The TCPC 2009 Annual Report

The Center For Progressive Christianity

As we quickly approach the end of 2009, we are filled with gratitude for your support and everyone that has been involved in the progressive Christian movement.  It is a movement that is centered on compassion, inclusion, and justice.  It is a movement that focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus rather than a dogmatic approach to the Bible.  It is a movement that applauds an educated and aware approach to our beliefs. And it is a movement based on community- in which we can share a spiritual path based on the Oneness of all, with the goals of world peace and the release from suffering for all people.
Where have we been?
Looking back...2009 was a big year for TCPC.  With your help we were able to:

  • Make significant changes to our website, making it more modern and user friendly and adding to the resources we offer.
  • Create over 12 eBulletins, a free newsletter that includes the latest progressive Christian articles, books, news, events, and resources that go out to over 10,000 people each month.

  • Offer online access to all the latest progressive Christian resources- articles, book review, videos, news, events, liturgy, sermons, books and music.
  • Attend, support, and speak at over 10 events across the states, including the TCPC West Coast Regional event.
  • Increase the variety and inventory of books and study guides in our store at discounts for all of our registered Affiliates.
  • Network with the leading organizations in the field, including: Westar, Living the Questions, PSR, Evolutionary Christianity, and Common Dreams.
  • Provide up to date reviews of the latest progressive books and other publications.
  • Provide an opportunity for over 400 people to debate, challenge, and find support on the TCPC message board.
  • Sustain the making of the TCPC Liturgy Project in which we have drawn together dozens of progressive Christian liturgies to be able to offer to our contacts in 2010.
  • And most importantly, with the help of a grant and many generous donations from churches and individuals, we were able to get the TCPC Children's Curriculum Project up and running at full speed. 
Where Are We Going?
Looking forward...2010 is going to be one of the most exciting and important years of our organization.  With your continued support we aim to:

path through trees
*Complete the TCPC Children's Curriculum Project by Spring of 2010 for use in the Fall, in churches, homes, and small groups across the world. We are very proud of the way the curriculum is turning out- it has brilliant stories, spiritual affirmations, amazing artwork, fun activities, online training and downloads, and an abundance of additional resources.  We can't wait for you to see it and begin using it.
  • Change our name to and rebrand our website.  Many exciting changes and additions will be made to our website during this time- so keep checking it out.
  • Complete the Progressive Christian Liturgy Project which we hope to offer on CD, book, and online in Fall of 2010.
  • To sponsor a Progressive Christian National Conference with some of the most innovative progressive thinkers

Did you know that approximately 10% of the visitors that go on the site go immediately to the Directory to look for an affiliate church in their area? That is somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 people every month that are looking for a progressive church that aligns itself with the TCPC 8 Point principles and the Phoenix Affirmations.   Several of our church Affiliates have reported that between 20 and 40% of their visitors come through the TCPC website directory connection.  Is your church missing this opportunity to reach others who are searching for a church with your compassionate, rational and inclusive message?
How Can You Help Support TCPC?redwood
  • Affiliate. Definition of affiliation: "the act of becoming formally connected or joined; to bring into ones family." We encourage you to raise your voice and formally support the movement.  You can affiliate online at, by mail or email-  Affiliates receive 10% off in our store and events!

  • Donate.  Our president is a 100% volunteer- working full time to help this organization. Our staff, now growing with the many exciting projects we are working on, is entirely supported by our donations and affiliations.  You can donate on-line or send in a check at any time.
  • Volunteer.  We need your help! We can always use volunteers to review books, help with events, distribute brochures, or to call organizations in your area.  Contact to volunteer.

With over 60,000 people visiting our website each month, there are incredible opportunities for networking, creating local groups, sharing ideas, educating, informing, and growing the progressive Christian movement.  If each of you could share just $10 this year, TCPC will be able to continue providing these opportunities for you.
child laughingWe are proud of what we have created in the past and we are excited about our current undertakings.  We hope that you will join us in being part of the TCPC future.  May you have a meaningful Christmas and an extraordinary New Year.

Fred Plumer
and the TEAM at The Center for Progressive Christianity