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Coaching Award Nominations Due June 15th!

Do you have an assistant coach worthy of a U.S. Masters Swimming coaching award? Is there a mentor coach out there who deserves a little recognition?
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Meet the new U.S. Masters Swimming staff members...

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Have you updated your LMSC's
Coaches Representative information lately?

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Drills for Thrills:
Hip Rotation and "Board Wag"

by Kerry O'Brien
  Kerry O'Brien coaching
Using a kickboard as a pull buoy has its challenges as far as keeping it in place. But it can also provide a very useful tool for both swimmer and coach to draw attention to the need for hip rotation on both freestyle and backstroke stroke mechanics. The idea is to position the board long-ways, so that part of the board is underwater and part sticks up like a shark fin. The part of the board underneath creates a resistant force that requires more hip drive into the hand entry. Swimmers will feel the pressure immediately, and coaches can see these boards wagging in the air as their swimmers focus on hip rotation. After a few laps of "Board Wag," remove the kickboard, and the added effort that was required before is now transferred into a hip-driven entry that also creates more core force through the power phase of the arm cycle. We have found it to be beneficial to limit the "Board Wag" to single laps (be they 25 yards or 50 meters), as turns will often launch the board airborne, or what we refer to as "popping toast." Wag your way to a more rotational long-axis stroke!

Kerry is the Head Coach of Walnut Creek Masters.  Kerry is a former U.S. Masters Swimming Coach of the Year Award recipient and was one of seven featured coaches at last weekend's SwimFest'09.

Call for On-deck Coaches

The USMS Coaches Committee, through the On-Deck Coaching Program, offers on-deck coaching assistance for swimmers during warm-ups at USMS National Championship Events and at the annual United States Aquatic Sports (USAS) Convention. Coaches monitor the sprint lanes during the early morning warm-ups at USMS Nationals, giving swimmers start commands and timing sprints or pace repeats if requested. All participating coaches are given a special USMS Coaches T-shirt, great for being recognized on deck.

Online registration for On-Deck Coaching in Indy will be available soon. 
Click here for more information about the program.

A link to the above online registration and a PDF with expectations for coaches can be found there. If you have questions, feel free to direct them to me at

We're always looking for coaches! You don't need to volunteer all four days. Just pick a day or days when you can help and sign up! Those of you who volunteer will receive more details via email before you arrive at the meet.

Speedo Presents:
The Speed Training Fin

by the professionals at Speedo

Speed Training FinKicking is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in being a great swimmer. If you take a look at the world class athletes of today, a common theme between them is a steady kick. Now you ask yourself, how can my swimmers learn to kick this way? Well, as with most things, the answer is practice. 

The professionals at Speedo offer information about a new training tool and provide practice sets and drills to improve your kick for optimal performance... Read more

SwimFest'09 Wrap-up
by Chris Colburn, U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches Committee Chair

SwimFest'09 group pic

On Friday, May 22, over 75 swimmers and coaches converged on The Woodlands, Texas, with a sense of anticipation to take part in SwimFest '09, U.S. Masters Swimming's first national coach and swimmer clinic. As a first-time clinic, there are always possibilities and expectations for how the coaches will present their material, what swimmers and coaches can and will learn at the clinic, and how the overall experience will turn out. SwimFest both exceeded expectations and put together an amazing experience in an outstanding new facility at the Conroe ISD Natatorium. Featuring seven highly-decorated and award-winning coaches, including five Speedo/USMS Coaches of the Year (Mike Collins, Kris Houchens, Susan Ingraham, Jim Montgomery and Kerry O'Brien), two Olympic gold medalists (Montgomery and Whitney Hedgepeth) and a highly decorated professional triathlete and open-water swimmer (Sara McLarty), Club and Coach Services assembled a staff of the best and brightest mentor coaches in Masters swimming, and they delivered an outstanding performance.

Chris Colburn recaps the event...
Read more

Online Club Management:
Event Registration

by swim shop

Build club solidarity and increase revenue!

Let Club Assistant help you host your clinics, events, camps, lessons, fundraisers, and awards dinners. For example, host a Starts & Turns Clinic with online registration, web announcements, and email blasts. Or have a Club Barbeque for all members and their families with online invitations, RSVPs, and a 'number of guests' option. With a Club Assistant account you can easily host events like these, advertise them, gather attendee data, and collect fees.

Online Event Registration is just a few simple steps away:  
  • Add date, time, and description to your Club Assistant Event Setup pages.
  • Set registration opening and closing dates.
  • Enter pricing... fee or free!
  • Include merchandise options, such as an event T-shirt.
  • Members only or allow non-members.
  • Set a maximum number of attendees and a 'wait-list'.
  • Publish the event on your website.
  • Email the event invitation to your members, or to a non-member email list.
  • Opt to require USMS verification.
  • Process bulk billing.
  • Create reports, rosters, and group emails.

Call the friendly and knowledgeable Club Assistant staff at
1-800-SWIM-638 for help setting up your next event.

Calendar Update: June/July/August

With many events quickly approaching we have provided the working calendar through August so that you can help your team to plan its goals, business and travel schedule.

Coach of the Year nomination packets due to Kris Houchens (

Kerry O'Brien Award nomination are due to Mo Chambers (

Cut-off date for LMSC registration/delegate entitlements to the 2009 convention

Editorial copy/information due to USMS Editor-in-Chief for September/October issue of USMS SWIMMER (

Approximate mailing date for July/August issue of USMS SWIMMER

Postmark deadline for the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championships; Indianapolis, Ind.

Article ideas for November/December issue of USMS SWIMMER due to USMS Editor-in-Chief, Laura Hamel (

Last call for Delegate-at-Large appointments due in writing to President (Rob Copeland; and Secretary (Meg Smath;

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USMS Club of the Year Award nominations due to Recognition and Awards Chair (Sally Dillon;

Received entry deadline for the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming National Championship; Indianapolis, Ind.

Proposed Rules, Open Water/Long Distance, Zone and Legislation amendments due to respective committee chairs (Rules: Kathy; Open Water/Long /distance: Marcia; Legislation: Sean; Zone: Julie

Final cut-off date for requesting Delegate-at-Large spots for convention

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Deadline for swimmers to be registered in order to receive September/October issue of USMS SWIMMER

President appoints Delegates-at-Large for 2009 convention

Deadline for submission of information to be included in the summer issue of Streamlines... from the National Office

Deadline for USAS convention early registration

Bids for fitness events due to Fitness Committee Chair (Marcia Anziano;

Bids for 2011 Long Course, Short Course and Open Water/Long Distance National Championships due to committee chairs (Championship: Mark; Open Water/Long Distance: Marcia

2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Long Course National Championship; Indianapolis, Ind.

Approximate mailing date for September/October issue of USMS SWIMMER

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