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Carve Your Own Pumpkin - If you don't yet have a pumpkin to carve for Halloween, it's not too late. You and your kids can Carve Your Own Pumpkin here:

Dog Invading Turtle Nursery - ASUPMATOMA, AC's turtle hatching are going great except for one thing; there is a dog hanging out at the nursery waiting for hatchlings to "escape" from the corral and may be chasing them and/or killing them. Discription:German Shepard collie mix, red collar, long hair, black with dark brown markings on muzzle and legs. If you own this dog, (or any dog in the Las Tunas area, please keep it inside or tied up. - Patricia Baum, teampaty1[-at-], 612 145-0882,

La Cachora Special Needs School - Thank you! We've had a good response from our last missive re the needs of our school and the posada fundraiser that we'll be having on December 15th! Mary, Anita & Alicia - Mary Shortell, mshortell[-at-], 612 145 0512, Todos Santos

Correction - Please correct the contact information for the BajaPonyExpress. Send all emails to: bajaponyexpress3[-at-]  Thank you, Cheryl - Cheryl Dondlinger, BAJADUCK[-at-]AOL.COM, 614-141-0308,

More Police Chicanery - We have always pooh-poohed baja stories alleging bandidos behind every cactus, but we have reports from two friends (not friends of friends) who have been victims in BCN recently. (1) Our neighbor brought his 4x4 to the guarded parking lot of the Bahia hotel in Ensenada this August, an ancient and venerable Gringo hangout, and while checking in, his truck was stolen. The Parking lot Guard first said 'Oh your friends took your truck', but on further questioning by police, it was a couple of locals who slim-jimmed and hotwired it. with the parking lot guy present. (2) our chiropractor went to Tijuana to his Dentist, then to Rosarito for dinner and, having had nothing to drink, was pulled over in a roadside check for drinking and driving. If his blood alcohol had actually matched what the cop's meter read, he would have been staggering. The policeman even said, 'I can see you are not drunk'. then he said, after our Doc had been held for 1.5 hours at the site 'the minimum is $245 and the judge won't be in until midnight, but if you give us the $215 in your pocket I will let you go and make a note in your record'. So our Doc paid the contents of his wallet and left. Reminds me of the speed gun in Topolobampo that clocked my camper at 125 kilometers per hour when I had been doing 40 miles/hr. I wonder what the reaction would be to a full page ad in the Gringo Gazette advising travelers south to skip Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada and get their first gas in San Quintin? My wife had a conversation in Spanish this Spring with two shopkeepers in Rosarito who they said they were afraid of their own police, and that the bars were serving 180 proof alcohol to tourists who would get hammered from a couple of drinks and often mugged in an alley. We have made a major investment to live in Todos Santos, we love the place, we're just a little concerned about the coming and going part. - Tom And Chris Gafford, tag[-at-]GAFFORD.COM, , Todos Santos

Festival Cancel - We are very sorry to inform you that the music and xtreme sport festival at Pescadero skatepark on the 24 of november haded to be cancel for reazons that are out of our hands. But don't worry new events are on it's way for 2008, mean while you can go and join us Tuesday-Friday from 1pm-6pm and weekends from 11am-6pm. And let your friends know that we still have places to camp at very good deals. - Luis Flores, peskaderosk8[-at-], 612 141 9440, Pescadero

Palapa Society Yard & Street Fair - "AYUDANOS AYUDAR" Help us help the Scholarship Students of Todos Santos by Donating items we can sell. Any household items including Furniture, Appliances, Clothing, etc. will be accepted. All the money raised will support Palapa's Education Scholarships. Presently Palapa has over 25 scholarships for Tuition, Books and Uniforms to Todos Santos Students in High School, College and our English Program. The Yard Sale & Street Fair will be held Saturday Nov. 24th from 10:00AM - 3:00PM, at The Palapa Center on Calle Obregon. Also there will be local artisans selling their crafts, a bake sale, raffles of local art and a Brand New Color TV!, Entertainment will be provided by the Children of our after-school English Program. For more information contact Donna Viglione at todossantos3[-at-] - Donna Viglione, todossantos3[-at-], 145 0746, Todos Santos

Ride Needed From Airport - Ride for 2 from SJDC airport on Saturday, Nov.3rd to Pescadero. Gas and Gratuity! Thanks. - Lauren , laurenandron[-at-], 805-649-9049, Pescadero

Tv Se Vende - sold the truck so now I'll try the T.V. 36 inch Mitsubishi T.V. for sale. Come and see it before you decide. It's big and heavy and works beautiful but I need the space. First $175 takes it. About 6 years old. 612 145 0715 In Las Brisas on the road to Las Playitas just past sol ll Market. Pat - Patrick Dodd, patriciododd[-at-]yahoo, 612 145 0715,

"trojan" Virus - This "Trojan" virus specifically infects the Internet Explorer on your computer and will not allow you to get online any longer. If anyone of you beautiful Todos Santians have a Anti-virus CD, that works from the hard drive, this would be priceless. Please contact rickplaia[-at-] - Rick Plaia, rickplaia[-at-], 612.153.8124, Todos Santos

Rental Week At Playa Grande Resort Cabo - We have a one week timeshare unit for rent in Cabo San lucas for January 2008. January 19-January 26. It is at the beautiful resort of Play Grande on the Pacific coast of the Baja. It is the Luxury suite on the third floor overlooking the ocean. Very large master with king size bed and full bath w/Jacuzzi bath, shower & balcony. You can watch the sunrise from your bedroom! Full size equipped kitchen. Which allows you to save a bundle on eating all meals out! The living area has patio doors which lead out to the adjoining bedroom balcony. There is a sleeper sofa and also a Murphy bed. There is an additional bathroom with full shower. Beautiful ocean view with a very private beach. There are no vendors on this side and you can walk up and down the long stretch of all sand beach. January is also the time the humpback whales and gray whales migrate to the Baja to have their babies. You can lounge on the beach and watch them. To view all the amenities offered by this hotel go to: You are a 10 minute walk to other restaurants, 15 minute walk to downtown Cabo and to the Sea of Cortez where the famous arches of Cabo can be seen. On the Sea of Cortez side you can rent just about any water activities you would like. You can also shop on the beach and stop at one of many beach restaurant/bars. We are asking less than half the going rate for the week. $1,400 for 7 nights. Please view the Playa Grande website. Any questions gladly answered. - Darlene Karduck, dkarduck[-at-], , Cabo San Lucas

For Sale: JVC 32" Standard Tv - Silver in excellent condition, virtual surround sound.Complete with Manual and Remote. Local Pick-up only $300.00 Same model selling on ebay for $350. - Ken Macfarlane, ken[-at-], 612-14-50832

Commercial Section

Furniture & Home Accessories - LINDA HAMILTON DESIGNS is now open MONDAY thru FRIDAY (or BY APPOINTMENT) at CASA DRACULA in TODOS SANTOS.Furniture and accessories including:

Rattan sofas, chairs, headboards, benches & ottomans . Synthetic rattan club chairs and side tables . Dining Tables, side tables, and armoires . Leather stools . Metal consoles . Copper lanterns and hanging lamps . Large wood framed mirrors . Decorative bowls . Rattan and wood trays . Candleholders and candles . Cowhide rugs, rattan mats and recycled plastic mats. Duvets, shams, and throw pillows . Coconut wood tabletop and bath accessories . Fused glass bowls and platters by local designer Sabrina Cavenaghi . Jewelry by local designer Aldo German Varella . Jewelry by Indonesian designer Varra . Suede apparel by Australian designer Kerry Grima . Straw bags for women and linen shirts for men . Unique items for the home and garden .

PLACING CUSTOM ORDERS THIS WEEK (10/29/07) FOR SHIPMENT TO ARRIVE IN FEBRUARY, 2008 For further information contact Linda Hamilton at linda[-at-] or 612.105.2857 - Linda Hamilton, linda[-at-], 612.105.2857, Todos Santos

To Buy Or To Sell... No Problem!! - 20 years in Baja . Bilingual, professional Real Estate assistance to buy and/or to sell property in the East Cape/La Paz area. KITZIA HOWEARTH Coldwell Banker Riveras Land Investments Associate Local Cell + 52 1 (624) 11 00446 USA line Ph# 858 964 3714 khowearth[-at-] I'll love to assit you assist you on your next property transaction, especially Eco-Resort type of properties any size (beach and mountain locations), Organic Farm Land (from 2 acres to any size, with water rights) and La Ribera/Santa Cruz area lots and houses. CLEAR TITLES * EFFICIENT * NO PROBLEM!! - Kitzia Howearth, khowearth[-at-], 624 1100446,

Healthful Weight Loss Group For 2008 - Week 1 12/12/07 FREE: Introductory meeting open to all, especially for those who want to know more before signing up. Presentation will include discussion of strategies for maintaining (mostly) healthy eating habits through the holidays& how to prepare for a change, as well as an intro to the course.

Week 2 01/14/08 Carbohydrates & The Glycemic Index: blood sugar & insulin
Week 3 01/21/08 Healthy Snacking: substitution instead of deprivation
Week 4 01/18/08 Exercise: make it fun
Week 5 02/04/08 Products That Can Help
Week 6 02/11/08 Mind / Body Connection
Week 7 02/18/08 General Nutrition: fats, proteins
Week 8 02/25/08 Maintenance

Course includes: Weekly meetings: information presentation & discussion, group support. Weekly ear acupuncture. Manual.

Call or email to register for Introductory Session & for directions. Course is limited to 8. - Jane Sipe,, jasi57[-at-], 044-612-151-7026, Todos Santos

Palmas For Sale - for sale 5 palm trees meter tall plus leaves also can get you coconut trees - Cesar Martinez, surbaja2[-at-], 0446121588018, Todos Santos

Property For Sale Playitas Area - nice piece of land 10 kilometros norte todos santos same way to la pastora surfbreack 4 hectareas 2 kilometros from the beach Wi - Cesar Martinez, SURBAJA[-at-]YAHOO.COM, 0446121588018

Quote of the Day: "The recipe for perpetual ignorance is:  Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge." Elbert Hubbard

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NFL Football at the Sandbar
Dharma Talks and Guided Meditation with Robert K. Hall, 10:00a.m--11:30a.m. at La Arca, Todos Santos
Cabo Mil Happy Hour - 6 to 7 PM. 96.3 FM, In English.
Nov. 4 - Dayight savings ends in US.

NFL Football at the Sandbar
Free Pool, 3 PM - 10 PM, The Sandbar, Pescadero


All You Can Eat Pizza, The Sandbar, Pescadero
Oct.31 - Halloween Costume Party at the Sandbar

NFL Football at the Sandbar
Steak Night - La Canada del Diablo - call for reservations 612-14-00069
Nov. 1 - Cafe Santa Fe and Deli re-opens


Nov 3 - Peace & Loaf Reopening. 9 AM to 1PM, Calle Las Brisas, Otro Lado, Todos Santos
Nov. 24 - Palapa Society Yard Sale And Street Fair - 10:00 3:00 p.m.
Dec. 8 - Benefit for Kittie Heaven, Rummage Sale - La Canada de Diablo
Dec. 15 - Posada Fundraiser, La Cachora Special Needs School
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