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May 2010
In this May issue of STREAMLINES for Coaches, Jim Halstead shares with us a creative workout set based on the game of golf. Also, many coaches and swimmers have asked about the swimsuit rule change this year and how it affects U.S. Masters Swimmers. Kathy Casey and Heather Hagadorn clear everything up in both pool and open water competition.

Check out the Rose Bowl Masters video of coach Chad Durieux, who was recently honored as SPMA Coach of the Year. There are also several call outs for coaches and swimmers alike to get involved, so please take a moment to read each one that may apply to you.

Also, we would like to thank all the coaches who have contributed articles to STREAMLINES, we can't do it without you! We have found that our members enjoy the technique features. If you have a tip that you have used successfully with your swimmers, or if you would like to share an aspect of your coaching philosophy, please contact us at

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Let's Go Golfing
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Jim Halstead
Creative Distance Per Stroke Set
Jim HalsteadAs coaches, through daily construction and correction, we encourage our athletes to pursue the elusive "perfect stroke." Here's a version of the popular distance per stroke set called the Golf Set. It's designed to allow the athlete to ascertain their stroke effectiveness and efficiency (a technique set). As in golf, the lower the score, the better. For this set we establish the baseline stroke count, add the element of time, apply stroke correction techniques, and conclude with a final golf score (an efficiency rating). [Read more]
What Rule is THAT?!
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Kathy Casey
and Heather Hagadorn
Is My Suit Legal?
Cathy KaseyThe Coach Asks:
One of my swimmers got a TYR Tracer for her birthday. Is this suit legal for competition or should she return it?

Answer for pool competition:

If you check the 2009 FINA-approved swimsuit list and 2010 FINA-approved swimsuit list, you'll see there are quite a few models of "TYR Tracer" suits; 23 Tracer models on the 2009 list and 32 Tracer models on the 2010 list. Other swimsuit brands also have multiple models of the same name. Hopefully your swimmer still has the box with the model name on it.

The swimsuits on the 2009 FINA-approved swimsuit list are currently legal for short course yard meets only, and only through May 31, 2010. As of June 1, 2010, only suits on the 2010 FINA-approved swimsuit list and those suits meeting the FINA swimwear specifications will be legal for all USMS sanctioned and recognized pool competition.  FINA swimwear specifications include textile fabrics, navel to not-below-the-knee for men and shoulder to not-below-the-knee for women, no sleeves, no zippers or other fasteners except for waist ties on briefs or jammers, and no modesty/privacy wear, including jock straps, under the competition suit.

USMS Swimwear Rules pertaining to pool competition (See pages 13/14)

Answer for open water competition:
Open water swimwear rules are different. USMS open water swimsuit rules have not changed from 2009 and are not impacted by the 2010 FINA swimwear rules for pool or open water competition. Swimwear that was approved for pool use in 2009 is still legal for USMS sanctioned open water events in 2010.

USMS Swimwear Rules pertaining to open water (See pages 59/60)

For any questions about rules contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair.

For any questions about long distance and open water rules contact Heather Hagadorn, USMS Long Distance Chair.
Club and Coach Services
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Utilize your resources
Recently USMS Coach and Club Development Coordinator Jim Halstead, visited the New Jersey LMSC for several days. He was also a guest speaker at their annual awards banquet. Jim was well received as he offered information, ideas and resources as a representative of USMS. If you are interested in taking advantage of these services, don't hesitate to contact Mel Goldstien to set this up.

Southern Pacific Names Coach of the Year
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Durieux Takes Coach of the Year Honors.
Chad Durieux There is no greater honor that can be given a coach than the recognition by swimmers and peers for outstanding contributions to Masters Swimming on both a national and local level. The Southern Pacific Masters Association chose Chad Durieux as their 2009 Coach of the Year for his outstanding coaching qualities at Rose Bowl Masters in Pasadena, CA. Check out the club video below to view Chad and his club in action.

         Rose Bowl Video
SwimFest '10
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Spots Still Open for Swimmers to Attend
SwimFest Logo good Coaches, please remind your swimmers space is still open for them enter SwimFest '10. Online Registration is available; the three-day clinic will be hosted at UC San Diego June 4-6. All 70 Coach spots have been filled. However, coaches can still register as swimmers and benefit from this incredible event.
ASCA World Clinc
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Masters Level I Coaches Certification offered
ASCA Aug 30 - Sept 5 in Indianapolis. USMS and ASCA are offering, for the first time, a Masters Level I Coaches Certification course. August 30 and 31 Jim Halstead from USMS Club and Coach Services will host an 8-hour course for new Masters coaches. Topics include: stroke construction and correction; dry land training; risk management; coaching special needs swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes; workout development and management; and "Build your Coaching Tool Box."

On September 2, Coaches David Marsh and Patty Waldron will be on hand. Waldron is head coach of the very successful SWIMMac Masters program in Charlotte, N.C. and will share ways to help you grow your Masters team and much more.
Are You Headed To Atlanta For Spring Nationals?
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On-Deck Coaches Needed
SC Nats LogoSpots are still available for all four days... come on out and lend a hand!

The USMS Coaches Committee, through the On-Deck Coaching Program, offers on-deck coaching assistance for swimmers during warm-ups at USMS National Championship Events and at the annual United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Convention. Coaches monitor the sprint lanes during the early morning warm-ups at USMS Nationals, giving swimmers start commands and timing sprints or pace repeats if requested. All participating coaches are given a special USMS Coaches T-shirt, great for being recognized on deck. Sign up online today. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Colburn (USMS On-Deck Coaching Coordinator).
Missing Document!
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USMS Historical Record Missing
BookThe USMS historical records do not contain the minutes from the 1985 USMS convention held in Phoenix, AZ. Long-time convention veterans are asked to dust off their files and search for a typewritten copy of these minutes. If found, please contact Meegan Wilson.

Coaching Opportunities
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Looking for a Coach? Looking for a Team?
Coaching from Deck
USMS maintains a discussion forum on to match up coaches and teams. The Coaching Forum has several current threads posted; check back for frequently for updates. And remember, if you are hired in a position or you hire a coach, please update your posting to save time for others who follow you to this helpful forum.
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