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U.S. Masters Swimming is looking forward to the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championships and other events this summer and fall. Be sure to check out for meet results and recaps.

Swimming for Life!
Your friends at U.S. Masters Swimming

Swimming During Pregnancy
by Ashley Gangloff

Pregnancy: Miracle and gift of life. But how does it affect your swimming and, more importantly, how will swimming affect your pregnancy?

USMS recently spoke with Nadine Day, Masters swimmer, member of the U.S. Masters Swimming Board of Directors, physical therapist and new mom; and her doctor, Millie Nelson MD, FACOC, MMM, the Chair of the OB-GYN Christie Clinic, and also a Masters swimmer. Day and Nelson were asked a series of frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy and swimming in order to better understand how to safely swim while pregnant.

"How much can I swim in practice if I am pregnant?"

"Why does it feel so good to swim while pregnant opposed to other forms of exercise?"

"Can a woman do flip turns during pregnancy?"

"How far into pregnancy can I swim?"

"Is there anything that should be avoided in practice during pregnancy?"

"Obviously women find their swimsuit fitting a little differently during pregnancy.  Is there a different style that might fit a growing belly better?"

"Can a pregnant swimmer compete in a meet?"

"What other forms of exercise in the water are effective during pregnancy?"

Read what these medical professionals have to say...
Read more

Nothing Like the Open Water

U.S. Masters Swimming's calendar includes a total of six U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Championships and it is not too late to participate!

2-Mile Cable OW Champs button                  Big Shoulders Button

Click here for more information about these upcoming events and other Open Water/Long Distance events.
Maximizing a Race: Choosing a Suit
by The Professionals at TYR Sport, Inc.

Whether looking to break an age-group record or go a personal best time, Masters swimmers put in countless hours in the pool, on dry land and through proper nutrition to achieve their personal goals. When the time comes to race there is another component that the world of swimming looks to in order to maximize performance: the suit.
The professionals at TYR help differentiate between various styles of racing suits and offer advice for the care of your suit and even how to pull your suit on without rips, snags or tears... Read more
USMS Has Arrived

U.S. Masters Swimming has officially arrived at its new, permanent, location. The U.S. Masters Swimming headquarters is located in the historic Pagoda Building in Sarasota, Fla. 
The opening of the headquarter's doors marks the first time that U.S. Masters Swimming and its staff has existed in one location rather than operating virtually from every corner of the country. U.S. Masters Swimming looks forward to taking advantage of efficiencies that occur when staff members are able to collaborate and work under one roof.   
U.S. Masters Swimming's new address and phone number are below.
U.S. Masters Swimming
655 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 256-USMS (8767)

As always, U.S. Masters Swimming looks forward to continuing to serve you and your swimming and fitness goals.

Click here to register for the
USMS 5k and 10k Postal National Championships
registration begins 5/15/09

We've Got Spirit!

U.S. Masters Swimming is so excited about its new headquarters and can't wait to share it with you. This month's spirit picture captures the new U.S. Masters Swimming headquarters and staff members (left to right): Nick Florio, Rob Butcher and Laura Hamel.

Pagota building and staff

To see yourself, your coaches, or your program featured, send us a photo that displays outstanding spirit to
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Do You FLOG?
U.S. Masters Swimming continues to deliver new tools to assist you as you work towards your swimming and fitness goal and is proud to present the FLOG. 
What is a FLOG?
FLOGs are online fitness logs available to all U.S. Masters Swimmers. FLOGs allow members to track swimming workouts, walking, running and weight training workouts, among others, online. Your FLOG will count the number of cumulative hours, yards, meters and miles of your workouts for the month and year. Your FLOG is even linked to the Go The Distance program if you choose to participate. 
What do I have to do to FLOG?
Set up your MY USMS account and FLOG away. Click here for complete instructions for setting up a MY USMS account and more information about how to get started FLOGGING.
Why should I FLOG?
FLOGGING will help you track your progress and provides a convenient method for goal setting and sharing information with the Go The Distance program and other members if you so choose. FLOGGING is easy and may even motivate you to stick around for that extra 300 yards. 

Calendar Updates: July/August
President appoints Delegates-at-Large for 2009 convention
Deadline for submission of information to be included in the summer issue of Streamlines... from the National Office

Deadline for USAS convention early registration

Bids for fitness events due to Fitness Committee Chair (Marcia Anziano;

Bids for 2011 Long Course, Short Course and Open Water/Long Distance National Championships due to committee chairs (Championship: Mark; Open Water/Long Distance: Marcia

USMS 6+ Mile Open Water Championship; Little Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan, Harbor Springs, MI

2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championship; Indianapolis, Ind.

USMS 2009 2-Mile Cable Championship; Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NY

Approximate mailing date for September/October issue of USMS SWIMMER

Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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