Oct 29, 2008
The Money Bundle

With the economy in turmoil, and financial worry growing stronger, now is the perfect time to give your congregation a biblical look at faith and finances.

We've bundled four themes (normally worth over $50) for only $19. The Money Bundle includes four sets of spark still images, two flame theme intro videos, and one motion background loop:

1. Economy - (Faith and Finance)
2. Money - (Money Matters)
3. Pennies - (Pennies from Heaven)
4. Widow's Mite - (All that I have)

We've provided sample themes for you (in parenthesis above), but as with all Midnight Oil resources, each of the still image sets can be customizable with any layered image editor (such as Adobe Photoshop or Elements). Insert your own theme line, edit for sermon notes, and more. Easily whip up a seamless, connected collection of media for worship and present using any presentation software.

Get the Money bundle now!
StreetTalk: Leader With the election only days away, now is a great opportunity to talk about true leadership with our exclusive Monthly Media Freebie video. This video, shot just outside the White House on the streets of Washington, DC, asks people the question, "What do you look for in a leader?" It's a perfect way to introduce teaching on character, responsibility, and the servant leadership ofMonthly Media Freebie Jesus Christ.

Click here to get this exclusive video which is not available on any Midnight Oil resource:

Monthly Media Freebie - StreetTalk: Leader
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