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Over 2000 people responded to our online survey! 
So now that we know where you are coming from, what is next for TCPC?
Online Survey Results and TCPC GoalsOctober 2010

It was with great enthusiasm that we received your survey responses. Within days, nearly 2000 people had responded! Thank you everyone who took the time to get involved and make your voice heard!  We DID hear you and this is where we are moving because of YOUR input.

There were four main areas in which many of our readers felt we could be doing more in:

1) more resources, especially for faith communities who have a progressive theology but are struggling to find progressive liturgy, curriculum, language, and music

2) more education, especially for those who are coming from a more traditional religious background and those wanting to be more vocal about their progressive Christian path

3) more networking opportunities, both on a local and global level

4) a more user-friendly website

And we agree!

Supporting You on your Faith Journey

You shared, we listened.  As a non-profit- we are here for you! We are not here to make money.  This isn't a popularity contest. We are here to support you and to share with the world a different kind of Christianity. One that has compassion, non-exclusion, and transformation at its core. Here is how:

  • MORE RESOURCES: Providing the best progressive Christian resources is one of our main goals over the next few years.  In fact, we are literally searching the globe for the most meaningful and relevant progressive liturgy to share with you.  We have already discovered some and others, like Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians, will be featured on our website soon! We are also working hard on the TCPC Liturgy Project which will be an ongoing compilation of liturgy submitted by people from around the world that can be downloaded for free by you!
  • MORE EDUCATION: here is what we plan on offering you over the next 6 months- a new section on our website dedicated to Adult Education, Intentional Community Curriculum for adults, Progressive Christian weekly Q and A, an updated 8 points and study guide, more book discussion guides, and more events with educational speakers
  • MORE NETWORKING: We want to do everything we can to support individuals, local groups, and larger faith communities to be able to find each other, share information, events, and news as well as articles, books, and reviews.  Therefore, over the next 6 months, you will see dramatic changes to our website as we are planning a complete re-design. What that means for you is: the same great resources (and more), new social networking opportunities- like commenting on articles and books, sharing capacity.  These opportunities will be open to all of our readers, not just affiliates.  We really want you to know that their is a global movement of progressive Christianity.

  • BETTER WEBSITE: Well, you got it! We are investing most of our extra funds to be able to completely re-design our website, bringing it into the modern era.  That means, as we said above, social networking opps, more sharing of resources, more community building, more interacting, easier website to navigate, no scrolling down a long list of confusing options...oh yeah- and NO MORE ORANGE!  Well, maybe just a little- it is such a great color.
See below the specific results of our survey and more fresh ideas to give you what you are asking for!

The Specifics!
survey graph

Check out these other stats from our survey:
82%  consider themselves Christian
81% live in either a city or small town
83% feel that our Christian heritage is either important or essential
35% visit our website at least once a month,
50% visit our website occasionally

53% think our news, reviews, and library are very useful

What are we doing well at TCPC?
"Giving voice and community to those of us, as individuals and congregations, who would otherwise be on the outside looking in. We found our current church, because of its TCPC affiliation."

"You are a necessary resource for those seeking to start a progressive Chrisitan church in their community... a gathering place for like-minded souls searching for the truth on their spiritual journey."

What could we be doing better?
"More emphasis on starting and supporting local faith communities and churches."

"Perhaps a web 2.0 capacity on the website- interactivity, not just posting info AT us"

"I would like to see the emphasis shifted from supporting existing structures and ideologies (not to be confused with theologies) that support it, to actually attempting to embody something new."

I'd like to see you push the envelope even further."

Can You Help Us Meet Our Goals?
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The main message we received is we are doing a good job, but we could be doing better and providing more.  That is our goal over the next year- to keep doing what we are good at- but to do it better and to offer more.  That means more networking, resources, liturgy, curriculum and education!  To do all of this, we are going to need your help!  We are a small, limited staff non-profit and we rely heavily on our grass-roots donations and our affiliations

  Please think of us when you are making your end of the year, tax-deductible donations.

Though our staff, time, and funds are limited- our passion and commitment are not!  We do this because we feel driven to offer guiding ideas, support and networking opportunities for you, and to help the progressive Christian movement grow, as we truly believe the world needs it.  Thank you for your support of this mission, for joining our community, and for your efforts to bring to the world a different Christianity.  Thanks again for those that answered our survey.  You have really helped us!
Fred Plumer and the TEAM at
The Center For Progressive Christianity
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A Note to Our Supporters
A Note to Our Supporters

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As we quickly approach the end of 2010, we are filled with gratitude for your support and everyone that has been involved in the progressive Christian movement.  It is a movement that is centered on compassion, inclusion, and justice.  It is a movement that focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus rather than a dogmatic approach to the Bible.  It is a movement that applauds an educated and aware approach to our beliefs.  Finally, it is a movement that we feel the world needs.  For far too long, religion in general and Christianity in specific has been used as an excuse to hate, to exclude, to cause fear and torture.  Join us, today, as we share with the world a spiritual path based on the Oneness of all, and the teachings of Jesus- who taught us to love all, to find God in ourselves and others, and to co-create the kingdom of heaven.  Together, let's aim high- with the goals of world peace and the release from suffering for all people.

With the growing awareness of this Oneness, more and more people are asking for our support and for resources.  We want to meet this need, but we can't do it without you. Your end of the year donation is tax- deductible and greatly appreciated.  Without the generous donations we receive at the end of the year we would not be able to meet this demand. Please give today! 

Go online today at and become an affiliate or make a non-affiliate donation.

How you can support TCPC:

Affiliate. Definition of affiliation: "the act of becoming formally connected or joined; to bring into ones family." We encourage you to raise your voice and formally support the movement.

You can affiliate online at, by mail or email us at

*Affiliates receive 10% off in our store and events!

Donate. Anytime we invest in projects like our children's curriculum, our liturgy project, or our adult curriculum project- we can only do that because of the donations we receive from people like you. With your help, we can change the face of Christianity. You can donate on-line or send in a check at any time.

Volunteer.  We need your help! We can always use volunteers to review books, help with events, distribute brochures, or to call organizations in your area.  Contact to volunteer.

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