 44 events over the course of  four days of Masters competition. Additionally, USMS will hold the 1,500-meter Open Water Challenge at Ocean Park on Friday, August 13th.

Full results and coverage of the event can be found on as well as our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Video preview:

     USMS Summer Nationals
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What To Do When "Simple" Solutions Do Not Resolve Shoulder Hypermobility Problems for the Swimmer
by Ross A. Hauser, M.D.

Dr. Ross HauserSwimmers need a delicate balance of shoulder mobility and stability in order to meet the tremendous demands of their sport. While joint hypermobility can be advantageous for the swimmer, to have good reach and range of motion in their stroke, too much laxity in the shoulder can leave it unstable. For the swimmer who has hypermobility, the simple first steps include altering training hours, working on stroke mechanics, and trying specific exercises aimed at tightening the muscular support around the shoulder. But after these are tried, and the athlete is still left with pain or instability, what is the next step? [Read more]
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Pre-Race Nutrition
by The Professionals at Hammer Nutrition:
Steve Born & Laura Lee LaBelle

Nutrition factsYou've spent a lot of hours in the pool and in the gym, preparing for your important, soon-to-be-happening competition. You're fit, you're ready, you're psyched, and now you're anxiously waiting for the days prior to the meet to pass (why do they always take so long?!). The questions you're probably asking are, "What should I do in the days leading up to the race? Perhaps more importantly, what should I do on race morning so that I can achieve the best results possible?" Here are a few time-proven tips that we're sure will help you. [Read more]
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Make a Splash

Make a splashTo date, more than 350,000 children have learned to swim through the USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash program. Would you like to help? Click here to learn more...
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We've Got Spirit!
by Kona Aquatics Masters

This picture was sent to us from Kona Aquatics Masters, taken during their Memorial Day workout! Coach Steve Borowski is the one hanging loose in the center of the photo.

  Kona Aquatics
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