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Sofame Investor NewsSeptember #2 2012
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Sofame Reduces CO2 Emissions and Fuel Bills - Power Generation CHP Applications

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Sofame Receives $475,000 Order from International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


MONTREAL, September 6th, 2012 - Sofame Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: SDW) ( SFMGF), a leading manufacturer of environmentally efficient industrial water heaters and cost effective heat recovery systems for traditional boilers, is pleased to announce it has received a $475,000 order to engineer and supply a flue gas heat recovery system from a multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in New York, NY. The system will be installed at the customer's plant in Montreal in the first quarter of 2013.


Pharma manufacturers are expressing growing interest in Sofame's ultra-efficienct industrial water heating and boiler waste heat recovery systems.  The key drivers for good corporate citizens are fuel economy, emissions reductions (CO2 and NOx), and water savings.  Operating a "Direct Contact" condensing water heater or boiler waste heat recovery system, where natural gas is the fuel, produces slightly acidic water (H20) which can be used for process heating, sanitation, or sent to cooling towers in place of city water or well water.  Fuel savings are the key to achieving the required financial payback within 2-3 years (including turn-key installation costs of the system), but the other benefits are equally important to many of Sofame's end-user customers.


According to John Gocek, Sofame's President & CEO, "Profitable orders from solid industrial and institutional customers continue to close in 2012. We are pleased with the Sofame's progress during this fiscal year and expect the same to continue."


Sofame currently has an order book of $955,000 comprised of three orders to deliver in the next few months.  EBITDA at June 30, 2012, after nine months in fiscal 2012 was $ 414,152 versus a negative (- $ 251,344) in the prior year at June 30, 2011. By June 30, 2012, Sofame had reduced its total liabilities by $2.7 million or 52% since October 1, 2010. Financial information on Sofame is available at


Sofame Reduces CO2 Emissions and Fuel Bills:

Power Generation Applications


LNG Terminal using a GE Turbine, Montoire de Bretagne, France

An exciting new opportunity for Sofame is the way that direct contact technology has been applied to electric power generation. The U.S. electricity market is the world's largest, comprising one-fifth of both global demand and power plant capacity.


With natural gas prices at historic lows compared to all other fuels, many utilities are converting to gas-fired turbines which are about 40% efficient. In a well-run power plant generating electricity, steam and cooling for air conditioning, co-generation brings efficiency up to 70%. Sofame can take that number up to 99% if there is a need and a use for hot water at 135F. The potential additional fuel savings of 29% represent a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.


Today, institutions, universities, hospitals and industrial plants are also opting to generate their own electricity due to the availability of clean-firing gas turbines. This trend led Siemens and Alstom to build gas turbine plants in the United States to meet the demand. Since the demand for electricity is ever on the rise, Sofame's direct contact heat recovery technology can cost-effectively help reduce the impact on the atmosphere.

So Energy Efficient. Sofame.