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for ages 6-10
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Thank you for your interest in A Joyful Path progressive Christian Spiritual Curriculum for children ages 6-10.  For those who have purchased the curriculum, we hope you are enjoying it! We have heard such positive feedback and A Joyful Path is now being used in nearly 300 faith communities, local groups, schools, and homes! 

Today, we want to present you with the opportunity to promote your faith community by sharing this short video on your website, with your members, friends and family.  This two minute long video is similar to our promo video, in that it describes A Joyful Path in detail.  However, this one was made just for you.  At the end of this video- it says: "We are proud to be using A Joyful Path Children's Curriculum. Contact us for more information." 

Also, we want to make sure you know about our in-home option for small groups, homes, and faith communities on a low budget.  And if you have already purchased the curriculum, don't forget about the option to purchase additional teachers handbooks for just $90 ($81 for affiliates!)

Thank you!

Deshna Ubeda
The Center For Progressive Christianity

New Music for kids and families!

Great and SmallGreat and Small
A sweetly varied collection of originals sprinkled with a few updated classics, all brought to life with a rootsy blend of folk, bluegrass, gospel, and the spiritual themes so typical of old American music.  The result is tunes that appeal equally to kids, parents, and grandparents - "all-ages songs" that are infectiously singable, sweetly evocative, and inclusively accessible across generational and spiritual divides.
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We Are Proud to be Using A Joyful Path- video
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The Inner Wisdom Series
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Additional Supplements
Additional Teacher's Handbooks
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To purchase additional teacher's handbooks, please email us at

This full color, 38 lesson handbook does not come with the DVD

Price: $90
Affiliate Price: $81
Children's Books

Amy's Light- Dawn Publication

We currently have 7 carefully chosen, progressively spiritual, additional picture books on the topics of nature, the universe, kindness, forgiveness, creation, death, interconnectedness, letting go, fear, and the wisdom within.
We have three more coming soon! So keep checking back!

List of Titles:
Amy's Light, By: Robert Nutt
Because Brian Hugged His Mother, By: David L. Rice
Born With A Bang, By: Jennifer Morgan
In A Nutshell, By: Joseph Anthony
Inside All, By: Margaret H. Mason
The Dandelion Seed, By: Joseph P. Anthony
The Web At Dragonfly Pond, By: Brian Ellis

 Books sold individually

Music for Kids and Families!

Great and Small

CD cover

Butterflyfish is a rootsy blend of American folk, gospel, blues, country, and bluegrass, cooked down and spiced up into fresh and progressive takes on the spiritual themes so characteristic of old American music.

Price: $15.00
Affiliate Price: $13.50


A Joyful Path- Ages 6-10 Progressive Christian Spiritual Curriculum
In Home Option
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In Home Handbook
This option is available to those that are using the curriculum in home for single family or small group use. 
You will receive the Teacher's Handbook with all 38 lessons, but not the DVD (which was created for large groups and multiple teachers)
Give your children the benefit of spiritual guidance and an understanding of Christianity from an educated, inclusive, and innovative perspective.  Grow and learn together how behavior and perspective can make for a joyful life.

 Price: $130.00
Affiliate Price: $117.00
plus shipping and handling
Package 2
prayer affirmation

 Basic package
 This package comes with the full color teacher's handbook as well as a DVD with each lesson as a PDF file (so you can email and print it out easily) and our teacher training/sample class video.  Based on the teachings of Jesus, our curriculum celebrates a joy-filled life, compassion for all, and the wisdom within.  Inspiring for both the teacher and the student, this curriculum is inclusive, inter-spiritual, joy-full, feeling based, nature inspired, and intelligent.
Price: $395
Affiliate Price: $355.50
plus shipping and handling

Package 3
highmindedness- Lisa Mundorff- copyright

Curriculum and Music
Our full color teachers handbook, the DVD with each lesson and our teacher training video. 
PLUS: 2 Music CD's for use in the classroom or at home. This package includes: Butterflyfish (a rootsy blend of American folk, gospel, blues, country, and bluegrass, cooked down and spiced up into fresh and progressive takes on the spiritual themes so characteristic of old American music), and All is Forgiven by Ashana (blends sacred chant, mantra, crystal singing bowls and Ashana's incomparable vocal improvisations

Price: $415.00
Affiliate Price: $373.50
plus shipping and handling
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All of our Affiliates receive a 10% discount on all of our products including our Children's Curriculum.  Join our community and growing global network and enjoy the many benefits of being an affiliate.