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We promote an understanding of Christian practice and teaching that leads to a greater concern for the way people treat each other than for the way people express their beliefs, the acceptance of all people, and a respect for other religious traditions. We affirm the variety and depth of human experience and the richness of each person's search for meaning, and we encourage the use of sound scholarship, critical inquiry, and all intellectual powers to understand the presence of God in human life.
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Its that time of year again, when we clear out our store items, to make room for the most sought after and recent progressive Christian resources.  We have a number of exciting new books and DVD's to offer in the Fall, but we have to make room in our small space!  Support TCPC and save up to 30% on some items!  Spend over $30 and we'll send you a free book!  Check out some examples below, but most important, visit our store to see all of our slashed prices.  Every little bit you can do helps support TCPC!
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Happy Summer from TCPC
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A Quiet, Lazy Summer
by: Fred Plumer

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about a very special summer I had when I was a kid. I must have been around twelve years old and my family lived near an open space area that included a rather small lake... Two or three times a week during the summer, I would get up with the sun, quietly slip out of the house with my bamboo fishing pole. I had learned by then that the best time to catch grasshoppers was in the early morning. Someone who was long gone by that time had built the raft that had been become part of the pond. The old raft had been crafted out of some boards laid on top of two beams about four-foot long. It was barely held together with what were by then some very big, often bent rusty nails...

Read, "A Quiet Lazy Summer" here

Kaila smilesFred's Summer Book Pick:  Mind In The Balance, Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity
By B. Alan Wallace

Our Price: $22.00
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hard cover

"One of the most impressive books I have read this year!" ~Fred
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Jesus in thought
Musings by Jim Burklo
Who Is Your Jesus?

By current standards of journalism and historical analysis, we know hardly anything about Jesus.  The stories in the New Testament were written by people who belonged to the religion that followed him.  They had "axes to grind" - they were hardly impartial observers, and it is obvious from the four gospels that much of what they wrote about him was mythological.  The only roughly contemporary non-Christian writer who mentioned Jesus was Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century.  One short reference to Jesus in the "Antiquities of the Jews" appears to have been inserted by later Christian editors of Josephus' work, and the other brief reference is to a Jesus who may not have been Jesus of Nazareth at all.

Read Entire "Who Is Your Jesus" Here

book coverJim's Summer Book Pick: From Literal to Literary: The Essential Reference Book for Biblical Metaphors
By James R. Adams

Our Price: $20.66
Affiliate Price: $18.59
List Price: $22.50
S & H: $4.95

"Excellent book for those wanting to educate themselves on progressive Christianity and the bible." ~Jim
Speaking of Progressive Christianity...
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Birdlike and Barnless
By Jim Burklo

Ready for a humble, hard-working Christian religion that is progressive, pro-justice, and pro-peace? Ready for faith that takes the Bible seriously because it doesn't take it literally? Ready for a soulful expression of this kind of Christianity in meditative prose, poetry, ritual, and song? Ready to empty the barn of dusty dogma, and take wing with soulful celebration?

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S & H: $4.95
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Children's Prayer A New Story
By Michael Morwood

Morwood challenges Christians to review any understanding of Jesus as the unique "way" to a localized God and to know him as the revealer of this Mystery in our everyday living and loving.  Morwood's books have been especially insightful and helpful to adults struggling with prayer and ritual while radically reconstructing their Christian faith.

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List Price: $20.00
S & H: $4.95
Something for everyone- Heretics, Youth, Parents
Books, DVD's, Music
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Living the Questions August Special:
15% off
DreamThinkBeDo - LtQ for Young Adults. 

Just visit LTQ, log in or create a log in, chose DreamThinkBeDo resource and enter the TCPC coupon code: ddtcpc2
View the preview here

Looking for a springboard to get young adults talking about what Christianity is all about for this generation? DTBD is an engaging new catalyst for conversation among young adults searching for what's next for followers of Jesus.  DTBD is what Christian educators have been looking for to help college groups and twenty to thirty-somethings build a 21st Century faith.

Our Price: $250.75
List Price: $295.00
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Fusion Fable
Realm of You

With a sound all their own, Fusion Fable has begun their Global Connection. Slip into the worlds they create, grab on to the thread they weave. Allow their songs to pluck you out of the Now and take you on a journey soaring over mountaintops, through dark forests of loss, through waterfall moments of clear self-discovery. Memories, thoughts, and feelings that have been dormant within your soul, being, and mind will erupt to the forefront of your Being.  This CD is perfect for soul-searchers, inspiration seekers, and music lovers. It is progressive, spiritual, and love-filled.

Our Price: $13.50
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S & H: $4.95
Book Cover- A Heretics Guide
A Heretics Guide To Eternity
By Spencer Burke

"This is the real scandal of Jesus. His message eradicated the need for religion. It may come as a surprise, but Jesus has never been in the religion business. He's in the business of grace, and grace tells us there is nothing we need to do to find relationship with the divine. The relationship is already there; we only need to nurture it." This is the central and ongoing idea throughout the book. "Spencer is a winsome walking companion for those who find traditional dogma too narrow."

Our Price: $13.46
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List Price: $14.95
S & H: $4.95

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All is Forgiven

Ashana's music is a luminous tapestry of soaring angelic vocals and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. This stunningly beautiful alchemy is magical. A musical retreat for the soul, it quiets the mind, returning you to a place of deep stillness and remembrance of the Divine, a place where you will be inspired and uplifted, a place of comfort and peace. "All Is Forgiven" blends sacred chant, mantra, crystal singing bowls and Ashana's incomparable vocal improvisations." "Her stunner of an album is perfectly suited in length and tonality for a short meditation."

Our Price: $14.40
Affiliate Price: $12.96
List Price: $16.00
S & H: $4.95
calm and compassionate children
Calm and Compassionate Children By Susan Usha Dermond

Building on inherent qualities like openheartedness and trust, parents and teachers can help children develop empathy and integrity. From nature walks to conscious quiet time to tips on daily routines, Calm and Compassionate Children provides practical guidance to help grown-ups model behavior and suggests ninety activities to foster children's concentration, joy, kindness, and love.

"This is like a starter kit to help balance life's busyness."

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List Price: $15.95
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No Hands But Yours

Mandala is Christian music with a world beat--Indian and Turkish rhythms swirled with jazz, Klezmer and Gregorian chant. Sometimes driving, sometimes ambient, always unique. Christian music with a Sufi groove! It's an East-meets-West adventure and a true journey of the heart. "Bring all the influences in our backgrounds to bear--Gregorian chant, Hindustani music, klezmer, jazz, Renaissance vocal music, European classical music, Balkan folk-and let something grow that, far from being an eclectic hodge-podge, is something cohesive, unified and utterly unique.

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Summer is Here
by: Mary Ackerson, from  (Spiritual But Not Religious)

Summer is here - lush, seductive...
Sultry breezes awaken memories of summers past, lure us to beaches, decks, ice cream.
Our senses are aroused by abundant life - berries
verdant full trees, nighttime cricket lullabies that fade to morning wake-up birdcalls.
Buzzing, hovering insects startle and harass on afternoon walks.
Corn kernels burst and spatter with crisp sun flavor,
Ripe tomato juice dribbles into our salads and off our sandwiches,
sugary berry juice trickles down our throats.
Fresh colorful flowers fuel our eyes and perfume our noses,
Our caresses are steamy, our skin salty.

Read Entire Poem Here
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