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Careers with FIRE SHAPER
re-define you...  

     Thank you for your interest in our Career Section for Fire Shaper.  We take our staff very seriously at Fire Shaper.  Our students experience is of the utmost importance and our interview process is lengthy so that we may find the right personality to fit the Fire Shaper vision.
     The Team of Fire Shaper welcomes new faces and new energy.  We recognize that each persons uniqueness will offer different experiences and opportunities for our students to learn and enjoy.
     Ultimately, we are here to serve others and to empower our people with the tools they may require to live a life that is not only good but, OUTSTANDING!
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Employment opportunities
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Become a Teacher 

Here it comes

 Teacher positions may be available to those with Hot Yoga or Heated yoga Experience.

Details about our teaching program can be found in our application - Click Below


Fire Shaper Teacher





Opportunities with FIRE SHAPER


Work Study Partner
work study
Do you really Love Hot Yoga but, find yourself a little "light"  in the pocket.
We can challenge you to sign in class while in "Tree Pose" or
perhaps remove the rubish while in Triangle and
only the truly talented can clean mirrors in Standing Bow!
We have a work study program where you can earn 1 Free class for every 1 Hour worked.
Details about our Work Study Partner Program can be found on our application - Click Below...

Studio Assistant
studio assistant
Completely Immerse yourself into our Fire Shaper community and make some money while you are at it.
Even with a "world class" standing head to knee, Natalie and I realize that we cannot be in 4 studios at once! 
Our studios are like children and we are looking for some yogis who would love to nurture our studios like we do! 
If you think the yoga lifestyle is for you then maybe you should be one of our Studio Assistants!
Details about our Studio Assistant positions can be found on our application - Click Below...



Studio Handyman


studio handyman
Natalie won't drive in my truck anymore... Everytime I hit a bump in the road you can hear all my Tools rattling in the back!  Even her masterful Savasana is becoming disturbed by tools flip flopping around.
That means it is time... Time to find the right person to do some of the building and fixing around the studios.
If you have a talent for fixing and building and love to tinker in the garage then maybe you're the right person for the position of
"Fire Shaper Handyman"
Details about our Studio Handyman position can be found on our application - Click Below...





email us at: Info@FireShaper.com