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Quarter 1 - 2010
Volunteers are the heart and soul of U.S. Masters Swimming. You register members, run events, officiate meets, provide critical information, document results, represent your LMSCs, and keep things organized on too many levels to count.

Your contribution makes it possible for members to have fun, stay fit and swim stroke after stroke. Many of you sacrifice your own swimming in order to help others achieve their swimming goals. Balancing work, family, swimming and volunteering is truly an art.

Like its predecessor, the original STREAMLINES, The newly structured STREAMLINES for Volunteers will provide you with helpful information, updates and news each quarter. If you have any content suggestions for STREAMLINES for Volunteers, please contact Ashley Gangloff. We have provided a list of frequently used links in the right-hand column. If there are other links you visit often during the course of your volunteering, please let us know.

Thank you for all that you do,

Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming
Swimwear Questions?
U.S. Masters Swimming By now most of you know about the Emergency Rule Change, for swimwear in USMS pool competition. All questions regarding the swimwear rules for USMS pool competitions should be directed to Kathy Casey, Chair of the Rules Committee.

Rules for open water competition have NOT changed in 2010. Questions regarding rules for open water competitions should be directed to Heather Hagadorn, Chair of the Long Distance Committee.

Mandatory Memberships
The USMS Organization and Bylaws help us to stay organized, official and operationally effective. The USMS Organization and Bylaws Article 501.2 provides us with information
regarding membership, specifically mandatory membership; mandatory membership information is especially important to our volunteers.
According to Article 501.2, the following volunteers are required to be current members of U.S. Masters Swimming in order to serve in a volunteer role:
  • Members of the House of Delegates and Board of Directors.
  • Members of standing committees and ad hoc committees of USMS.
  • Members of the National Board of Review.
  • Appointees
  • Officers and members of the Board of Directors of each LMSC
If you are a member of any of the above stated groups and are not currently registered for 2010, please renew your USMS membership today.
Volunteer Profile:Dick Brewer
Dick BrewerDick Brewer of Florida Gold Coast Masters wasn't a swimmer until he retired from a career as a school teacher. But, since that day he has not only been a swimmer, but one of U.S. Masters Swimming's most valuable volunteers. According to Brewer, "As soon as I started swimming, I started volunteering. It is a great way to make friends and stay busy."  
Dick Brewer, a school teacher turned swimmer, Audubon expert, open water series creator and USMS volunteer, epitomizes the passion, drive and commitment that USMS not only appreciates but credits for its success. Read more 
Registration Reminder
Treasurers, please send registration payments to the USMS Membership Office at

USMS Membership Office
PO Box 185
Londonderry, NH  03053-0185

The USMS fee for one event (OE) registrations is now $12.
Dollars and Sense
502.7 Records and Record Keeping

Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record-keeping and reporting requirements
of USMS. The LMSC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end ofthe LMSC's fiscal year
Please email 2009 LMSC minutes and financial statements to Anna Lea Matysek, Membership Coordinator, at the National Office no later than April 30th.
Profile: Anna Lea Matysek
Anna Lea MatysekOn November 30, 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming added a staff member to assist and guide you, our volunteers and LMSCs. Anna Lea Matysek will be focused on providing support for our LMSCs and their officers. Most of you know Matysek, a long-time member of USMS and volunteer in the Missouri Valley LMSC for twenty years.
Matysek's new role and its responsiblities are extensive and are designed to help you make your LMSCs operational and effective. Learn more about Matysek and her commitment to you. Read more
Congratulations to New Chairs
Meeting Room
U.S. Masters Swimming volunteers work hard to maintain and exceed the standards set by volunteers past. In September, new volunteers were appointed as committee chairs to continue the legacy of passion, growth and excellence. Congratulations to all new USMS committee chairs!
Championship Chair: Jeff Roddin
Coaches Chair: Chris Colburn
Endowment Fund Chair: Doug Church
Finance Chair: Homer Lane
Fitness Education Chair: Marcia Anziano
History and Archives Chair: Meegan Wilson
Legislation Chair: Sean Fitzgerald
LMSC Development Chair: Doug Adamavich
Long Distance Chair: Heather Hagadorn
National Board of Review Chair: Laura Kessler
Officials Chair: Charlie Cockrell
Open Water Chair: Lynn Hazlewood
Recognition and Awards Chair: Sally Dillon
Records and Tabulation Chair: Chris Stevenson
Registration Chair: George Simon
Rules Chair: Kathy Casey
Sports Medicine and Science Chair: Jane Moore
LMSC Growth
Snake River LMSC
Congratulations to the Snake River LMSC!  Last year the Snake River LMSC had a total of 87 members. As of January 26th of this year they have 90 members; this means they have already surpassed their total for all of last year!
Keep the USMS Calendar of Events Current
Computer Calendar
Attention Sanction Chairs:

When you are approving a request for sanction or recognition, you can add the event to the USMS Calendar of Events if the meet director has not already done so.

If the event you've just sanctioned is not already on the USMS Calendar of Events, you can add it by clicking "Add a New Event" at the top of the page.  You will be directed to a form that you can fill out and submit.  Note that the "Body of Water" field applies only to open water events.  To add a pool location, check the "Specify Venue" box toward the bottom of the form.  Checking the "Specify Contact" box at the bottom of the form will allow you to enter the contact information for the meet director or other designated meet contact.
LMSC Officers Posted
Meeting Room
With the new year well under way, USMS LMSCs are busy at work. USMS would like to take a moment to acknowledge new LMSC Officers. If your LMSC officers' information is not current, please email Anna Lea Matysek, USMS Membership Coordinator, with updated LMSC officer information.
Rule Books en Route
The USMS Rules Committee works diligently every year to evaluate current rules, formulate new ones and communicate them to you and the rest of the 50,000 plus USMS members.

It is that time of year again and we are pleased to say that the USMS Rule Books are en route to LMSC Registrars and Officials Chairs in addition to members of the USMS Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and members of the Finance Committee. USMS has also sent official Rule Books to all 2010 registered clubs as of December 31st.

Another batch of Rule Books will be packaged and sent to members of the Rules, Legislation, Long Distance and Officials Committees soon.

Going forward, USMS will be sending newly registered clubs' contacts a copy of the USMS Rule Book at the end of the month in which the club registers in 2010. It is our hope that all USMS volunteers have access to and understand USMS rules. For questions regarding USMS Rules you may contact Rules Chair Kathy Casey.
Working Calendar
Calendar Blue
The current Working Calendar has been recently updated. If you have any additions or deletions to this calendar, please email CJ Rushman (


  • Fourth quarter financial reports prepared by USMS Controller Susan Kuhlman (
  • All registrations received as of today's date will be included in the mailing of the Mar/Apr issue of SWIMMER
  • Editorial copy/information due to USMS Editor-in-Chief Laura Hamel ( for May/Jun issue of SWIMMER
  • Preliminary SCM Top 10 mailed to LMSC Top 10 Chairs and Records and Tabulation Committee members for proofreading
  • Responses due from SCM Top 10 proofreading to National Swims Administrator Mary Beth Windrath (
  • Executive Committee/Board of Directors mid-year meeting; Dallas, Texas
  • Long Distance individual and relay All-Americans posted on the Long Distance webpage
  • Deadline for all committee chairs to send convention meeting AV requests and extra meeting time requests to Convention Coordinator Victor Buehler ( for the 2010 convention in Dallas
  • USMS Secretary - CJ Rushman sends Convention Coordinator Victor Buehler ( 2010 Dallas convention meeting schedule, first draft
  • National registration transmittal sent to Membership Office electronically from online registration site
Other deadlines this month
  • Pre-meet site visit by Championship Committee liaison to Spring Nationals host (Atlanta, Ga.)
MARCH 2010

  • SCM Top 10 list sent to the USMS formatter for printing
  • Approximate mailing date for Mar/Apr issue of SWIMMER
  • Call for USMS Service Award nominations and USMS Club of the Year sent to LMSCs from USMS Recognition and Award Chair (
  • Deadline for Newsletter Inserts to DMC for the May/Jun issue of SWIMMER
  • Postmark "early" entry deadline for 2010 Spring Nationals
  • Convention Coordinator ( sends first draft schedule of committee meetings size, setups, and AV requests for 2010 requirements to USAS
  • National registration transmittal sent to National Office electronically from online registration site
  • All registrations received as of today's date will be included in the mailing of the May/Jun issue of SWIMMER
Other deadlines this month
  • Final call for 2010 Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinic applications
  • Notify sponsors of Spring Nationals due dates for booths, banners and ads
APRIL 2010

  • Ransom Arthur ballots due from Recognition and Awards Committee members and previous award winners to Chair ( for tabulation
  • Received "early" entry date deadline for Spring Nationals
  • Postmark "on time" entry deadline for Spring Nationals
  • On-Deck Coaching Coordinator ( solicits coaches to help at Spring Nationals
  • Editorial copy/information due to USMS Editor for Jul/Aug issue of SWIMMER (
  • Received "on time" entry deadline for Spring Nationals
  • USMS Secretary ( notifies LMSCs of delegate entitlements for 2010 convention
  • First call for requests for Delegate-at-Large appointments-due in writing to President ( and Secretary (
  • Deadline for submission of information to be included in the second quarter issue of STREAMLINES for Volunteers
  • Approximate mailing date for May/Jun issue of SWIMMER
  • Quarter 2 issue of STREAMLINES for Volunteers sent via email
  • Coaches Chair ( checks progress with LMSC Coaches Chairs
  • LMSC minutes of 2009 annual meetings and copy of 2009 financial statements due to Membership Coordinator Anna Lea Matysek ( from all LMSCs
  • Deadline for nominations for USMS Board of Director positions
  • National registration transmittal sent to Membership Office electronically from online registration site
Other deadlines this month
  • All-American roster prepared and congratulations sent from President
  • Coaches Chair ( checks progress with LMSC Coaches Reps
  • North Texas LMSC convention host volunteer organizer/designee attend the pre-convention meetings at the Hyatt Regency at Reunion; Dallas, Texas and select a hospitality room 
MAY 2010

  • Delegates from 2009 and LMSC chairs receive convention registration packet for 2010 convention via email from the Membership Office
  • Cost-center heads receive budget forms (for 2011 budget) from Executive Director (
  • Election Committee reviews applications, slates Board of Director candidates, notifies candidates and publishes candidate information
  • Controller's filing deadline with IRS for Form 990
  • Convention Coordinator ( sends out final notice to committee chairs regarding equipment requirements for convention
  • First quarter financial reports prepared
  • USMS Secretary ( sends reminders to LMSCs for names of delegates to 2010 convention, Dallas, Texas
  • Election Committee accepts nominations for any positions without candidates
  • National Office sends reminder to LMSCs of July 10th deadline for submission of proposed code amendments
  • Deadline for Newsletter Inserts to DMC for the Jul/Aug issue of SWIMMER Magazine
  • USMS Spring National Championships, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Ransom Arthur award winner announced at Spring Nationals
  • Continuous publication of candidate information to the HOD through email newsletters and website positions through September
  • National registration transmittal sent to National Office electronically from online registration site
  • All registrations received as of today's date will be included in the mailing of the Jul/Aug issue of SWIMMER
  • End of SCY Season
Other deadlines this month
  • Pre-meet site visit by Championship Committee liaison to Summer Nationals host (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

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