Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success

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U.S. Masters Swimming offers two fantastic fitness programs to motivate swimmers of every age and ability. 

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Do Your Swimmers Have Bobble Heads?
Tip of the Month presented by the U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches Committee
While working on freestyle and breaststroke technique ask your swimmers to put a little bit of water in their goggles. Tell your swimmers that in order keep the water on the flat part of the lens rather than in their eyes, that they must keep looking at the bottom of the pool.  Looking down rather than forward will keep the head in line with the spine and will result in better body posture.  

Kerry O'Brien
Walnut Creek Masters
Walnut Creek, CA
Head Coach since 1980
USMS Coach of the Year 1987

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Utilize Pool Space:
Contribute to the Bottom Line

by Mel Goldstein, Director of Club & Coach Services

Efficient utilization of pool space can increase revenue for your program.  Shown below are two pool configurations in which you can earn additional revenue without giving up valuable lane space during scheduled practice times. 

Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer SuccessOpen Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success
Offer the areas in the "T" or "L" shaped pools to another group during your scheduled practice time.  Masters Water Polo players, Masters Synchronized swimmers, and even kayakers are often looking for pool space and, generally, cannot afford standard pool rentals.  Charge these athletes a typical monthly fee for members of your program and, without any additional effort or the sacrifice of lane space, you will have contributed to your bottom line!

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Calendar Update: February/March

On Deck department calendar entries due to USMS Calendar of Events Editor (Lynn Hazlewood;  for May/June issue of USMS Swimmer Magazine

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Open Water/Long Distance individual and relay All-Americans posted on the Open Water/Long Distance webpage

Call for USMS Service Award nominations and USMS Club of the Year sent to LMSCs from USMS Recognition and Award Chair

Deadline for Newsletter Inserts to Douglas Murphy Communications for the May/Jun issue of USMS Swimmer Magazine

Postmark entry deadline for 2009 SC Nationals

All registrations received by today will be included in the mailing of the May/June issue of USMS Swimmer Magazine.

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Open Water: Winter Workouts for Summer Success
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