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Free/Back Combo Drill
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Meditation and Swimming
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Check-off Challenge
Check it Off!
If you have not heard of this event, you should "check" it out. Basically, you make a commitment to swim all 18 pool events in a single year, and check them off on the T-shirt. Each year's T-shirt sports a different theme.
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  Indy SwimFit knows how to keep their team informed and motivated. With up-to-date announcements, programs and events, this Indianapolis club is one of the most successful in the country. Check it out:
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The Ides of March are almost upon us. For a lot of us, that means gearing up for short course nationals or big open water swims. Several of our sponsors are offering tech suits at extremely reduced rates, just in time for the big meet.

In this issue of STREAMLINES, Walnut Creek Masters coach Kerry O'Brien introduces us to the three-element Free/Back Combo Drill that will reinforce some basic long-axis stroke technique. Open water swimmer and coach Marcia Cleveland paints a vivid picture of panic in open water swims.

For the swimmer who is unconcerned with competitive pursuits, USMS member and open water swimmer Mark Cibula shares his experience with swimming meditation, reminding us that sometimes just the peace and beauty of being in the water is enough to quiet the stresses that compete for our attention.
Look for the March-April issue of SWIMMER in your mailboxes in the next few weeks. Several technique features will come in handy -- especially come relay time in Atlanta. For open water swimmers, SWIMMER takes a look at just a few of the many large and unusual open water swims around the world.

And if the Ides of March (technically the 15th) don't bring enough mischief, St. Patrick's Day is two days later. If your team has a special St. Patrick's Day practice, send us a photo. We'll choose the best ones for a future issue of STREAMLINES.

Swimming for Life
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
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Free/Back Combo Drill
by Kerry O'Brien, Walnut Creek Masters

Kerry O'BrienThis Free/Back Combo Drill is a drill that anyone can incorporate into their training. We've mentioned time and time again the importance of head position and body alignment and this drill focuses on both of these elements as it transitions between freestyle based and backstroke based swimming. You can use this drill during your warm up or cool down before or after a backstroke set and is great for triathletes as an opportunity to "take a break" from the typical all-freestyle triathlon workout. This drill can be swum short course or long course.

There are three elements to focus on while performing the Free/Back Combo Drill:
  • Rock-steady head position
  • Shoulder/hip rotation
  • Constant kick
O'Brien, USMS Coach of the Year recipient, explains each of these three elements and how to improve them. [Read more]

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Now Available Online

SC Nats LogoOnline Registration for Short Course Nationals is available; deadline is April 15.

Long Distance ChampsThe 2009 Long Distance Results are available:

H2Open SeriesOnline Registration for the first event in our premier open water event series, H
2Open Series, is available:
Jim McDonnell Lake Swims
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Has This Ever Happened To You?
By Marcia Cleveland
  • Open Water It can happen if you are experienced or a novice.
  • It can happen in any type of water: calm, rough, salt, fresh, ocean, river, or lake.
  • It can happen during a race or merely during a calm dip, and at any point in a swim: start, middle, end.
  • It can happen when you are surrounded by the Pack or when no one is near you.
  • It's a basic survival instinct.
  • Even though I've spent thousands of hours training and racing in open water, it still happens to me sometimes.
What is it? [Read more]
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We're on YouTube
Visit our newly updated USMS YouTube channel. You Tube Stacked Logo
Each week we upload new videos about Masters swimming from all over the country. See all of the coaches, swimmers and supporters talk about their club or special events. Subscribe today to make sure you get all of the updates as these great stories are published. Who knows, maybe you and your club will be featured next. 
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Meditation and Swimming
By Mark Cibula

Mark Cibula"I dove into the lake, sinking down into the water, immediately feeling the silence. I could no longer hear my friends talking on the shore. There it was. Peace; aloneness with water and nature. Floating five feet below the surface, I could look up and see light and look down into the beautiful blue water. Fish swam by. My muscles felt calm and smooth in the gentle motion of the water. The softness and coolness felt good. I was present."

If you feel a certain peace from swimming, you are not alone.
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The Importance of Team
By Daniel Slocki, Speedo Sports Marketing

Go Team!Hypothetical situation: You are 12 years old and you just joined a soccer team. What is the first thing your parents had to do? Buy you a team uniform.

Now fast-forward 30 years. You have just joined your local Masters swim club, what should be the first thing you do? Well, why should the answer be any different from 30 years ago? [Read more]
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Now Accepting USMS Award Nominations

U.S. Masters SwimmingThe Ransom J. Arthur Award Nominations are due March 15, 2010 and the award will be presented at the USMS Short Course National Championships in Atlanta, Ga.

The following nominations are due by July 1:
  • USMS Coach of the Year Award
  • Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service Award
  • Kerry O'Brien USMS Coaches Award
  • USMS Club of the Year Award
  • June Krauser USMS Communications Award
  • USMS Fitness Award
  • USMS National Championship Meets Award
Please read the nomination information for each award, which includes the nomination form and guidelines. You may email Sally Dillon if you have additional questions.
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Tech Suit Blowout

Finis Tech SuitFinis, Blueseventy and TYR are dropping their prices on technical suits allowed by USMS for pool competition through the SCY season, which ends June 1st.   

FINIS Hydrospeed suits that fit this category are $20 as of right now. FINIS AMPhibian Polyurethane suits are also on sale for up to 85% off.

Blue Seventy Tech SuitBlueseventy is offering the 2009 Nero for a reduced price of $100. After June 1, 2010, USMS customers will then be eligible for a special 30% off buy-back program.

TYR Aquapel and Aquashift suits starting at $29.99, only while supplies last.  Visit Kiefer for more information.

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We've Got Spirit!

Max Multisport's Masters in Chicago, Illinois, is a team comprised of all women (every once in a while the male coaches are allowed to join them in the water). These ladies aren't afraid to put up a little competition at local meets. This team may be small, but their fast swimming is enough to place well at local and regional competitions.

Max Multisport Masters
Dive in at USMS.ORG

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