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News and Events

Passing Of A Gentle Soul - Richard Loos, who has been a member of this community for the past two years, was discovered at his house in Las Brisas yesterday. He had been dead for several days. Angelique Schornstein, bajakitties[-at-], 50250

Galeria De Todos Santos - We hope everyone has had a great summer. We certainly had a busy one moving the galleries and restaurant into "ONE" new location. It wasn't easy to make the decision to move after being next to the Todos Santos Inn for over fourteen years. Not to mention our close frienship with John Stolzfus. When the opportunity came that would allow us to have the gallery, annex and restaurant in one place there was no alternative. Our new location is just two blocks up the street from the Inn where Topete meets Juarez. The gallery is now open and our restaurant and bar, 'Michael's at the Gallery" will be open late November early December.
We also have had the good fortune to work with architectural and landscape designer Susanna Acevedo whose creativity and direction are amazing. We can't say enough about her knowledge, insight and attention to color and detail. Please stop by and visit us when you are in Todos Santos. Our phone and email are the same: 612-145-0500, mplcope[-at-] We look forward to seeing you, Michael, Pat and Erick - mplcope[-at-], 145-0500, Todos Santos

Old Fotos Of Baja California Sur - Please open and enjoy the old photographs of Baja California Sur, I'm sure you will recognize many of the present day places and buildings. (Note: This is a large PowerPoint document - about 3 MB. Please allow time for downloading. - Editor)
- Tom And Nancy, carrollemail[-at-], Todos Santos

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Portuguese Man-O-War Warning - "Blue-Bottles" or "Agua Mala" are abundant at this time of year. You can see them washed up on the beach or floating in the water. They have a blue air-filled float and meter long tentacles that wrap around their victims and 'hook' into them. They are a favorite food of Sea Turtles, and with the decline of the Sea Turtle population, comes the rise of the Portuguese Man-o-War. Be especially careful on windy days because the wind drives the man-o-war closer to shore. The stings can be deadly to the very young or old as the poison travels quickly through the body to the lymph nodes. If a victim shows signs of anaphylactic shock, use an automatic epinephrine injector.

For the average Portuguese man-o-war sting:

  1. Pick off any visible tentacles with a gloved hand, towel, stick, or anything handy, being careful to avoid further injury.
  2. Rinse the sting thoroughly with salt or fresh water to remove any adhering tentacles.
  3. Apply ice for pain control.
  4. Irrigate exposed eyes with copious amounts of room temperature tap water for at least 15 minutes. If vision blurs, or the eyes continue to tear, hurt, swell, or are light sensitive after irrigating, see a doctor.
  5. For persistent itching or skin rash, try 1 percent hydrocortisone ointment four times a day, and one or two 25 milligram diphenhydramine (Benadryl) tablets every 6 hours. These drugs are sold without prescription. Diphenhydramine may cause drowsiness. Don't drive, swim or surf after taking this medication.
Although formerly considered effective, vinegar is no longer recommended for Portuguese man-of-war stings. In a laboratory experiment, vinegar dousing caused discharge of nematocysts from the larger (P. physalis) man-of-war species. For more information feel free to contact: - Francesca, todostortugueros[-at-],, 145-0353, Todos Santos

Help Stop Thieves - Last week I returned to my home on Elias Calles and discovered 25 Kyrocera 120-watt solar panels, 12 4-volt Rolls batteries, and a 5kw trace inverter were stolen. If anyone has either purchased from, or knows of a young, blond man (drives a white p/u and was seen taking things from my house) who may be selling solar equipment, please contact me. I only want our equipment back, and whether or not you know they were stolen, it's still against the law to buy or be in possession of stolen property. Don't put yourself at risk! The police in Todos Santos have been given serial numbers and descriptions of the persons involved, but any help would be greatly appreciated. We are offering a $3,000 reward for the return of our property. Please, if you know something, don't let this guy get away with it. - Jim Smith, jim[-at-], 972-762-5874, Elias Caies

Beach Thugs - I am dismayed by recent reports of the intimidation of people enjoying a walk on the beach. All I want to do when I come to T.S. is walk my dog on the beach. Is it really no longer safe? Please send feedback! - Nicola Newton, n_newton[-at-], 250 923-2384, Todos Santos

Beach Rights - I walk on the beach with my dogs every morning so I wanted to clearly understand my right to be on the beach. I contacted Ing. Cesar Vinas of Profepa (the Office of the Federal Environmental Prosecutor)and this is what I learned. There are no restrictions against anyone who would like to walk their dogs or ride horses on the beach. There are restrictions against motorized vehicles and cars. Nevertheless, the Environmental authorities do request that people use common sense and not ride horses near turtle nests and request that they make an effort to keep dogs away from the nurseries when the baby turtles are being released.

There are two observers for Profepa in Todos Santos but neither they nor the Turtle Inspectors have the right to take action against citizens in the name of Profepa, if they are aware of environmental violations them must contact a Profepa inspector and make a formal complaint. Nor do the local municipal police have the authority to enforce federal environmental laws. If turtle inspectors or local police exceed their authority or try to restrict your access to the beach you should get their name and find out the name of the organization they represent and then file a complaint with the local police, the Todos Santos Delegado and with the office of Profepa. The Profepa office in La Paz is located at the corner of Padre Kino Street and Manuel Encinas Street. The contact person is Ing. Cesar Vinas 612 122-9194. - Elena Moreno, e[-at-], 612 145-0050

This is a reminder that, because of the obvious potential for abuse, The Baja Western Onion will not reprint articles that accuse anyone by name of a crime or wrongdoing. Please do not submit such articles or they will be rejected. If you have a complaint about a specific person, please take it up with them, or with the Police or other governmental agency. - Alan

Turtle Activities Clarification - Sea Turtle Hatchlings are being released at various times throughout the day, depending on when hatchlings emerge. Technicians are checking the turtle nursery every two hours throughout the day. For information on Hatchlings Releases contact Steve at 044.612.152.7881 or Francesca at 145-0353. One of us can probably accompany you to the nursery. For more information on Field Activities such as patrols and hatchling releases, and volunteer opportunities contact our Field Coordinator, Francesca at 145-0353. - , todostortugueros[-at-],, Todos Santos

Canceling An FM3 - How do you cancel an FM3 from the US? - Leslie Shanbrom, lshanbrom[-at-], 203 488 8832


- How do you cancel an FM3? Who and where do you send it to or call? thanks - Leslie Light, leslie.light[-at-], Elias Caies

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Rides Needed/Available

Ride Needed From Los Cabos Airport - Anyone going to be at the airport on Friday, Sept. 26th around 6:00 PM? I'm looking for a ride to Todos Santos and will pay all gas. Thanks, Mark - , mcginnis76[-at-], 7604701803, Todos Santos

Drive & Caravan - I am driving from LA to Los Cabos approximately 1st week of October looking for someone to caravan with. Contact jmountney[-at-] - Jane Mountney

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Restaurant and Food News

Friday Presidential Debate Night At Buena Vida - This Friday we will showing the Presidential Debates at our restaurant showing at 7:00 P.M. (9 P.M. EST). We will be showing it on the big screen. We will be open for service with our regular menu. Please come join us! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski[-at-], 6121343100, Todos Santos

Entertainment Schedule At Buena Vida - This Thursday we will be showing the 2 hour season premier of Greys Anatomy at Buena Vida at 7:00 P.M. It will be a casual girls night. MEN ARE WELCOME! The kitchen will not be open so you are welcome to bring food, snacks, appetizers drinks etc.. The bar will be open for purchases as well! This is going to be an on going thing every Thursday. We are also going to do the same thing this Sunday night for the premier of the new season of Desperate Housewives. So please come it I know it will be fun!

This Saturday we will be welcoming The Claxtons. For those of you that don't know who they are, that is the name of the band that Dominique has been singing with. You have to see them go off! They really rock!! They will begin around 8:00 P.M.and sing until late. So be prepared to have some fun! Last Saturday was so much fun! - Jessie Rutowski, jessierutowski[-at-], 6121343100

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Music/Entertainment News

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Pet Corner

Looking for Love - We are two handsome boys who have lived ever since we were born with wonderful families. We stayed for several weeks with a six year old girl and a three year old boy - we love kids!! Our mother went to live in Portland and our brother and sister are living in La Cachora. Our foster mother loves us to pieces but if we stay with her she can't help other puppies that wil soon need a foster home. We are three and a half months old, have had all of our shots and we won't be very big - our mother only weighs 15 pounds. We love to play and cuddle. - Maryann, maryann[-at-], 612-153-1777

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Misc. For Sale/Wanted

Palm Leaves - Dry and de-spined ready to use, some bundled some loose, about the equivalent of 8 to 10 bundles. Check them out and make me an offer. - Don Mitchell, kiwimay1999[-at-], 1450862

Cameras And Stuff - I have new, in the box, Polaroids and Fuji cameras, 7.0 and 8.3 megapix. Comes with all you need: USB cable, batteries, CD. Also have a Randy Moss Raiders jersey, NFL/reebok official on field. Also have a milwalkie (where is spell check!) series 18 hammer drill and impact driver set, new in the box. - Mike Johnson, zzooo9[-at-], cell 612-152-3564, Todos Santos

Transportation Needed - Mature man, 57 years old will be in Los Barriles from Nov 4 until Nov 22 and in need of a car, truck, ATV, motorcycle just to get around locally.No long distance. Will give deposit. Any Ideas, please contact me, Ted Lemanowicz, tlemanowic[-at-], 760-727-5063, Los Barriles

Wanted Trailer, Motor Home Or 5th Wheel For Donation - The Baja Dog Refuge in La Paz is in desperate need of a donated Trailer, Motor Home or 5th Wheel Trailer of any shape or size, with or without wheels! This will be used as full-time shelter for the dog's caregiver at dog rescue centre. Baja Dogs is a registered charity that solely relies on donations and they desperately need a trailer. Please contact Bernie if you know of anything. Home: 612-122-5670 - Bernie Lindwall, bernielindwall[-at-], cel 612-143-5676

For Sale - 32 used trogon 105 batteries, 3-4 years left. I'm up grading - Bill, n6its[-at-], 624 8667435, Todos Santos

New Copier/printer/scanner - Espson Stylus CX440 Series Brand new! Basic Copying, Printing, and Scanning Complete with USB cable. $65 - Lisa Welsch, lisa[-at-],, 612-145-0273, Todos Santos

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Vehicles/Boats for Sale

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 for sale - Silver Color, Kenwood stereo with remote, lift kit, air bag, rear suspension, up to 100 psi cap 20" rims, Toro tires, 80% tread, 102.000 miles, runs great, excellent shape, $9000. OBO - Justin Butler, todossantosmotors[-at-], 612 142 1488, Todos Santos

Great Baja Jeep For Sale - I'm selling a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, black with a black leather interior. It's a perfect Baja car. Give me a call if you're interested. - Paul Romo, romaine.paul[-at-], 612-156-6162, Todos Santos

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Rentals Available/Wanted

Home For Rent - A rare find! Beautiful palapa home available for rent/sale. Located in "Las Playitas" approx 8 miles north of Todos Santos, 2.5 miles north of La Pastora surf break. This unique home is nestled among mature palms and gardens in addition to the many cardons and cactus. Home to many species of birds, this two bedroom with full amenities is available for rent/sale. Please see our web site for photos and rates. Make your reservations now as this is a "rare find." For info in states, please call 949/249-8971 - Laura Rio, mcelroysurfboard[-at-],, 011 52 1 612 141 1986, Todos Santos

3br Beachfront Villa For Rent - New 3BR beachfront villa in front of San Pedritos surfing beach. Beautiful ocean views, internet, satellite TV, granite counters, full kitchen with all appliances and utensils. $1800/mo includes all utilities. - Robert Quirk, rq[-at-], (624) 147-0326, Pescadero

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Real Estate For Sale

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Sales and Services

Skymed Notice - SkyMed rates go up 24% on Oct. 1st, and several people have contacted me that purchasing a 5 year membership through my website does not waive the $60 application fee. Please contact me personally and I will enter your membership and waive it! If you have already joined for 5 years through my website and were charged the $60, please contact me and I will have it credited back to your credit card. Cathie Smith LoCicero 575-993-8227 - cathie.smith[-at-],, 575-527-8227

Surfboard Repair - Professional surfboard repair, 25 years experience, no job too big or too small, 24 hour turn around guaranteed. Will trade for you not taking off in front of me dude. Senior Dingman. dingbegone[-at-], Pescadero

Gardener Available - Dependable gardener, own transportation. I work well with plants and people. - Sean Nelson, 6121320817, Todos Santos

Life Counseling And Depth Psychotherapy With Dr. Robert Saltzman - Dr. Saltzman has provided personal counseling and individual depth psychotherapy, as well as guidance and healing for couples in the southern Baja community since 1995. He has U.S. training and credentials, is a dual U.S./Mexican citizen, and speaks both English and Spanish. His practice is dedicated to mental, emotional, and physical healing, increased philosophical awareness, deepened self-understanding, and the fostering of personal spiritual unfoldment. His reputation for sensitivity, discretion, and successful outcomes is well-known throughout southern Baja California. For further information, please visit the dr-robert website - Robert Saltzman, dr.robert.saltzman[-at-],, 612 132 9060, Todos Santos

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Quote of the Day: " If the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of an expert saying it can't be done. " - Peter Ustinov (1921 - 2004)

Community Calendar
Denotes New or Updated Onion Item This Week
Pro Football on The Big Screen - La Buena Vida, 11:30 A.M, Todos Santos
Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives - La Buena Vida, 7 PM, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 :00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. 96.3 FM, In English.
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Live music by Dalina Jones and Diego Ramirez, 3 to 6 P.M.
NFL Football at he Sandbar in Pescadero
Monday Night Football/2 x 1 beers from 5:00 till 7:00 - La Buena Vida, Todos Santos
NFL Football at The Sandbar in Pescadero
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]
Pizza night at the Sandbar in Pescadero
Basilfields 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Colegio Militar near Marquez de Leon
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]
Grays Anatomy and Desperate Housewives - La Buena Vida, 7 PM, Todos Santos
Zandro's Ashtanga Yoga - 9.00 A.M. Donations, La Arca , Todos Santos
Basilfields 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. Colegio Militar, near Marquez de Leon
Music by Shawn & Cowboy, Hotel California, Todos Santos
Friday Night Blues And Rock And Roll with Clacson - 9:30 P.M. -The Sandbar, Pescadero
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, live music by Dave Hutcheson and Dave de la Valle, 3 to 6 P.M.
Dominique and Friends - Music at La Buena Vida, 7:30PM - 10:00PM.
Music by Flashback - 8 P.M., Hotel California, Todos Santos
Los Cerritos Beach Club - Sunset Sessions, Music by Daniel Siqueiros, 3 to 6 P.M.
Tennis, Elias Calles, contact Leslie leslie.light1[-at-]


Sunday, Oct. 12 -Dharma Talks with Robert Hall, M.D. resume
Sunday, Oct. 12 - Día de la Raza (Mex.)
Monday, Oct. 13 - Columbus Day (U.S.)
Friday, Oct. 17-19 - ALMA Fishing tournament, Buena Vista
Saturday, Nov. 1 and Sunday, Nov. 2 - Día de los Muertos (Mex.)
Sunday, Nov. 2 - Daylight Savings Time Ends (U.S.)
Tuesday, Nov. 4 - Election Day U.S. Tuesday, Nov 11 - Veteran's Day (U.S.)
Saturday, Nov. 15 - East Cape Guild “Gala” Fund Raising Event, Los Barriles
Sunday, Nov. 16 - Asoc. De Artes, (co-sponsor) 1st Art Festival, San Antonio
Thursday, Nov. 20: Mexican Revolution Day (Mex.)
Thursday, Nov. 27 - Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)
Saturday, Nov. 29 - 11:00 - 3:00 Palapa Society's Annual Tiangus
Saturday, Nov. 29 - East Cape Guild “Baja Ha Ha” Golf Tournament
Friday, Dec. 12 - Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Mex.)
Saturday, Dec. 13 - ALMA Rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Sunday, Dec. 14 - 2nd Annual Special Needs School (CAM) Fundraiser
- Asoc. De Artes – Mural Tour, Los Barriles
Tuesday, Dec. 16 - Las Posadas (Mex.)
Thursday, Dec. 25 - Christmas Day

Thursday, Jan. 1 - New Year's Day
Saturday Jan. 3 - Todos Santos 5k Run/walk For Health
Sunday, Jan. 18 - Asoc. De Artes “Casas de Artes” Tour, Los Barriles
Friday January 23 - “Hairpiece”, Dinner Theater in Todos Santos at Leo’s Salon
Saturday January 24 - “Hairpiece”, Dinner Theater in Todos Santos at Leo’s Salon
Saturday, Feb. 14 - Rotary Club “Valentine Run”, Los Barriles
Sunday, Feb. 22 - 15th Annual Todos Santos Historic House Tour
Sunday, Feb. 22 - Asoc. De Artes “Artist Studio Tour”, Los Barriles
March 5-8 - Sexto Festival de Cine de Todos Santos - Leonardo
Sunday, March 22 - First Annual La Paz Arts Festival 8-5, Marina Palmira.
Thursday, Mar. 26-29 - Baja Shakespeare , “Comedy of Errors” Rancho Buena Vista
Sunday, Mar. 29 - Asoc. De Artes 16th Annual “Festival de Artes” Rancho B.V.
Wednesday, Apr. 22 - Rotary Club & UVERDE – “Earth Day” celebration
Monday, Jun. 8 - ALMA rummage Sale, Los Barriles
Sunday, Jun. 14 - ALMA Spay & Neuter Clinic, Los Barriles

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