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Congratulations to the
Go The Distance Swimmers of The Month!

Marianne Bradley, Ken Winterberger, Nana Whalen and Craig Anderson 

Learn more about Go the Distance and its swimmers who continue to push their limits!

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The U.S. Masters Swimming Rules committee works hard to provide our members with fair rules and explanations, however there is no better learning experience than, well, experience. One member shares her story of disqualification. Other newsletter highlights include a word about suit sizing, cut and material, a U.S. Masters Swimming job posting, and a member's touching story about swimming and its power to help us through tough times.

Swimming for Life!
Your Friends at U.S. Masters Swimming

by Donna Springer

U.S. Masters Swimming invites and embraces athletes of every shape, size, age, ability and experience level. This often means that we see adults in their forties, fifties and beyond at the starting blocks for the first time. Racing can be intimidating for anyone, but not understanding the rules of a race can cause even more angst for the newbie behind the blocks. Donna Springer of St. Louis, Missouri, shares her experience of getting disqualified, the confusion it caused her and her disqualification research that she hopes will help others better understand racing and all of its elements. Read more
U.S. Masters Swimming Seeks Controller
U.S. Masters Swimming is seeking a candidate to fill the full time position of Controller. The position is located in Sarasota, Fla. The job description and details on how to apply can be found at the below link. A CPA degree is required for consideration.
Swimming Through the Unemployment Ranks
By Bill Miller 
"It could never happen to me," are the famous last words of many who have lost their jobs as the economy has taken a turn for the worse over the last 18 months. Layoffs, downsizing, right-sizing ... yadda, yadda, yadda; these terms are all too common in many of our neighborhoods. Unemployment can be scary, saddening and maddening. So, how do some Masters swimmers deal with the uncertainty of unemployment? They swim. Bill Miller of SwimMAC Masters in Charlotte, North Carolina shares, in his own words, his story of swimming through the unemployment ranks. Read more
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USMS 3000/6000 Yards Postal National Championships
Buying a Suit:
Knowing What Size, Cut and Material is Right For You
by Andrea Mills, All-American Swim Supply
Swimmers come in all different shapes and sizes, and so does swimwear. When purchasing a new swimsuit, there are a few important factors that should be considered. Most importantly, you should consider ...
  • Size
  • Cut
  • Material

So how do you decide? The professionals at All-American Swim Supply offer tips for buying your next favorite suit. Read more

U.S. Masters Swimming Statement on Swimsuits
Read U.S. Masters Swimming's published statement on swimsuits, released on October 11, 2009.
We've Got Spirit!

Sometimes it is not a relay team, coach or even athlete that displays outstanding spirit. This car was spotted at the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championships in Indianapolis, Ind. and displays more spirit than any other automobile the parking lot.

Swim Master Plate

To see yourself, your coaches, or your program featured, send us a photo that displays outstanding spirit to
Go The Distance is Making Waves

GTD Logo

This year the 
Go the Distance fitness program has grown leaps and bounds and is making waves. As of September, GTD participants reached many milestones. The 2009 GTD participants have now swum a grand total of 181,402.02 miles with an average of 167.96 miles per swimmer. Congratulations to all participants! U.S. Masters Swimming is cheering for you as you Go the Distance in these last few months of 2009.
Milestone (cumulative miles swum)    # of Swimmers
50                                                    23
100                                                   33
150                                                   39
200                                                   43
250                                                   48
300                                                   34
400                                                   26
500                                                   12
750                                                    1
1000                                                   2
Hundreds of other participants continue to swim with the goal of reaching one of these milestones. Go The Distance is all-inclusive; all members are welcome.
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World Masters Games
; Sydney, Australia

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Pan American Swimming and Open Water Championships; Veracruz, Mexico (online entry due 10/14/09)
End of the 2009 registration year; all online registrations after Nov. 1 will be for 2010.
Beginning of new registration period.
All registrations received as of today's date will be included in the mailing of the Jan/Feb issue of SWIMMER
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Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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