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I hope that you had a wonder-filled Christmas!  Christmas is always such a beautiful time for reminiscing and rejoicing.  I have many things to be thankful for as I think about (TCPC) and the five years I have been president - I thought I'd share what has motivated me this year.  Here are five reasons I am excited to get out of bed each morning and continue the work we do.

Fred Plumer

5 Reasons I Do What I Do
Or: Why I Get Out of Bed Each Day

1.Our Board

        I am proud of the cohesive, creative and active board we have.  Unlike many non-profit boards, this is a working board.  Each and every member has responsibilities and plays an important part in the mission of the organization.  They take time from their busy schedules and families for monthly telephone conferences and meet once a year to plan the activities for the next year.  I like their dedication as well as the focus that they bring to our organization.

2.   Our Staff

        I am also proud of the young, talented and dedicated staff we have.  Although all three of them are part-time, their hard work, their creative skills and their enthusiasm for the progressive movement has made this one of the most amazing years of my life.  I am glad that all of them are in their thirties and bring not only a contemporary understanding of our rapidly changing culture to their work, but they feel, at a visceral level, that our mission is very important to the world in which they want to raise their children.

3.   Our Donors

        I am thankful for the generosity of our donors.  I saw this with our children's curriculum project this year.  This publication was the result of a three year dream and a lot of hard work.  I believe that this material will become the defining marker for the future progressive Christian movement.  But this project would not have happened without the broad based support of our wonderful donors. We did receive one substantial grant to help us finish the project, but the majority of this undertaking was funded by people like you who believed in us. 

4.   Our Organizational Affiliates

        Fourthly, I am proud of the churches and their leadership that have proudly declared themselves Progressive Christians.  I know it takes a lot of courage to make that decision and also to make that decision public.  Yet, every year, more and more churches affiliate and link with (TCPC) and begin the process to recreate a new way of approaching their Christian heritage and their faith.

5.     Our Organization

And last, but not least, I am just plain proud that I have had something to do with an organization that daily receives email thanking us for being there for them.  Some are very flattering and others simply reflect a relief to know that there are others out there who think like they think.  And then there are some individuals who very emotively suggest that had it not been for their connection with this organization, they are not certain what they would have done.

I am glad we were there for them and I am glad for those of you who are willing to generously support us.   Thank you!  It has been a great year and I am looking forward to next year with great expectation!

If these things make you proud too, consider supporting our mission to create and support a global network of progressive Christians by giving your 2010 tax-deductible donation today.
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