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Tropical Storm Norbert - Looks like we may have a little more weather coming our way before the season ends. Clicking on the image below will take you to the National Hurrican Center website (Note: The image will update automatically from the NHC website. Simply close and reopen the e mail to see the latest version):

Recycling Center New Schedule And Location - Every Friday 11:00 A.M. to noon at the Meliton Albanez school on Del Huerto across the road from Cruz Roja. Turn left on the last street as you leave town headed south - the newly paved road - Del Huerto. Go down four or five blocks - watch for the school on your right and turn right just past the school and before Cruz Roja. - Editor, BWO

Volunteer Opportunity - Palapa Society of Todos Santos is in need of "language mentors" for our children's after-school English program, beginning October 13. No formal teaching experience required. A syllabus and teaching aids are provided. Required is a knowledge of the English language, a desire to work with children of our community, and a smile. Two hours, one day a week. Classes are held Monday thru Thursday, 4-6 at The Palapa Center. - Donna Viglione, palapasociety[-at-], 1450-299

Special Needs School Teachers Need Your Help! - The Special Needs School, aka Centro Atencion Multiple (CAM), staff need our $$$ help. A CAM conference is being held in Monterrey, MX in mid-October. New educational techniques will be presented. Educators from the US, Latin America, and several European countries will be attending to share their expertise! For more info about this incredible program, please go to

Please! We have eight dedicated teachers at the school who want to attend. They realize that the children have much untapped potential & they are helping them to help themselves. And do know that the schools are not funded by the government which is why we reap all the benefits of paying lower taxes. So let's spread some of our savings around to benefit our teachers & local children. Call me, I'll pick up your $$$ donations. Donation boxes will be at Cafelix & La Esquina, for sure. We hope we'll find other shops willing to take boxes asap. If you know Anita Harris & Sherri Neil, they'll take your donations too!. Many thanks for your help. - Mary Shortell, mshortell[-at-],145-0512, Todos Santos

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Re: Read Your Mail Online - We rent a PO Box at a local PostNet store in Portland, OR and they have agreed to scan all our mail and email it to us once a week while we're in Baja. This eliminates costly forwarding and we have our mail just minutes after it is scanned. Most high-end commercial copiers have this capability and our store owner has programmed a button on his copier with our email address so he can accomplish the weekly task literally "at the touch of a button." - Richard Archer, rja[-at-], 503-309-8502, Todos Santos

Recommendations Sought: - For names of Cabo or La Paz retail tile & plumbing fixture companies with good selections. - Don Campbell, dcampbell[-at-], Todos Santos

Question - Simple question: Does anyone in the Todos Santos or Pescadero area know where I can buy dates? Meaning the kind you can eat, fresh or dried? - Carol Kelly, dalencarol[-at-], 612-130-3288, Pescadero

Craftsman Wanted - Looking for a craftsman who has done "thin shell concrete" construction. I live in Las Tunas. If you know of anyone who has done this type of construction, please email me their info - Denise Steffenhagen, cmyviews[-at-], 5413505133, Todos Santos

Rental Car - I am coming to East Cape from 11/4-11/22. Need to rent a car in Cabo.My best price is $22 U.S. a day.This is with a rental company. Does any one know a better deal? I will need to be picked up at the airport. Willing to take the bus to Los Barriles and just use the car or truck or ATV locally just to get down town to get food. My house is near the fire dept and on the beach so if you can give me a suggestion e-mail - Ted Lemanowic, tlemanowic[-at-], 760-727-5063, Los Barriles

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Rides Needed/Available

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Restaurant and Food News

Sunday And Monday Night Football At Buena Vida - Just a reminder that we will be doing Sunday Football and Monday night football this week! Sunday will begin at 1:00 P.M. and Leon will be serving up burgers and Kilbasa dogs. Monday will begin at 6:00 and end when the game ends. - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski[-at-], 6121343100, Todos Santos

Second Presidential Debates At Buena Vida Tuesday 10-7-08 - We will be showing the second Presidential Debates at our restaurant this Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. Also The Clacsons will be playing again this Saturday but we will talk more about that towards the end of the week! See you all there! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski[-at-], 6121343100, Todos Santos

High Rec. For A'taxcon - We have already become regulars at this wonderful new restaurant. Their food is homemade and delicious and Landi and Alejandra are so friendly. We encourage you to try it. They don't have the official restaurant sign out yet, but they are located on Militar right across from Comex. - Tori Sepulveda, oscarntori[-at-], 612-118-1192, Todos Santos

La Esquina Del Parque, Sports Bar And Cantina - A new bar in town open last week. Yes, we are right in front of the park on Ignacio Zaragoza and Colegio militar, La Esquina Del Parque, offering two large plasma TVs to watch your favorite sports: NFL, NBL, soccer games, good music, nice atmosphere, saloon and terraza. Come and celebrate your birthday or just come to have a glass of wine with that someone special! Stop by! - Gilberto Pineda, gilpineda69[-at-], 624-1422483, Todos Santos

Breakfast [-at-] Cafelix - Hello everybody! Wanna have a Todosanteño breakfast? Come to Cafélix! We now have breakfast: fruit, oatmeal, eggs, omeletes, chilaquiles, burritos, molletes, and the best coffee in town. So come and get fresh in the coolest place in Todos! - Felix Vazquez, salesboy_vagu[-at-], 6121450568, Todos Santos

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Music/Entertainment News

Correction In Destino - Check out the new issue of Destino - Happy Hipsters - has a great article on the upcoming "Hairpiece" playing in Todos Santos Jan.23 & 24/09 at Leo's Salon. However, this will be a Dinner Show, not a show with gourmet snacks, and will be priced to include the cost of dinner. Tickets will be on sale in a few weeks. - Isabel, bluemooninbaja[-at-]

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Pet Corner

Missing Dog Pescadero - Our friend is missing his dog, a young black lab like puppy. The pup was wearing a white makeshift collar and went missing Tuesday, September 30 from Pescadero. - Laura Wolf, lauralobo[-at-], 6121474378, Pescadero

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Computer Stuff For Sale - 1. Almost brand new wireless card; and 2. A brand new copy of Microsoft XP, Home Edition. The telephone number listed is for an American cell phone that doesn't work here. - Mary Rutkovsky, damsel[-at-], (323) 543-6282

Horse Manure For Sale - Composted Organic Horse Manure ready to use on your garden. Small pickup load delivery in Todos Santos 350 pesos. Call 145-0129.

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

Jeep For Sale - '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee, blk w/ grey leather int., sunroof, 4whdr, auto. trans, in good shape and only 99,000 miles. $3,500 U.S. - Paul Romo, romaine.paul[-at-], 612-156-6162, Todos Santos

2005 Ford Explorer 4 X 4, $12,000 (Photo at Right>>>) - Less than 45,000 miles, the third row seats seven, roof rack, power everything, runs perfectly. Only the CD player doesn't work, otherwise the car is perfect. Transferrable extended factory warranty to 100k miles. Already down in Baja, although not imported (it is registered in Nevada).

If you're coming down for the season, need a car and don't want to make the drive, why not consider buying this great, reliable SUV. Contact me by phone in the U.S. at 970-389-3490 or Lisagreenco[-at-] - Lisa Green

2007 Ford Fiesta - This car is practically new with only 14,400 miles and it has National Plates (good for all of Mexico). Located in Todos Santos, and asking $130,000 pesos, or $11,800 US Dollars.

Este carro esta prácticamente nuevo con solo 24,000Km y con Placas Nacionales (buenas en todo México). Ubicado en Todos Santos, se pide $130,000 pesos, o $11,800 US Dólares. - Bill, info[-at-],, 044-612-132-4710, Todos Santos

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Rentals Available/Wanted

Thanksgiving Week Available - Maritas Casitas are still available for Thanksgiving - call soon!

Wanted: House To Rent - Hello, I'm looking for an inexpensive house to rent, one or two rooms is fine. I'm an American woman, a writer, an expatriot, a progressive. It's important that I find a living situation that is simple, uncomplicated and conducive to writing. I would prefer a house located outside of town. I do not wish to get involved with politics or games. I am merely seeking a place to write. My American cell phone does not work here, therefore, my e-mail address is best. Sincerely, Mary Rutkovsky damsel[-at-], (323) 543-6282

Looking For Roommate - Looking for a roommate who is a non-smoker to share a 2 bedroom home. The master bedroom is on the upper floor with a great view of Land's End from your bed. Private bath, large sitting area and extra large walk-in closet. The house is on a private road, secure and quiet area. Available now. - Marcie Schwieterman, marciescoutcabo[-at-], Cabo San Lucas

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Real Estate For Sale

Lots For Sale - Two half-acre lots with spectacular ocean views in Pescadero, near water and power, priced for quick sale. - Jay Egan, jaytodossantos[-at-], 949 310 1068, Pescadero

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Sales and Services

Acupuncture Clinic To Re-open October 21 - Email now to make an appointment, or call after 10/18. Cell: 612-151-7026 Land line: 145-0110 See you soon! - Jane Sipe, L. Ac., jasi57[-at-]

Homeschool Teacher/Tutor Available - Before relocating to Cabo in 2001, I taught at Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach, CA, for four years. My assignments included running the computer lab and teaching Microsoft Office programs, teaching Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, as well as 3 years as Yearbook Advisor. In Cabo I homeschooled and tutored English speaking children for four years, ages 7 and up, grades 1-12. I’m currently living in the Todos Santos/Pescadero area and am available for either home schooling or tutoring. My education includes a Masters in Education with an emphasis on computer aided learning. References available upon request. Please call or e-mail for more information. - Michella Rotalo, michellajean[-at-], 612-147-7537, Todos Santos

Audio And Video Consulting - We've expanded our services to include custom audio and video consulting and installation services for home entertainment and communications systems.

Whether you're at the design stage or have finished construction, we can help you plan and realize your media and entertainment needs. - Todos Santos Technologies, alan[-at-],, 805 598 7908, Baja California Sur

Painting + Gardening - I'm a residential and business painter(interior and exterior). I also do gardening jobs. We are awaiting the opportunity to serve your painting needs in a prompt, efficient and professional manner ph.612+1339002 - Victor & Roberta Lopez, houseandbusiness[-at-], 612+1338848, Todos Santos

Babysitting & Day-Care Center In Todos Santos - I'm a babysitter in Todos Santos. I am at your service any day of the week and any time of day and night. Also we have service of day-care center. - Roberta Borghini, rborghin[-at-], 612+1339002, Todos Santos

Micro Loans And Investments Consulting - Presto Dinero Y Doy Consultas Financiera - Need a short term cash loan? We lend up to $2,500 US Dollars, with collateral 2:1. Need real estate and investment strategies advice in USA and/or Mexico? Want to increase you savings and/or IRA up to 20% per year? Then call Baja Bell, Bill Herrera, info[-at-], 044-612-132-4710, Pescadero

Necesita dinero? Presto dinero hasta $25,000 pesos con garantía 2:1. Necesita estrategia financiera con bienes raíces o inversiones en EE.UU. o en México? Quiere aumentar sus ahorros por un 20% anual? Llame a Baja Bell, Bill Herrera, , o mande correo info[-at-], 044-612-132-4710, Pescadero

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Quote of the Day: " The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid. " - Art Spander

Community Calendar
Denotes New or Updated Onion Item This Week
Pro Football on The Big Screen - La Buena Vida, 11:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Todos Santos
Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives - La Buena Vida, 7 PM, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. 96.3 FM, In English.
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Dalina Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
NFL Football at the Sandbar in Pescadero
Monday Night Football/2 x 1 beers from 5:00 till 7:30 - La Buena Vida, Todos Santos
NFL Football at The Sandbar in Pescadero
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]
Second Presidential Debates At Buena Vida 7:00 P.M. Oct. 7
Pizza night at the Sandbar in Pescadero
Basilfields 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Colegio Militar near Marquez de Leon
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]
Recycling Center 11:00 A.M. to noon- at Meliton Albanez (primary school near Cruz Roja)
Basilfields 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Colegio Militar, near Marquez de Leon
Music by Shawn & Cowboy, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Friday Night Blues And Rock And Roll with Clacson - 9:30 P.M. -The Sandbar, Pescadero
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music by Dave Hutcheson and Dave de la Valle, 3 to 6 P.M.
Oct. 11 -Dominique and Friends - Music at La Buena Vida, 8:00 P.M.
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Music by Daniel Siqueiros, 3 to 6 P.M.
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]


Sunday, Oct. 12 -Dharma Talks with Robert Hall, M.D. resume
Sunday, Oct. 12 - Día de la Raza (Mex.)
Monday, Oct. 13 - Columbus Day (U.S.)
Friday, Oct. 17-19 - ALMA Fishing tournament, Buena Vista
Friday, Oct 31- 8:30 P.M. Masquerade Ball fundraiser for non profit Palapa Society
Saturday, Nov. 1 and Sunday, Nov. 2 - Día de los Muertos (Mex.)
Sunday, Nov. 2 - Daylight Savings Time Ends (U.S.)
Tuesday, Nov. 4 - Election Day U.S.
Saturday Nov. 8 - Groovy Dinner Party with excerpts from 'Hairpiece'. Tickets 612 104-7082
Tuesday, Nov 11 - Veteran's Day (U.S.)
Saturday, Nov. 15 - East Cape Guild “Gala” Fund Raising Event, Los Barriles
Sunday, Nov. 16 - Asoc. De Artes, (co-sponsor) 1st Art Festival, San Antonio
Thursday, Nov. 20: Mexican Revolution Day (Mex.)
Thursday, Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)
Saturday, Nov. 29 - 11:00 - 3:00 Palapa Society's Annual Tiangus
Saturday, Nov. 29 - East Cape Guild “Baja Ha Ha” Golf Tournament
Friday, Dec. 12 - Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Mex.)
Saturday, Dec. 13 - ALMA Rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Sunday, Dec. 14 - 2nd Annual Special Needs School (CAM) Fundraiser
- Asoc. De Artes – Mural Tour, Los Barriles
Tuesday, Dec. 16 - Las Posadas (Mex.)
Thursday, Dec. 25 - Christmas Day

Thursday, Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
Saturday Jan. 3 - Todos Santos 5k Run/walk For Health
Sunday, Jan. 18 - Asoc. De Artes “Casas de Artes” Tour, Los Barriles
Friday January 23 - “Hairpiece”, Dinner Theater in Todos Santos at Leo’s Salon
Saturday January 24 - “Hairpiece”, Dinner Theater in Todos Santos at Leo’s Salon
Saturday, Feb. 14 - Rotary Club “Valentine Run”, Los Barriles
Sunday, Feb. 22 - 15th Annual Todos Santos Historic House Tour
Sunday, Feb. 22 - Asoc. De Artes “Artist Studio Tour”, Los Barriles
March 5-8 - Sexto Festival de Cine de Todos Santos - Leonardo
Sunday, March 22 - First Annual La Paz Arts Festival 8-5, Marina Palmira.
Thursday, Mar. 26-29 - Baja Shakespeare , “Comedy of Errors” Rancho Buena Vista
Sunday, Mar. 29 - Asoc. De Artes 16th Annual “Festival de Artes” Rancho B.V.
Wednesday, Apr. 22 - Rotary Club & UVERDE – “Earth Day” celebration
Monday, Jun. 8 - ALMA rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Sunday, Jun. 14 - ALMA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Los Barriles

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