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For many of us summer is coming to a close and it is back to the grind. U.S. Masters Swimming reminds you to take care of yourself, get to the pool and continue to enjoy swimming.

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Staying Happy and Healthy in Swimming
by Megan Jendrick

No matter how well we try to take care of ourselves, injuries happen. Accidents, overuse, and the natural progression of aging all contribute to wear and tear. Ultimately, after injury, we have two choices: Give up or overcome. Fortunately, swimmers are a tough bunch. Instead of thinking, "Does this mean I'm done?" we instinctively think, "Well, what can I do instead?" Being mentally strong can help carry us through when we're not at the top of our game physically.

I started swimming at the age of nine. Over the last 16 years I've probably only taken a cumulative nine months off from swimming. As a result, the other 183 months of laps, weights and cross training have taken their toll. My litany of unfortunate injuries includes three stress fractures, a broken fibula, a cyst that had to be surgically removed and severe recurring groin pulls. These injuries have taught me to overcome and stay active in my sport and how to remain happy and healthy in general.

I've learned there are a few things necessary to remain pain free and, if you enjoy racing, compete comfortably...
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Open Water Lessons
by Terry Laughlin;
Total Immersion AugustHow do I overcome unfamiliarity and discomfort in the open water? I am used to a pool, how will I get used to the absence of lane lines, black lines and walls? Can I apply what I've learned in the pool to swimming in the open water? Many Masters swimmers have questions as they venture into uncharted waters (open water).

Total Immersion pic 2Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion, offers an excerpt from his book, "Outside the Box" in which he identifies three important open water lessons...
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Records Fell

Click here for a complete listing of all of the records broken at the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championship in Indianapolis, Ind.
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We've Got Spirit!

This mother-daughter duo travels around the world swimming together. Marguerite (L) and Margery (R) Meyer swim in local, regional, national and international pool and open water competitions throughout the year. Margery will be inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) this September. Click here to read more about Margery's induction.

Margery and Marguerite Meyer

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Approximate mailing date for SWIMMER

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End of the 2009 registration year; all registrations after Nov. 1 will be for 2010.

Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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