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February 2010
Welcome to the February issue of STREAMLINES for Coaches. This month's contributors include coaches Nadine Day and Steven Munatones. Day shares some tips on including swimmers on your injured list into your everyday workouts and Munatones has adapted an age-old teaching method to fit open water coaching-- a method that can be translated to coaching almost anything.

Since the suit ruling in January, many of you have emailed specific questions about suits to Kathy Casey, Rules Chair, who highlights some of those questions below.

Last year, SwimFest '09 held in the Woodlands in Texas was a big success. This year we are gearing up for SwimFest '10 in San Diego. More information is included below- look for SwimFest '10 updates in the March issue.

Additionally, the California pool and spa industry has a message for coaches on the west coast who may be affected by proposed legislation in that state.

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Ask; Don't Tell
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by Steven Munatones
The Socratic Open Water Method
Steven Munatones Teachers using the Socratic method create an environment where individuals learn based on a series of questions that stimulate their thinking and help illuminate specific concepts. The Socratic method can be modified and utilized by coaches and athletes for open water swimming.

A coach should be inquisitive - not instructive - after an open water race. By asking questions, coaches can enable their athletes to internalize and understand what they did in a race - both the good and bad. By encouraging the athlete - of any age and any level - to visualize who they were swimming with, what their pace was, how did they feel, the shape of the pack, their positioning during the race, the athlete will eventually become a more seasoned performer. Read more

Steven Munatones, world champion marathon swimmer, is a USA Swimming National Team open water coach, board member of the World Open Water Swimming Association and the creator of The Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

Drills for Injured Swimmers
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Nadine Day
Including an Injured Swimmer in Your Workout
Nadine Day Communication with your swimmers is key to a successful partnership between an athlete and a coach. Talk to your swimmers on a daily basis. Getting feedback regarding training will allow you to adjust and modify workouts according to the way your swimmers are feeling. Some of us may have swimmers who are not willing to share about their aches and pains. In these situations it is vital that you watch their swimming. Does good technique seem to aggravate symptoms of an injury? If your swimmers are injured or aching, a simple stroke modification can decrease unnecessary stress to joints and muscles and keep your swimmers in the pool. Read more

Nadine Day, USMS Vice President of Community Services, is a swimmer, physical therapist and Masters coach.
On Deck Coaching Call
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Coaches Needed at Spring Nationals
Coaching Photo USMS will soon be looking for on-deck coaches to volunteer their time during the championship week to assist USMS swimmers without coaches. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the On-Deck Coaching opportunity visit the website or contact Coaches Committee Chair, Chris Colburn at coaches@usms.org.
Taxing Coaches as Independent Contractors
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California Pool and Spa Industry Speaks Out
SPEC logo The California Spa and Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC) has released a statement on proposed legislation that may affect Masters coaches in California.

Under the proposed legislation, according to SPEC, if a health club or swim club hires a Masters coach as an independent contractor. The club would be required to deduct 3% of the coach's fee before paying the coach. The club would then have to file paperwork and send that 3% to the California Franchise Tax Board (state income tax). If the coach does not owe tax at end of year, the FTB may return the money but wouldn't owe any interest to the coach.

"There is no language in print on this issue as yet but we believe it is in the interest of every independent contractor to actively engage in fighting against this ill conceived proposal," comments John A. Norwood, President of SPEC.

For more information, see the SPEC press release.
What Rule is THAT?!
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Kathy Casey
Still Confused About Pool Swimsuit Rules?
Cathy Kasey "My swimmers have been asking if they can wear their LZRs at nationals in May. Can they wear those and other tech suits at nationals in May?"
Yes, swimmers can wear their LZR suits and other tech suits that were legal during the 2009 season at the 2010 USMS Short Course National Championships in May. The month of May will be the last time that USMS swimmers can wear suits on the 2009 FINA-approved suit list for short course yards pool competition. As of June 1, 2010, tech suits can no longer be worn in USMS sanctioned or recognized pool competition. As of this date a swimmer can wear only a suit that is either on the 2010 FINA-approved list or meets the FINA swimsuit specifications (102.14.4; textile fabrics, navel to not-below-the-knee for men and shoulder to not-below-the-knee [no sleeves] for women, no zippers or other fasteners except for waist ties on briefs or jammers, and no modesty/privacy wear, including jock straps, under the competition suit). The new swimwear rules are in effect now for all meters competition in pools.
"Can swimmers wear traditional suits? I don't see all of those suits on the FINA list."
Yes, swimmers can wear traditional racing suits such as lycra/polyester briefs for men and hip-to-shoulder suits for women if they meet the FINA swimsuit specifications listed above.
"What about the "beach suits" or cruise type swimwear that my new swimmers wear?"
If those suits meet the FINA swimsuit specifications listed above, swimmers can wear them in pool competition. However if there are any fasteners, such as a metal clasp on a strap across the back or on a strap around the neck, those will not meet the FINA swimsuit specifications. The suit must also be made entirely of textile fabrics.
For any questions about rules contact Kathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair, rules@usms.org
For any questions about open water swimwear contact Heather Hagadorn, USMS Long Distance Rules Chair, longdistance@usms.org.
Get Ready for SwimFest '10
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SwimFest '10 Scheduled for June 4-6, 2010
SwimFest '10 Come share the deck with some of the world's top Masters swim coaches. Join us for a weekend of clinics and lessons in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, hone your skills or become a better coach, SwimFest '10 is for registered Masters swimmers and coaches of all levels and abilities.

Friday, June 4 is a coaches-only seminar. Saturday, June 5 will be geared towards pool swimming and Sunday, June 6 will focus on open water swimming. We suggest you register early; attendance is limited. The three-day clinic is FREE for Coaches. For swimmers, the cost is $130/day or $200 for both Saturday and Sunday. More information and registration will be available soon.
Coaching Opportunities
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Looking for a Coach? Looking for a Team?
Coaching opportunities
 USMS maintains a discussion forum on usms.org to match up coaches and teams. The Coaching Forum has several current threads posted; check back for frequently for updates. And remember, if you are hired in a position or you hire a coach, please update your posting to save time for others who follow you to this helpful forum.
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