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Group Buying 101
Group Buying and How to Sign Up before you arrive
"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."

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You've made it through the tough part! 
From here on in it's a very Flexy process!

Simply choose an option below to learn how to redeem your group buying deal with Fire Shaper!

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a Simple 3 STEP PROCESS 
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saves you lots of time

log in online 

  1. Create an account with us by Clicking Here

    You can Log in with Facebook  -  or  -

    Start with "New to our Site"
  2.  After you are Done with creating your account send us an email with your BARCODE number listed on your voucher.
    (hint: If you include a copy of the voucher in the email it makes everything easier)
    We will confirm via email that your account is active.
  3. Check the schedule for the Class and Studio Location that you would like to attend and simply come on in.  Please BRING your voucher with you either on your "very smart" phone or the old fashioned paper way :)

NOTE - Online reservations are not necessary but, after you get our email confirmation feel free to use our online booking service to schedule your classes.
When you schedule it - it becomes real...

when "techy" isn't your style

Groupon Sample

Not Tech Savvy?

No problem, Yoga is about balance, compassion, understanding, patience... oh and a really GOOD KICK IN THE BUM when you need it the most!


Follow these steps if you are not going to register your name online:
  1. Print your voucher or make sure it is accessible on your "not so smart" phone.
  2. Click the Studio Location link below and check out the schedule
  3. Pick the class that you think you will enjoy
  4. No worries all of our classes are beginner level unless it says otherwise :)
  5. Still not sure which class to start with?  Try the IGNITE, or BLAZE, or FRESH... one of those are sure to soothe your soul but, you're welcome in any class!
  6. Bring your voucher with you when you arrive to take your first class.
  7. Register at the desk when you arrive and present your voucher to our friendly staff.
NOTE - You will not be able to reserve a class online until after your first visit but, no problem, we have lots of room. No need to call, simply drop in for the time that suits your busy schedule.
Online reservations will be available after you attend your first class with us.
Still a little unsure of what to do & how to prepare?
No Worries, our staff are some of the most experienced and professional hot yoga instructors in the industry.
Simply click this link below and read on.. Lots of hints, tips, and great information.
Before you know it, you too will be Raving about your Outstanding
Results with Friends & Family!
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