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Another Request For A Computer - A friend of mine has a 16-year-old autistic son. At one time he was in the special needs school here, but is no longer. She tells me that Martin, the head of the school thinks that her son is an excellent candidate for learning via computer, and Martin has programs that are designed for someone with this boy's challenges. But my friend cannot afford a computer. I don't have the specs on what size of computer the program needs, but would like to find one with Windows 2000 or XP and then I imagine it would be good to go. Desktop is fine, maybe even preferable. Thanks. - Janet Howey, janethowey[-at-], Todos Santos

Daylight Savings Time Ends in U.S. - If you're in the U.S., don't forget to move your clock back 1 hour earlier tonight.

Alicia Is Baking Bread! - Due to many factors, primarily physical unfortunately, Café D'licia will not be opening in the near future. However, I will be baking my famous Mango Cinnamon Bread, Rolls, Sticky Buns, Country Grain Breads, etc. once a week so call me at 145-0862 to order or email me at cafe.dlicia[-at-] We'll post it on our board at our entrance. This week it's Friday. We thank you all for your support. - Alicia Dufaux, cafe.dlicia[-at-], 145 0862,

Pick Up Truck - large 3/4 Ton, great for hauling and construction materials. Dodge Ram '86. Only 90K original miles. V8, automatic, newly rebuilt engine, trans and pumps, new paint job (blue-purple) too, good condition, will run forever. $2,900 USA dollars or best offer. Email: cordovajj[-at-] - Jeanne Cordova, , cordovajj[-at-],

Crossing The Huerta - These days, when you walk across the huerta, you are lucky if you can find any sidewalk and, if you do, you are lucky if you can actually walk on it! Much of it is covered by shrubs and weeds, some of it is broken into pieces that have been used to keep the canal water from flowing onto the road, some of it is no longer flat but at upright angles similar to frost heaves, but most of it no longer exists. So, it is quite challenging for us walkers to cross back and forth from the town center to the 'otro lado', with all the cars and trucks going by and many of them speeding as we make our way along the road. Many of the walkers are school children coming home from school, young people walking to church, workers without access to motorized vehicles going to work, and people who just prefer to walk and get some much needed exercise. It would be a good idea for the planners of our 'pueblo magico' to address this problem and find a safe solution soon, before someone is seriously hurt. Buena suerte! - Kris Kullberg, rwkullberg[-at-], 6121183461,

Sony Television For Sale: - 26" screen, medium size, silver & black. Great picture resolution. Bought for $800, sell for $275. email:lynnhballen[-at-] - Lynn Ballen, lynnhballen[-at-], Todos Santos

Trailer Wanted - We will be in Todos Santos area over Christmas-New Years and would like to buy a 21'-28'trailer to put on our lot. Please contact us if you have one for sale. THANKS! - Heidi Roe, rodeehi[-at-], Pescadero

Housesit/job - I'm looking for a house sitting opportunity to start within the next week or so. I'm not exactly sure about my time left here, it could be short or longterm. I'm a responsible 26-year old female who doesn't mind doing household chores. Also, if there is a photographer in the area who needs help, I'm your girl. Or any other job opportunities such as working in a gallery or for a local publication, etc. I have experience. Thanks! - Liz Ely, luvlyliz_ely[-at-], 6121420540, Todos Santos

Airport Sjdc To Ts Nov 8 - Anyone going to San Jose airport Nov 8? my daughter flying in from Oregon arrives 3:25 needs ride to Todos Santos as I'm working. Please e-mail at luzyblanc[-at-] or call work 145 0151 Wed thru Sat or home cell 144 612 137 6622 Muchas Gracias - Barb Foster, luzyblanc[-at-], 1450151 work

Casita For Rent - Pescadero casita for rent. Two bedroom, two bath. Bedrooms with closets. On two acres with fresh eggs daily form our chickens. Lovely simlpe living. Completely furnished also with outside kitchen facilities. Big patio. A mile from beach. Please contact for photos. Looking to rent for the season. Now until June or July. Longer if you are interested. Asking $450.00 a month. Getting DSL currently. Sweet home!! - Melissa Or Meli Silva Cota, silva_meli[-at-], 530 265 6020, Pescadero

Share Large Home - By the beach, 20 minutes N. of Cabo, 600 clams, all utilities included - Jeanne Durban, caboqt[-at-], 044 624 113 6054, Cabo San Lucas

More Sindicatura Information - Hola, this is in response to the Sindicatura in Baja Sur question. Sindicatura does apply to baja sur. I had the decals on my trailer and SUV and went through Tecate and there were many motorcycle cops "waiting and watching" curbside directly south of the crossing. I did drive slow and stopped at almost every corner. I just received a glance from them and went through Tecate without being bothered while other rigs were pulled over.

I was followed on a couple of occasions near Loreto and it seemed as the cop got close enough to my rig, they just turned around and left and I'm thinking they saw the decal.

I was confronted in Cabo and San Jose del Cabo and when they asked for my registration and drivers license, i also had a Sindicatura form that i printed out in color from the Sindicatura website and a camera in my hands and they just asked a couple of questions and said i could go.

I am a firm believer that the decals and having a copy of the form really works. I am not sure if it applies to the Federales and at the military checkpoints.

I bought my " kit " from the website provided below for $ 25.00 but i think it's just a simple for profit business but it did work for me. It just gives two decals and a Sindicatura complaint form. I really believe i saved more than $ 25.00 by having them. If you email me, please put Sindicatura in the subject or i'll delete the email without opening it. James H. fishorcb77[-at-]


Stop Getting Hassled by Mexican Cops! - If you plan to drive in Mexico, a donation of only $25 to help support the efforts of Sindicatura will probably be the best investment you've ever made. Sindicatura is a Mexican governmental organization formed to fight corruption of public officials -- including the cops! S.O.S. or "Support of Sindicatura" was formed to assist in these efforts and it's working. Since recommending S.O.S., we're receiving lots of stories from people describing how cops suddenly decided not to pull them over when they noticed their affiliation with Sindicatura after seeing the decal.

Your donation will get you a nice membership packet, but the best deal is the window decal. The Sindicatura decal, to a Mexican traffic cop, is like a cross to a vampire! When the decal appears on the rear window of your RV, truck or car, any crooked police officer planning a "shakedown" knows that your support of Sindicatura means trouble for him. It's much easier and prosperous to seek out another victim who is unaware of Sindicatura.

If you haven't been hassled by a Mexican cop -- you probably will be! The average "mordida" or payoff for a trumped-up traffic violation is now about $80. We suggest you send in a $25 donation to S.O.S. or "Support of Sindicatura" at 7349 Milliken Ave., #140-234, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. Or email them direct at sosindicatura[-at-] An S.O.S. membership is something you don't want to be without while driving in Mexico! Allow two weeks turnaround to get your complete membership package.

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Passport Renewal - I find that I have let my passport expire in March and am looking for info on how to renew from here. Anyone have info on this? - James Black, merlo4u[-at-], 145-0060, Todos Santos

Looking For A Ride To The Airport - Looking for a ride to the Los Cabos airport on Nov. 5 to arrive there no later than 12:30pm...also looking for a ride from the airport on my return, Nov. 11 in the midafternoon..612 142 3378 or email me at mazytronk[-at-], Tracy - Tracy Monk Durland, mazytronk[-at-], 612 1423378, Todos Santos

Ride Needed Nov 4th From Sjd To Todos - A buddy and I need a ride from the airport to mi casa in Las Tunas (Todos Santos)Nov 4th. Will pay 75 cocos plus beer and tacos...Thanks, Aldo - Alan Cooper, tropic.aldo[-at-], 406-549-6767

Mail Boxes In Cabo - If you have a mail box in Cabo, would you like to only have to go there once every 2 to 3 months. If interested in sharing, please email. The road into and out of Cabo is a nighrmare and adds at least 1 hours to the trip. - Sylvia St.clair, sasinbaja[-at-]

Seeking Teacher For Learning Center - Teacher wanted 3 days a week at learning center created for children of migrant farm workers. Pay is $333P per day, plus gas. Spanish speaking, female (or 2, job share!) with own transportation preferred. Fun and rewarding. 9:00 untill 1:00, 3 days per week, Jan. through May, or schedule subject to teachers' availability. - Ted Seipel, loriandted[-at-], 970 328-5257, Todos Santos

Thanks Giving Dinner At Secrets Of The Garden - If there is interest from the community we will be glad to put on a traditional Thanks Giving dinner with BBQed Turkey and Oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, braised vegetables, fresh stuff from the garden etc. If you are interested give Laura a call or come by the restaurant soon so we can start planning. - Laura , merlo4u[-at-], 612-119-4766, Todos Santos

Commercial Section

Kid's Art Classes - Correction: Kid's Art Classes beginning Thursday Nov. 15 at Papeleria Agruel in La Paz are 100 pesos per week not 200 pesos per week. Ages 5 and up. Drawing, Painting, kite making, collage, Christmas ornaments with sculpty, chinese fortune cookies with sculpty, mobiles, and muchg more. 25% discount card for students on all art materials. Call Sherry Lee 612 1280606 for flyer or stop by Papeleria Agruel 189 Guillermo Prieto. Also you can email sherryleeduncan[-at-]aol for a flyer or to sign up. Bring just yourself to first class. Teacher has taught 7th and 8th grade, Kid's art at Honolulu Art Academy, Texas International museum and Esoeranza Hotel Cabo. - Sherry Duncan, sherryleeduncan[-at-], 612 1280606, La Paz

Graphic Designer - Graphic Designer available for your ads, business cards, brochures or whatever you need. Rekiable, fast turnaround, artistic, very reasonable rates. Many years of graphic Design work in corporate America. Recently completed ad for El Calendario for Sandbar Restaurant and Bar. Call 612 1280606 or eamil sherryleeducan [-at-] It can completely be done via email we do not need to meet. - Sherry Duncan, sherryleeduncan[-at-], 612 1280606, La Paz

San José Del Cabo Organic Market - Clients and Vendors, come over!!The San José del Cabo Organic Market is now open again! Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the San Jose Jockey Club on the road to Las Animas behind downtown San Jose. This is the same location as last year. We are looking forward to a fabulous season with plenty of organic produce, foods and products, local and regional arts and crafts, Baja books, jewelry, hand painted clothing, ongoing workshops on sustainable living, and fun things to do for the entire family. Please leave your pets at home and bring your plastic bags to recycle. For more information, directions and map, or to participate as a vendor or workshop facilitator, please email: mercadoorganicosj[-at-] or visit us at: for announcements and a market event schedule. See you at the market! - Kitzia Howearth, siempresemillas[-at-], 624 1100446, San Jose Del Cabo

Jardineria - need to clean property , landscape work , irrigation sistem , palms , exotic palms , coconut , fruit trees , flower plants , fumigate , contac me we have the solution. east cape ( la rivera , los barriles , buena vista , todos santos area , and all around south baja . - Cesar Martinez , surbaja2[-at-], 0446121588018, Todos Santos

Secrets Of The Garden Restaurant Is Fully Open - Cruz is back from summer break and the restaurant is at full service for the season. We have our full menu being served and the juice bar is open. Juan is providing the new seasons fresh lettuce and it is available to buy as well as enjoy with your meal. We have free DSL wireless for those of you who care to come by and do some work or check your E-mail too. Come by and enjoy - Laura , merlo4u[-at-], 612-119-4766,

Arugula And Mesclin Mixes Are Ready At Nayo's Secret Garden - Juan also has bananas, mangoes, and papayas. Pick up an order of Green Papaya Salad to take home and top your fresh organic salad. Juan is also selling various kinds of papaya plants, passion fruit vines, bananas, lettuce starts, palms, and other stuff. Coming up chard, tomatoes, basil, sweet potatoes, beets, radishes, cucumbers, water melon, squash and more. Come by and visit. - Juan , merlo4u[-at-], 612-119-4766, Todos Santos

Cruz Is Making Tamales To Order - Just like last year she is making Chicken, Vegetable, Chicken and Vegetable, Clam, Shrimp, and today she even made LOBSTER tamales. In honor of Thanks Giving she is going to make a special batch of Turkey tamales. Come by The Secrets of the Garden Restaurant or give us a call to order your custom made order. Usually Saturday is pick up day but if you have a special request and a big enough order Cruz will make you a special order for next day pick up anytime. If you haven't had them ask some of our regular customers, I hear "Best in town" comments all the time. Try some and see for yourself. - Cruz , merlo4u[-at-], 612-119-4766,

Beautiful American Made Windows Now Available In BCS - I have a great source for American made Vinyl and Extruded Aluminum Clad Wood windows. DELIVERED to your jobsite and INSTALLED!! And at a competative price! Double pane, Low E, high impact glass, and more. For more info, please email me. - Nancy , nancyserfas[-at-], Todos Santos

Quote of the Day: "There are people who want to be everywhere at once, and they get nowhere." - Carl Sandburg

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NFL Football at the Sandbar
Dharma Talks and Guided Meditation with Robert K. Hall, 10:00a.m--11:30a.m. at La Arca, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 to 7 PM. 96.3 FM, In English.
Nov. 4 - Dayight savings ends in US.

NFL Football at the Sandbar
Free Pool, 3 PM - 10 PM, The Sandbar, Pescadero


All You Can Eat Pizza, The Sandbar, Pescadero

NFL Football at the Sandbar
Steak Night - La Canada del Diablo - call for reservations 612-14-00069


'Flashback' - Playing at Hotel California - 8pm -
Nov 3 - Peace & Loaf Reopening. 9 AM to 1PM, Calle Las Brisas, Otro Lado, Todos Santos
Nov. 24 - Palapa Society Yard Sale And Street Fair - 10:00 3:00 p.m.
Dec. 8 - Benefit for Kittie Heaven, Rummage Sale - La Canada de Diablo
Dec. 15 - "A Christmas Garden Party and Open House." at La Cachora Special Needs School

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