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Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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Optimism and Swimming
by Charlie Dragon

Michael Jordan has only one record in the NBA: he has missed more shots than any other player in basketball history.  So, what made him great despite this record? Optimism. 

Swimming is a great tool for understanding how our thinking changes when we are challenged, be it going to a Master's practice for the first time and feeling out of place, or standing on the blocks at Nationals. We love sports, both as participants and spectators, often because, for an instant, they strip away the noise of life and put us face to face with ourselves. 

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Learn about the characteristics of each and how to flip the switch in swim practice, in a meet and in your daily life... read more.
The Greatest Performance Enhancement Supplement: Sleep
by Dr. Jim Miller

Overrated?  Never!  Underachieved?  Almost always!  Sleep is the third component to recovery and performance.  Dr. Jim Miller discusses how much sleep is enough sleep and how to get more... read more
Open Water Training... In the Pool
by Sara McLarty
Many swimmers don't have easy access to open water for training. It could be because of cold winter temperatures, polluted or unsafe conditions, or a lack of open water nearby. Instead of settling for being ill-prepared or endangering yourself trying to swim in unsuitable waters, try some of these training ideas at the pool. Practice these open water swimming drills at your neighborhood pool:

    Flip at the 'T' - do a long swim where you never touch the wall (ex: 1000), flip turn at the 'T' before the wall
    Sight Your Coach - swim coaches usually pace the pool deck...pretend they are the buoy you are looking for
    Water-Polo Drill - swim with you head up for a whole lap (ex: 6x25), build strength in your neck
    Dolphin Dive - practice your dolphin dives in the shallow end of the pool (always lead with your hands to protect your head/neck)
    Hypoxic Breathing - increase the number of strokes you take between breathes to increase your lung capacity (ex: 4x200 with 3/5/7/9 breathing pattern by 50)
    Turn in the Middle - pretend there is a buoy in the middle of the lane and turn 180 degrees around it (ex: 6x25)
    Three Wide - recruit two of your teammates for some side-by-side swimming, alternate who swims in the middle! (ex: 6x25)
    Drafting - start 1 second apart during a long swim set (ex: 4x400), alternate who leads the lane

These fun and challenging drills can be incorporated right into your regular swim practice. Not only will they be a change from your regular exercises, they will also prepare you for the triathlon and open water swimming season (which is right around the corner)! Be creative and make it enjoyable!

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Taper Time:
Adjusting Your Dryland Training

by Rich Abrahams

We are fast approaching that time of year when many Masters swimmers will be competing in their main focus meets, whether that is state championships, zones or perhaps even short course nationals.  Most experienced competitors know that this time of year means that they get to enter the "taper" phase of training and adjust their workouts to achieve peak performance.  

It is not only very important at this time to adjust what we do in the water, but it is equally as important to adjust what we are doing in our dryland cross-training... read more

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Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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