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How do you keep your swimmers coming back to the pool? It is our goal to help you keep retention in your program high and help you keep your athletes healthy, happy and excited to come back to the pool each and every week.

Swimming for Life!
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Do you have athletes that are still struggling to set up their MY USMS accounts? USMS staff members will be available during the 2009 Long Course National Championship to assist your swimmers. Swimmers that register for a MY USMS at Nationals will receive a new USMS swim cap!

Does your website still not display the Join/Renew Membership button?
new join renew button
The USMS Marketing Committee has surveyed many of our USMS club and LMSC websites and has found that many sites still do not display the Join/Renew button...
To update your websites, simply cut and paste the button graphic and link it to:

Stay tuned...
USMS has been busy finalizing new marketing materials to help you recruit. Brochures and stickers are in the works ... stay tuned for more information on how to obtain these items in the next few weeks.

Drills for Thrills:
Dive Weight Dolphin Kick

by Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen

Dive Weight Dolphin Kick The humble dolphin kick is now considered the second fastest "stroke" and is used for butterfly, freestyle and backstroke breakouts; as well as on the pull-out in breaststroke.
To help build the abdominal strength needed for an effective dolphin kick, try the "Dive Weight Dolphin Kick" drill I learned from coach Max Pettigrove while I was training at the Noosa Aquatic Center in Queensland, Australia.
You will need to have a weight. Start with lower weights, 1-3 lbs until you have mastered the technique. A small dive weight works best, as they are designed for in-water use. Dive weights can be purchased in different sizes either in hard bricks or soft beanbags, which are easier to hold, at your local SCUBA store.
The drill is simple ... push off the wall on your back in a streamline position with a weight in the palm of your hand, then dolphin kick across the pool. With added weight over your head, your upper abdominals are engaged - and will soon be on fire!
Start with sets of 50s, perhaps alternating every other one with the weight. As you build strength, buy a heavier weight or add distance to your repeats.

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, the World Masters Swimmer of the Year, offers over 70+ swim technique clinics and camps worldwide annually. For more information, visit

Club and Coach Services:
Ready to Help ... and Challenge
Mel Goldstein and Chris Colburn of U.S. Masters Swimming's Club and Coach Services recently visited Coach Valerie Louthan in Joliet Ill. They presented information to the dedicated Masters advocates in Joliet in June and covered subjects such as program fee structures, facility rentals and how to set up an effective practice schedule. The outreach team challenged the Joliet Park District Blue Tides Masters Swim Team to grow its team to 50+ members in 2009. U.S. Masters Swimming wishes Coach Louthan and the Blue Tides Swim Team the best of luck in accomplishing its goal of 50 members.

Club and Coach Services is available for free for all U.S. Masters Swimming programs, coaches and athletes hoping to start or grow their Masters programs. For more information about Club and Coach Services, contact Mel Goldstein at or via phone at (317) 253-8289.

No Pain or No Show
by Dr. Jim Miller
That's right ... no pain, or no show. Contrary to the usual mantra of no pain, no gain, Masters coaches know the truth: many athletes will not show up to your practice if they are hurting from the prior practice. They do not realize their growth as an athlete and back off from training. So, as a coach, how do you keep your athletes in the water? How do you keep up their excitement for more and harder challenges? Read more

 Click here for complete instructions for setting up your MY USMS account and FLOGGING

The Dos and Don'ts of Collecting Dues
by Ashley Gangloff
A well-organized system for collecting program fees can make or break a Masters program (and its bank account). While some programs collect fees on a monthly basis, others on a quarterly basis and yet others on a semi-annual or annual basis, each team relies on its members and their dues to remain afloat. Whether you accept cash, check or credit cards, here a few dos and don'ts when collecting dues... Read more

Online Club Management:
Credit Card Processing

by swim shop

Coaches, do you have swimmers who pay their club membership late? How about bounced checks? Do you dread the task of recording and depositing member payments? With a Club Assistant account plus Credit Card Processing you will eliminate lots of work and headache from your day. Work less, swim more!
Your members log into their secure online Club Assistant portal, sign up for recurring dues payments, enter their credit card information, and instantly ... both member and coach have less work to do!
Your Club Assistant keeps track of expiring credit cards and helps you quickly and easily get updated card information from members.
Accept credit card payments for dues, donations, merchandise, lessons, meet registration, and special events. You can even take credit cards over the phone and by paper registration.
With credit card processing, member dues are paid ahead of time, so you will never chase anyone down for attending workout prior to paying. Members who want to cancel must inform you, so you'll have fewer no-shows. Members can go "On Hold" for a period of time, pausing their auto-billing until their return.
By eliminating the problem of late payments and non-payments of dues, your merchant account with credit card processing pays for itself. Club Assistant's introductory merchant account offer for new clients is a rate of 3.5%.
Call the friendly and knowledgeable Club Assistant staff at 800-SWIM-638 to set up your Credit Card Processing.

Call for On-deck Coaches
It's not too late to sign up!
The USMS Coaches Committee, through the On-Deck Coaching Program, offers on-deck coaching assistance for swimmers during warm-ups at USMS National Championship Events and at the annual United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Convention. Coaches monitor the sprint lanes during the early morning warm-ups at USMS Nationals, giving swimmers start commands and timing sprints or pace repeats if requested. All participating coaches are given a special USMS Coaches T-shirt, great for being recognized on deck.

Click here for On-Deck Coaching in Indy online registration. 
Click here for more information about the program.

A link to the above online registration and a PDF with expectations for coaches can be found there. If you have questions, feel free to direct them to Chris Colburn at

We're always looking for coaches! You don't need to volunteer all five days. Just pick a day or days when you can help and sign up! Those of you who volunteer will receive more details via email before you arrive at the meet.

On Deck: August/September

Deadline for USAS convention early registration

Bids for fitness events due to Fitness Committee Chair (Marcia Anziano;

Bids for 2011 Long Course, Short Course and Open Water/Long Distance National Championships due to committee chairs (Championship: Mark; Open Water/Long Distance: Marcia

2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championship; Indianapolis, Ind.

2-Mile Cable Open Water Championships; Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

Approximate mailing date for September/October issue of USMS SWIMMER

Final call for Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics for budget year 2009 (


Rule book cover submissions and bids to print the rule book are due to the Rule Book Coordinator (Susan Ehringer;

Period for 2009 reduced swimmer registrations fee begins

Applications for Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics support through the Coaches Committee are due to Chris Colburn (

3-6 Mile Open Water Championships; Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL


USMS 2009 3000/6000 Yard Postal Championships (25 yard pools only)


USAS Convention; Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Chicago, IL

Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success
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