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The Center for Progressive Christianity Presents:

bird flying- Mundorff"A Joyful Path"
Children's Progressive Christian Spiritual Curriculum for Young Hearts and Minds
Ages 6-10

TCPC is proud to present our Progressive Christian Children's Curriculum, A Joyful Path- spiritual curriculum for young hearts and minds.  We wanted to let you know that you have 2 weeks left to take advantage of our Early Bird Special discount which ends on June 1!  If you ready to purchase the curriculum, now is the time to do it. 

Our children's curriculum celebrates a joy-filled life, compassion for all, and the wisdom within. There are 38 inspiring lessons that are based on the divine energy within, the body, the feeling, the heart nature, the will, and the intellect. 
service- Mundorff This is the first truly progressive Christian curriculum that is inclusive, inter-spiritual, joy-full, compassionate, and informed . The curriculum is also just as inspiring for the teachers as it is for the children.  Each lesson has a teacher's reflection, a full color Affirmations Page to print out and send home, inspiring quotes, fun activities that tie it all together, discussion questions, a story, and tips to bring nature and music into the lessons.

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EARLY bird sitting- MundorffBIRD SPECIAL
$365.00 ($328.50 for affiliates)
Order before June 1, 2010

Basic Curriculum Package: click here to purchase
Full color, teacher's manual with:
~38 heart and spirit centered lessons
~38 full color beautiful affirmations to send home
~38 original stories with full color artwork
~Activities, discussion questions, teacher's reflections, classroom tips, nature and music tips
DVD with:
~All 38 lessons to print, a teacher training video, and a video of a sample class

Access to online training, discussion board, and supplemental books and music

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List of Lessons
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Sample Book
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Joyful Path Teachers
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For those purchasing the Early Bird Package:
the TCPC- A Joyful Path Curriculum will be sent to you by August 1, 2010 at the latest.
Price after June 1: $395
Additional Supplements available in June

For those that need lessons before August 1 for teacher training or preparation- we can send you the first 5 lessons, once you have purchased the curriculum, just email me at don't let scheduling be the reason you miss out on this incredible curriculum.
Sample Curriculum Book
filling our hearts with goodness- Mundorff

click on pic above to download sample book
Lisa Mundorff- art- copyrightedA Joyful Path
For In Home!
Special Package for small groups and single families

($117 for affiliates)

 This option is available for those that are using the curriculum in home. Click here to purchase!

You will receive the Teacher's Handbook with all 38 lessons, but not the DVD (which was created for large groups and multiple teachers)

Give your children the benefit of spiritual guidance and an understanding of Christianity from an educated, inclusive, and innovative perspective.

Beautiful art work and inspiring stories, as well as fun activities make this an excellent resource for parents who want to supplement their children's education.

Price: $130.00
Member Price: $117.00
The teachers handbook will be shipped to you this summer, by August 1, at the latest.
Children's Curriculum
Early Bird Special
In Home Curriculum
A Joyful Path- Lessons
A Joyful Path
Lessons and Titles:

Kaila smiles
The Stories of our Tradition
The Bible and how we use it
A Spiritual Teacher
The Jesus Story

The Nameless One
Who or What is God?
A Pocket Full of Coins Discovering Divine Energy
A Lion in the Garden Forgiving and Healing
The Confusing Coat Learning from Mistakes
The Dangerous Road Connecting with Kindness
Brother Wolf
Being an Instrument for Blessing           
Blind Eyes See
Experiencing God as Light
Are Two Words Enough?Expressing Gratitude
The Lonely ShepherdExperiencing God as Joy
The Monkey and the WellConcentrating Our Energy
Touching the Moon Practicing Humility
The Greedy Gambler Non-Greed
Nathan Leaves HomeRemembering God's Presence
The Christmas SurpriseExperiencing God as Love
Wild Mountain John
Filling Our Minds with Goodness
Monica's Complicated Quilt Opening Our Hearts in Prayer
The New Neighborhood Loving others through Service
The Falling Sky
Asking for Guidance- Discernment
The Magic Potion
Learning Patience
Three Hundred Peanuts Work Creativity
Rachel Dreams of the Sea Self-Expansion     
Shoe Laces
Nothing Fancy
What is Success?
19 Dangerous Trips Willpower and Courage
Who Is In-Charge? Self-control
The Brave One
A Drop of Water
New Life
Standing Tall
Palm Sunday
A Heavy Load
Letting Go
The Changeless Spirit Security
6,000 Tries!
Do Unto Others Truthfulness
A Choice
One Love
She Is Everywhere
God in Nature

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Take the progressive journey with us!  What is more important than guiding our children on a path of compassion and inner wisdom?  Let's give our children the tools to discuss their beliefs, to live life bravely, and to treat others with kindness and respect.  Join us today as we reach toward the goal of a more peaceful, inclusive, and wise world.  Thank you for your interest and your support.  We can't do this without you.
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